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  1. It is believed to be good luck in some cultures
  2. Chixie

    Mental Health Awareness Month

    *holds hands up* I have mental health issues, and i have had two major breakdowns in the past two years. At the moment its been classified as 'depression' and 'anxiety' but im wondering if there is something else in there.I feel ashamed and the people who are supposed to understand and care, do not. At least 75% of the patients we care for on our ward have some form of dementia so you would think that the nurses on the ward would have a little compassion for one of their own with mental health problems.After the nurse who committed suicide due to the information leak about the royal family it was horrendous on the ward as it was constantly being discussed using derogative terms and i felt dirty. If this is what they were saying about that nurse then what must they think about me who was admitted to her own hospital and appeared on the admission system with exactly what she was admitted with. No support from my manager and when i mentioned about coming back from maternity leave was met with the comment 'we cant be dealing with you having another break down, things are busy enough as it is'. Im sitting here half way though my maternity leave and im feeling guilty for leaving the ward short staffed, wondering if me going back early would help them and then im met with the above comment. I do my job to the best of my ability, i give 100% and i mentally beat myself up when i miss or forget things just like other nurses. But i could do with some support when things arent going well for me, please dont belittle me or make comments about me, a little support, a kind word, hell even just speaking to me helps. Mental illness isnt contagious, so dont avoid me when im down. Im still me.
  3. Chixie

    How does your facility flag blind patients?

    We have big yellow 'sight impared' signs that go on the wall behind the patients bed (we have open wards so its instantly visable)
  4. Chixie

    Ortho & pregnancy

    Hi, im an ortho nurse and im currently 18 weeks pregnant Other than the infectious diseases that ive been advised to avoid by my manager im doing my normal job. A lot of my patients are dementia patients so i have to be slightly wary when dealing with the ones who can/do lash out. The only thing that i have stopped doing is pushing beds with patients in.
  5. Chixie

    What jobs did you do before nursing?

    I worked in a warehouse for 2 years and then after my maternity leave i changed jobs and started working at Ann Summers store
  6. Chixie

    How do you remember to check on patients q 15min or 2hrs, etc?

    I have to set the alarms on my phone (vibrate of course)
  7. :rotfl: when hell freezes over!!
  8. One of the wards in our hospital is run like this and apparently other wards are thinking about doing the same thing.
  9. Nope it seems that this has crossed the gender barrier
  10. Admitted for bedrest... My charge nurse challenged this but was beaten down and one from a G.P, patient admitted to us (an ortho/trauma ward)as paracetamol was not controlling her back pain (scans showed nothing) so he wanted us to admit her, change her pain meds to a stronger one, just in case she had a reaction. She lived with her husband and had a large family living near by.
  11. Chixie

    do you make sure your pts

    We had this issue at our hospital. The patients relatives complained that the staff were 'chatting' at the desk. Once this was investigated it was found that the nurses were actually liasing with the physiotherapist about patients or getting feed back from the doctor in regards to the patients plan or having a catch up handover and not idly shooting the breeze. Appearances can be deceptive.
  12. Chixie

    Bedside Reporting starting Monday :(((

    We do bedside hand over on my ward. To answer the question about patients interupting the handover we have a checklist which the aides go through before meals and handovers to ensure that patients are sitting up,comfortable, clean and dry and offer them the toilet. We try to maintain confidentiality but our wards have 4-6 patients per bay so anything that is confidential is written on the hand over sheets and the offgoing nurse will highlight to the on coming nurse to the info (or we go to the end of the bay, out of the earshot of patients and discuss it then) We are able to check the dressings/op site, flick through the charts and look at the observations, fluid balance charts and bowel charts. Bedside cuts down on the chitchat that was happening when we had handover in the office.
  13. Chixie

    How Do I Toughen Up At Work? Part 1

    Thank you
  14. Ive been in my job for 6 months and im in the same situation. If i help the techs do the washes,toileting and the observations etc (we have two techs and one nurse for 12 patients) then i get told that i need to learn to manage my time better but if i dont help with the washes and focus on the med rounds,doctors rounds and the billion and one other things then im called lazy. I simply cannot win.
  15. This is more to the families than the patient. of course you are 'looking' for a placement for your mother but lets be realistic, she will still be here come new year wont she. I mean we worked so hard getting her mobile only for the moment we get her into a placement you tell the staff not to bother making her do anything for herself and that they must do it all for her so when she comes back to us she is right back at the beginning and no one will take her as she wont do anything for her self, despite being perfectly able to. she cannot stay here, we are not a care home. We are an ortho ward. We fixed her hip and rehabbed and discharged her. That was 15 weeks ago. On this admission she was fit for discharge 6 weeks ago, funding was in place 6 weeks ago, but we still have to play this game. We have so many patients like this at the moment, its driving me nuts. Ive come back from 3 weeks away from the ward to be met by familiar faces. These people should have been discharged weeks ago. Patients and their families have actively turned down beds in rehab facilities that we,the staff, have worked ourselves to the bone to get. I mean why do we bother
  16. Chixie

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    So long,fare well, etc

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