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  1. pitaya

    Nursing & Spanish

    Yes, do it! Don't just do it for marketability, think about how much more comfortable you feel and your patients feel when you can communicate effectively. People speak Spanish all across America. It will be great for you. My minor was Spanish, too.
  2. pitaya

    When to Take Review Course

    Hey, all! I am really interested in taking the Hurst Review course. I believe it is more of the content that I need to review and not so much test-taking strategies. I am on summer break until July and I will be done with classes in August. So should I wait until August to take this or should I take it now, in May, while I have nothing else to do? Please advise. I am doing practice NCLEX questions each day, but it is slow-going and I don't know how I will manage to review all the material I need to on my own. I do better by listening to lectures than reading (more time-effective). So should I do Hurst Review now or wait until right before I take the NCLEX in August? Please advise! Thanks. :) -Pitaya
  3. I'm in nursing school without summer breaks. I think summer classes are awesome. I would much rather go to school this summer and graduate in August (what I am doing) than spend the summer doing nothing and graduating in December.
  4. pitaya

    Saunders NCLEX Disc Questions

    For those of you who want the "link" for NCLEX 4000, I have the cd-rom and there is no link that I'm aware of. NCLEX 4000 is available for purchase on Amazon or half.com as well as other sites, I'm sure. It's simply a computer software cd-rom with 4,000 NCLEX practice questions.
  5. pitaya

    Becoming a nurse: college questions

    DEFINITELY finish your degrees in poli sci and sociology! If you only have 2 courses left to take for those, you can also start taking pre-reqs for nursing school. Try to get into an accelerated BSN program.
  6. pitaya

    Staying up to speed over summer break

    I have to go to summer school in my nursing program, so that keeps me up to speed! Otherwise, I really don't think I would be motivated enough to crack open a nursing book as I certainly never touched them over Christmas break.
  7. I wouldn't do it if that's not what you want to do. I accepted a similar scholarship and am regretting it. They're going to give you just $2,000 in exchange for working for 1 year...a whole year?! That's a big commitment for just a small amount of money. I would only take a scholarship like this if you were already planning to work in LTC. If LTC is in your plans already, then why not take it? Otherwise, I think it's a bad deal.
  8. pitaya

    Prospective Nursing Student

    I'm an ABSN student. GPA requirements depend on the college. My university had us list certain pre-reqs and calculated only the pre-req GPA. We were then ranked by pre-req GPAs and that was the only deciding factor on who got into the program. It matters not what your bachelor's degree is in, only that you have one. I do not feel that I've missed out on a good education, in fact, I feel like I'm getting a better one because I go to school in the summers and will be done sooner and able to start working as an RN where the learning really begins. The less breaks I have, the less time my mind has to slack off. The traditional program at some schools takes 5 semesters! I cannot imagine taking 2.5 years to do what the accelerated program does in 15 months because, really, the main difference in my program is just summer school and I will gladly take summer school over an extra year and 3 months! There are several options to finance your education, but I'd recommend looking into what's available in your area and I can't speak for that.
  9. pitaya

    Blind Nursing Student?

    Does anyone have any info about nurses in wheelchairs? I have a friend in a wheelchair who wants to be a nurse. She has a scooter to get around, but she is cachectic and only 4 feet tall, so reaching items and lifting anything greater than a pound would be a huge problem. She has done desk work, but I don't know of many types of nursing that involve just desk work? I don't want to tell her she can't do it, but I'd hate to see her take pre-req classes and then not be able to go to nursing school or find work as a nurse.
  10. pitaya

    Finshed Final exam today ! One more semester to GO !!

    Yay! I have one more semester to go, too! 12 weeks of summer school and then I'll be done in August. :)
  11. 3rd semester of nursing school is DONE and I still have a 4.0. One more semester to go, and I'm hoping to keep my GPA!
  12. That is so sad! "People who have struggled?" As if the A students haven't struggled to get A's? Should you have to apologize for not having a kid or working 2 jobs? Auuugh, that frustrates me when people think that A students have it easy and don't struggle or work just as hard or harder than everyone else.
  13. pitaya

    Class Website/File sharing Options?

    My class uses google groups, but I heard the file sharing is going away?
  14. pitaya

    rounding up grades

    I'm not sure if my school rounds up or not, but I think they do. But as far as passing goes, one must have an 80%; an 80% is a B and a 90% is an A. This means that no one gets a C, so everyone who graduates will have at least a 3.0.
  15. pitaya

    Is it worth just going from BSN rather than just a ADN..

    I would always pick BSN over ADN if I had a choice! Might as well go as far up the ladder as you can, especially if you think you might one day want a BSN as an ADN grad.