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I'm really tired of the Texas summers. Liked it when I was younger but no more...they really drain me.

I'd like a more temperate climate...with all the seasons. And a good cost of living. Still investigating these kinds of places. :)

LOVE the pacific Northwest and the coastal scenery around Puget Sound...but it's expensive up there so don't know if it's the best retirement area. And I'm getting to the age where I'm thinking about good retirement areas. ;)


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I have to say that I love the warm weather, too. Being from Minnesota/Wisconsin, I think I have seen all the extremes of the weather. I spent some time in Southern Missouri in June and July, and to me the heat there is like no other. The humid air really seems to push on your chest. I also spent some of a summer in Vegas, and I thought that was wonderful!!! The days are hot, but long, and the nights are SO nice, perfect 70 degrees. There aren't any bugs there, so they don't even have screens on the windows. I suppose outside of the city, though you have to be concerned about snakes and scorpions!! :D I don't know that I would ever move, even though I think about it a lot. I am still in the town I grew up in, we only have like 2,500 people here. It is nice to know lots of people and know that someone will be there to help if you need it. Also, I know most of my patients and can remember lots of things about them-so I don't have to ask all kinds of questions when they are here :) I think it would just be very hard to pack up and move far away where I didn't know anyone. If I had a ton of money and could come back to visit all the time, I might consider the big move.


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Maybe I should go somewhere other than California. But to be honest I like California, besides the high cost of living, bad schools ect....

Hmm maybe when I finish RN school I will live in San Deigo for ahile, I loooove the beach :)

and then maybe I'll be a travel RN and run all over the place:)


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hills- I want to be in the hills! so would love to move back to the peak district or Scotland- Gairloch would be nice!.............ok there is no hospital there but maybe they might need a nurse practitioner one day!!



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I would move to Helen, Georgia in the mountains about an hour north of Atlanta. Quiet little town, no place in that town, but has several nursing homes close.


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I am a nursing student in Hawaii... and hope to stay here. The Army sent us 3 years ago and it is the best place they have sent us! We've been to CA, WA, TX, AL, AR, MI... and made a good life in each place. I loved San Francisco... but truly my heart is here in HI! Aloha!

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Originally posted by Disablednurse

I would move to Helen, Georgia in the mountains about an hour north of Atlanta. Quiet little town, no place in that town, but has several nursing homes close.

oh yeah......Helen, Georgia.....if I couldn't leave Georgia, that would be the place. We LOVE to go there on vacation. Nice quite cabin in the mountains. Ride horses, hike.......tube in the summer.....ride for hours ........great place.....I know there is a hospital in Blueridge........not sure of the drive though.


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I like Helen too, but one thing is there more than the two ways OUT of there?

I liked the outlet malls a LOT! I guess they're still open?

My friend keeps after me to go to Oktoberfest there every year. Maybe I'll go this year.


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This is just the thead i have been looking for, i am so sick of philly, city life, etc. however i can't move until i graduatewhich wil be a little over 3 years from now! i don't want to move really far because allmy family, friends and life is here. but i guess it won't be so bad to start my new life somewhere elses. my fiance brags constantly about maryland, i forget exactly where but i have been there and it was beautiful and the best thing was that the ride wasnt too long. I'm leaning towards maryland right now. i just wish i was out of school already!


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My friend keeps after me to go to Oktoberfest there every year. Maybe I'll go this year.

Definitely try to go to Oktoberfest. It's great. I have lived in GA all my life. And I truly love it. We are about one hour outside of Atlanta. Close enough to go into Atlanta and have a night on the town. But far enough out to have pastures and cows and horses. But if we were to move I would want to go to Maryland. My husband is from Maryland and his family lives on the most beautiful farm land I have ever seen.


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Please tell me more about Pittsburgh.

If you were going to start over, and if you wanted to move where would you go? Let's share good and bad about our areas? Here in Pittsburgh there are a lot of hospitals to choose from, pay isn't great, housing is afforadable. If you like sports we have that too. What about you? Where would you go?

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I would definitely live somewhere warm all year 'round. The winters we have are awful!


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