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MiaLyse has 20 years experience as a APRN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. Psych NPs working in hospitals. What are your hours?

    I am a new graduate PMHNP-BC who is looking for her first job. My first offer has been a 1099 position which I am leaning against due to the lack of benefits and all the work that must be done before one would even see a cashflow. So, I continue to s...
  2. DNP Integrative Health

    I am completing my PMHNP program and will be finished the end of April 2020. I noticed that Regis has a DNP Integrative Health program. I am wondering if there are other schools that offer this same program and if so could you share your experiences ...
  3. Online Post-Masters PMHNP programs

    UMASS Amherst
  4. MSN to Post Masters NP

    Infinity_rn, almost all of my credits transferred over. In their Post-MSN program there is no limit on how many credits can transfer. They did want me to take another research class which didn't thrill me as I had completed this class for my Masters....
  5. Regis FNP, PNP online

    Ouch. I am just now sending my transcripts over to Regis to apply for their Psych NP Post MSN program. This doesn't sound good.
  6. I know this thread is old, did you have any luck getting any information? I am looking into their program as well.
  7. Regis College Online FNP

    Hi, I know this is an old thread. I was searching for others who have experience with Regis college's online program as it is fairly new. I am glad to read that you are having a good experience. I am applying to their Post MSN Psychiatric NP program....
  8. MSN to Post Masters NP

    My program is not online. I have some classes fully at the college and some classes are hybrid. I am no help with information related to online Post-MSN programs, sorry.
  9. MSN to Post Masters NP

    I completed my MSN in nursing education and am currently in the Post-MSN Psychiatric NP program at Sage College.
  10. How much debt would you go into for NP school?

    I am someone who is not comfortable with debt. I paid cash for my ADN, BSN, and MSN. I am also paying for the Post-MSN program that I am in now. I will have zero debt at graduation. I worked hard in order to do this but being debt free was worth it t...
  11. Is there anyone else here starting this program for Fall 2017? I will be starting and am excited to start.
  12. PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    My program is at Sage College in NY. I would love if there was online group for my program also. I will have to wait and see. Good luck with your program. I am so very excited to get started!
  13. In faculty review!

    I just found out that I was accepted into my program. I am so excited. I hope you hear soon!!
  14. PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    Hiking Ninja, I also have my MSN Ed and will be starting a Post Masters Psychiatric NP program. :)
  15. PMHNP Student Helpful FB Groups list

    Thank you so much for listing the groups. I begin my PMHNP program this Fall. I have been officially accepted and can not wait to begin. :) My program is a Post MSN Family Psychiatric NP program. The groups will be helpful, I am sure. :)