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Without a doubt - Tucson, Arizona!! :coollook:

If you were going to start over, and if you wanted to move where would you go? Let's share good and bad about our areas? Here in Pittsburgh there are a lot of hospitals to choose from, pay isn't great, housing is afforadable. If you like sports we have that too. What about you? Where would you go?
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I really enjoy living in Oregon...During the winter a warm sunny place always sounds so nice...but at the end of summer a little rain never hurt anyone--which is one of the reasons I like it here---I get all four seasons! Beautiful falls, summers, and springs--winter leaves a bit to be desired but I am used to it now.


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Live in SW FL for the last 14 years, always sunny, and mosty HOT! Beaches only 10 minutes away, I never seem to get there! Too many tourists, especially in the winter (snow Birds) I do camp nursing in NJ in the summer to get away fro FL a few months, I was born and raised in subs of Phila. Don't really want to go back there either. I would love to move to new england, maybe VT. I like mountains and snow, so why am I in FL?????


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I've lived from coast to coast. I have settled in Phili sort of, bought a nice house in Roxborough -- walking distance to the park, 10 minutes from work. My point : I think Life is where you make it. Phili is great !!! But am maybe considering Pittsburgh.

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Mexico, amigo!!! I love it there. My husband's family live in a small town called Barroterron, Coahuila (Mexico). While it is a poor town, the people are great. When we go to visit, the kids love it. They can play outside and around the block without fear. They have a fairly decent hospital there too.

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I have to have the change of seasons and I really love New England. We're so quaint :)

I love Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont so rather than going south, I go north!! Preferably Maine---don't like to be land locked. Must must must be by water.

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