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oneLoneNurse has 25 years experience and specializes in Psych, Informatics, Biostatistics.

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  1. oneLoneNurse

    Full Moon Syndrome: Fact or Fiction

  2. oneLoneNurse

    Nurse to Librarian

    As stated in another thread, I would not do the librarian route again as I have never been able to find employment as a librarian. I would use your MSN, but combine it with an online HIT program. Bristol Community College for you, Miss Rhode Island MSN: HITECH With the combination of an MSN and this free HIT program I think your future will be dynamic, and you will be able to jump over those of us who do not have an MSN. I see senior/advanced Nursing Informatics jobs seeking candidates with MSN degrees. Good luck, Kevin
  3. oneLoneNurse

    RN to MLIS

    I completed the MSLS online several years ago, and probably would not do it again. I have never been able to find employment in the field. I was given an opportunity at Penn as an Intern, but turned them down; most likely a major library career mistake. On the other hand there are many, many jobs in Nursing Informatics. I am finishing a free online HIT program at CCAC next month, and have a job lined up to start November 20th. I highly suggest you pursue that field and take the six month course sponsored by the Obama Healthcare Initiative.
  4. oneLoneNurse

    An Overview Of Nursing Compact Licenses

    It would be great if PA were a Compact state too.
  5. oneLoneNurse

    Yes, Bad Job References Are Legal!

    I interviewed for a PT job at a closer hospital. The interview went well, with the hiring manager stating he would like to hire me pending references. I used two managers from work, and a friend/co-worker. I used the two managers previously for another job which had been offered to me. The most recently interviewed hospital called me back to tell me that I was not a hire. My friend and I after a month of not speaking sat down for breakfast (at his suggestion) one morning. My buddy had decided that rather than give me a full grade, that he would do me a favour by giving me at least one thing that I needed improvement on. According to him and I agree to a certain extent that it would be good not to give a full grade because that makes the HR person or whoever is compiling the information think the interviewee is not being truthful. I can see my buddy's point, but unfortunately I did not get the job. I also think in the world of 2012 that a full grade for these surveys or questionaires is what is expected. My friend made an honest mistake, and I would not jeopardize our friendship over my not getting a PT/casual job. I am just venting here and sharing my experience, and like everyone else, Burlshoe114 I would want to know what happened to change their minds.
  6. oneLoneNurse

    Canadian nursers leaving to work in the USA.

    I disagree, I think the nursing jobs here, in the US are opening up from what they were. As for me I was offered an Analyst job in northern ON about 4 hours north of TO. Turned it down for now, but will reconsider in November.
  7. Found a travel psych nurse job in Buffalo. While it's not TO, it's about as close as I seem to be able to get. Anyone any thoughts on Buffalo? It's close enough to harbor a relocaton somewhere in Ontario later. Or if I like Buffalo, just stay put as it may be close enough.
  8. oneLoneNurse

    New RN 3 Mistakes in first month on Job :(

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you are stressed out, and that condition does not bode well. Please take a few deep breaths. The DON is reacting to your errors, like she has to. Your errors are not indicative of a bad nurse, maybe a new one, but not a bad one. Please have a nice New Year's Eve and relax if you can. Get your mind off this for awhile, then go back to work and work as hard, and detail orientated as you can. You didn't kill anyone, and probably haven't hurt anyone, and it sounds like you reported the two narc doses yourself. I don't mean for you to take the written warning lightly, but I don't want you to be so nervous, and anxiety pressed, that you make another error.
  9. oneLoneNurse

    Consulting Positions-Hourly Rate? Salary?

    Good question. I would think if you are making $40 an hour now, and not travelling that you would want to add about $10,000 a year to that ($5.00 an hour). I would also think depending on the benefits of the consulting position you would want to add something to the hourly wage as well. I am weighing in my mind the same thing. For me an extra $10,000 a year to travel just doesn't cut it, especially when the benefits are not as good.
  10. oneLoneNurse

    "Nurses Are So Mean"

    When I asked him for a reference I would think he would say 'that's not such a great idea' or 'I can't do that.' That's what I would do. I've been working with him for over six years, and would think he would feel privileged to give me a reference. I do good work, show up on time, and have helped him in the past. I just am floored by being duped by this guy. He would be the first to talk about how the nursing profession is catty and mean. Yet, he does this without provocation.
  11. oneLoneNurse

    "Nurses Are So Mean"

    Having been in the nursing field for almost 30 years I am stilled floored by the meaness or cattiness of the profession. I applied for a job as a casual with a local hospital. I used a fellow co-worker and two of my managers. I also applied for another job, but did not use my fellow co-worker. The first place called me back after checking my references. The interview had gone well, with the manager stating that he wanted to hire me at the end of it. The HR person told me that she could not offer me employment after checking my references. The second place offered me a position. I thought my co-worker was my friend and would give me a good reference. For whatever reason, he black balled me. I can't figure out if its contempt or jealousy. Both my brother and brother-in-law have connections through working in their respective professions and have used this network to get jobs and move up in their professions. All I have after 30 years of nursing are co-workers who want to stab me in the back.
  12. oneLoneNurse

    12 hour shifts for an LPN in Pittsburgh

    Kindred North Shore is adveritising a 12 hour LPN shift. https://kindred.taleo.net/careersection/kndexternalcareersection/jobdetail.ftl
  13. oneLoneNurse

    12 hour shifts for an LPN in Pittsburgh

    I spoke with WPIC a couple of weeks ago, they have FT shifts with 2 X12 and 2 X8. I have no idea if they hire LPNs.
  14. oneLoneNurse

    Places to live in/near Pittsburgh

    Wow, thanks for replying to my posting! I have seriously thought about Spring Garden and Troy Hill, because I think I will be working at West Penn @ Allegheny Center. I will check out Marshall Shadeland.
  15. oneLoneNurse

    Are men respected by Doctors and colleagues in this field.

    Being a male in a female dominated workforce has taught me valuable lessons about prejudice. Some people will view you as a non-nurse, while others a valuable asset. During pysch nursing training, the Director an old nun (who every one hated) sat me down in front of one of the profs to give me the answers to one of the exams I needed to re-write. I'll never forget that kindness; I think being male had something to do with it; it was an act not anticipated by anyone. During RN nursing school, one older prof from Montreal wanted to fail me; one of the leaders of the nursing school went to bat for me, and put an end to that. The next class this woman was able to fail a male friend of mine. While working as a travel rehab nurse at OSU I injured my back. The nurses at OSU gave me all the heavy lifting assignments and did not hear that I was injured. On my way out the door the nursing administration gave me a bad eval, then asked me to re-up for another thirteen weeks. Morons. I think being male has been both a bad and good thing; on the whole I am pretty happy with my almost thirty years of service, and don't plan on changing anything.
  16. oneLoneNurse

    Thoughts on entering travelling nursing for $$$$$

    I have a young co-worker who was telling me about Hawaii. She was excited about the travel agency paying relocation. Things may have changed, but the last time I travelled, they paid $300.00 for relocation, anywhere. Good luck in finding a ticket to Hawaii for $300.00! Another thing about travelling is the lack of vacation benefits. And lets not forget about some of the cheap medical insurance these companies provide their travellers with. All in all, I agree with other posts, I think that alot of us are better off, working for a regular employer.