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  1. possible transition from bed side nursing to informatics?

    I think your chances are 100%. I am just finishing off a 5 months contract, but am starting permanent full time in Meditech on April 8th. I don't have the skills I would like from my first exposure to Meditech, but 'I have what I need.' I have taught...
  2. Meditech 5.64

    I am learning how to build, and found it somewhat difficult. I didn't get the knowledge in a nice one session sit down. I am doing PCM building, and it took me forever to actually get it. I know that Queries make up Question Sets which make up Docume...
  3. Nursing Informatics Masters - should I take the plunge?

    Thanks for the input, Chuck. I enrolled in the course, but with a new job, new country (home), and stressors I withdrew. Thing is they only charged me $100.00 for the withdraw and I can always enroll again. I'm fine with getting ICU experience either...
  4. how to make it clear when call doctor

    I liked Esme12's response. I would have called. I would have taken the slack from the doc. If he/she wants to write me up, let them. As one previous poster said, 'you can't be sued for calling a doc, but you can for not calling a doc.' When in doubt...
  5. WGU MSN in 6 months

    No, I can't. Back to topic, please. Thanks, Mary. I am planning on taking a critical care course first, but I like what you are sharing on WGU.
  6. new graduate..

    I don't have the rich ICU/MS experience of others on here, but I would choose the Neuro ICU floor.
  7. WGU MSN in 6 months

    I don' t think so, klone. I think what Mary is implying is that the capstone is a quantitative versus qualitative assignment. I think the capstone is requesting we do a literature search, then create an experimental design, run it, and then study th...
  8. WGU MSN in 6 months

    Do we have to do a research project with human subjects in the MSN program?
  9. Meditech 6.0

    Seeking a mental health facility that is using Meditech 6.0. Also seeking training materials for teaching Meditech 6.0. I have been asked to revamp our education. Thanks.
  10. I want to find a long ICU internship, but...

    I agree $16,000 for that type of training doesn't sound like much.
  11. WGU MSN in 6 months

    That is long, but doable. :) Ditto. Totally agree. Thanks
  12. WGU MSN in 6 months

    How long does it have to be? I'm assuming we would have to do a lit review then some sort of experiment. I see capstones at other schools too. I like WGU. I like the location, and whether or not the faculty is made up of Mormons is something I don'...
  13. WGU MSN in 6 months

    Thinking about WGU for an MSN this fall. I like the tuition rate. Anyone able to share Capstone project titles. Just wondering what is expected.
  14. ICU RN let go after 3 months

    Sorry to hear of everyone's experiences. Just supports my thoughts that 'nurses eat their young.' Unfortunate, but true.
  15. 5 months snd still haven't takin boards

    U must do it soon; I worked with a MHW who waited too long.