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unknown99 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Inpatient Acute Rehab.

Married, 5 kids from 21 to 5 years old, won't stop until I have my Masters in nursing

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  1. unknown99

    What is "KVO" on your unit?

    10 cc/hr
  2. unknown99

    which hospitals have a nicu

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Campus has the best NICU in the country.
  3. unknown99

    Moving back to Georgia!!!

    Hi Georgia nurses! First, I want to say I am SOOOO glad to be moving back to Georgia come this June!!!! :dance: What is available to RN's who do not want to travel into Atlanta??? I will be living in Woodstock/Acworth maybe Kennesaw/Marietta area. I...
  4. unknown99

    what so you think?

    I work with nurses young enough to be my daughter, and also some old enough to be my mother. Age makes no difference--- as long as that nurse is competent.
  5. unknown99

    Brown Mackie vs Great Oaks LPN program

    Hello, I work at a hospital which has Greak Oaks students do the clinicals there. The instructors are extremely knowledgable, and the students are not passed on unless they are absolutely ready to be. For Great Oaks, pass rates as follows: 2002: 84....
  6. unknown99

    OBOY!....did I date myself today!!!!!

    This is non nursing related, but, a couple of years ago, I was substitute instructing for a college literature course at our local community college. We were comparing how some song lyrics are like poetry. I brought up Bob Dylan, and the 19 year old ...
  7. unknown99

    Health Culture Issue

    What about an issue related to illigal immigrants and their use of or non-use of available healthcare services?
  8. unknown99

    RNs entering all their own orders - no unit clerks?

    On the unit I work on at the hospital where I work, we have a unit clerk for 6 hours a day, mon-Fri only. We still get admissions anytime also.
  9. unknown99

    Relocating To Atlanta

    There are a couple of websites that might help you http://www.wesellusahomes.com/GA.cfm http://www.ajc.com
  10. unknown99

    subdivision in acworth, georgia

    Hey PJL!! My original post was from almost 2 years ago. We did end up moving to Acworth then, but in Cherokee County in a subdivision called Lake Pointe. It was beautiful!! Sadly, we had to move back to Ohio after 5 months due to family health proble...
  11. unknown99

    what are your thoughts...

    :angryfire :angryfire Not only is that ethically wrong, it is patient abuse and neglect. That is morally demeanibg to the patient. That nurse needs FIRED and reported to the state board!!!
  12. unknown99

    Blood draws from a PICC/midline

    Any place I have worked, we never did draws from a midline. Piccs--yes. Mid-lines-No.
  13. unknown99

    Nursing Diagnosis for hypertension

    Altered tissue perfusion
  14. unknown99

    Rules that make you go Hmmmmm...

    We are not allowed to have our own bottles of hand lotion!! The infection control nurse says it can cause a breadown in the durability of our gloves!! How absurd!! We do not reuse the gloves!!!
  15. unknown99

    Good Sam in Dayton

    Shuttle??? They did not tell me anything about that in the interview!! I had to ride a shuttle when I worked at Children's Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. I hated it!!! Anyhow, I turned them down. At least for the weekend position. I may interview for a few...