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Inpatient Acute Rehab
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Married, 5 kids from 21 to 5 years old, won't stop until I have my Masters in nursing

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  1. unknown99

    Vanco peak & trough times

    We do 30 minutes before for the trough and 30 minutes after for the peak.
  2. unknown99

    What are SOAP notes?

    Subjective data; what you are told Objective data; what you see/hear/feel/smell Assessment; your diagnosis (nursing) Plan; what you did
  3. We had a lady come in to be seen for...... get this..... chapped lips!!!! Go to the store and buy some chap stick lady!!!!!!!! :angryfire
  4. We had a lady several nights ago bring her daughter in for an earache (was infected). She then proceeded to tell them that she also wanted to be seen.... for chapped lips!!!! GO BUY SOME CHAPSTICK LADY!!!!
  5. unknown99

    Can someone tell me what is a Two Step PPD??

    The PPD is a skin test to test for tuberculosis. A 2 step process is required, initially, then a one step yearly. You get the PPD skin test (1st step), then 2 weeks later, you get the 2nd one (2nd step). Sometimes, if for instance you change jobs, and cannot provide them with proof of prior PPds, then they will have you take a 2 step. this is a federal healthcare guideline.... it helps to protect the people that you (any healthcare worker) come in contact with. As fo why they require a 2 step, I believe that it is incase you have come in contact with a case of TB in recent days.
  6. unknown99

    NCLEX Number of Questions - Clarification

    Does it make a difference if you "know" that the last question you answered on the NCLEX was right or wrong?
  7. unknown99

    Good or Evil?

    Do I smell a TROLL???????