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Inpatient Acute Rehab
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unknown99 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Inpatient Acute Rehab.

Married, 5 kids from 21 to 5 years old, won't stop until I have my Masters in nursing

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  1. Washington C.H..... my old stomping grounds!!!
  2. unknown99

    addicted patients

    Pain is subjective--- not objective.
  3. unknown99

    What is "KVO" on your unit?

    10 cc/hr
  4. unknown99

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    Not again!!! We are an inpatient acute rehab unit... not a geriatric psych floor!!! No wonder I quit full time floor nursing to go to telephone triage!!!
  5. unknown99

    Klinger - The man, the myth, the legend

    AWWW... I love Klinger!!!
  6. unknown99

    Telephone triage in Philly

    Hi all PA nurses!! I am seriously considering a move to Philly. Does any one know of any good telephone triage companies around the general area? I would like to have something set up before I go. THANKS!!
  7. unknown99

    how long is your commute?

    30 to 40 minutes
  8. unknown99

    Blood transfusions-how fast do you go?

    It depends on the situation. I have run it in on a trauma patient at 250/hr-- but that is not common Sometinmes we will go 4/hr sometimes 2/hr---just depends on the patient and the dituation.
  9. unknown99

    telephonic nursing in metro Atlanta

    Hi Georgia Nurses!! I can't wait to get back to Georgia!. I miss it so much!! My question is this: Are there any good companies that hire RNs with less than a year experience in telephonic nursing? I have been working with United Health here in Ohio, and LOVE IT!! However, we will be moving back to the Metro Atlanta area in the next few months, and I would love to continue telephone nursing. I have heard of several companies that will help you set up an office in your home to do this. Any there? Thanks!!
  10. unknown99

    allnurses.com tshirt ideas?

    Allnurses.com... Nursing with an attitude!
  11. unknown99

    Anyone ever work for Optum???..

    I start next week with Optum Nurse call Line. I have been an RN for nearing 2 years, but was an LPN for 20 years prior. I do have 6 years med-surg and rehab nursing-- which was a big plus for them. I went on the interview, did a few tests, had a background check and drug screen and was offered the position almost immediately. Benefits are fantastic, and my hours are set, days on and off will never change-- except for holidays.
  12. unknown99

    Ever caught a visitor playing with an IV pump??

    That is what the locks on the pumps are for...
  13. unknown99

    which hospitals have a nicu

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite Campus has the best NICU in the country.
  14. unknown99

    Moving back to Georgia!!!

    Hi Georgia nurses! First, I want to say I am SOOOO glad to be moving back to Georgia come this June!!!! :dance: What is available to RN's who do not want to travel into Atlanta??? I will be living in Woodstock/Acworth maybe Kennesaw/Marietta area. I worked at Children's Scottish Rite before (lived in Acworth), but do not want to go that far. Thanks in advance!!
  15. unknown99

    what so you think?

    I work with nurses young enough to be my daughter, and also some old enough to be my mother. Age makes no difference--- as long as that nurse is competent.
  16. unknown99

    Brown Mackie vs Great Oaks LPN program

    Hello, I work at a hospital which has Greak Oaks students do the clinicals there. The instructors are extremely knowledgable, and the students are not passed on unless they are absolutely ready to be. For Great Oaks, pass rates as follows: 2002: 84.16% 2003: 82.11% 2004: 90.07% For Brown Macke pass rates: there are no stats available There is another good program in Hillsboro, Ohio at Southern State Community College. The pass rates are: 2002: 100% 2003: 87.80% 2004: 95.00% To find pass statistics on these and other schools, go to: http://www.nursing.ohio.gov/PDFS/2002-2004-PN.pdf