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I recently moved from Minnesota to Las Vegas. So far I am really enjoying it here. I haven't been here through the summer yet, and everyone keeps telling me it is going to be terrible. My reply is, "have you been through a winter in Minnesota?" I figure its' gotta be better than that.

I talked to my Mom back in MN today. I was sitting on the deck in shorts and t-shirt enjoying 90 degrees and sun, while Mom told me it was 49 and pouring rain there. I think I'll take Vegas!


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I want to live somewhere warm and not too hummid. Plus it would have to be pretty with nice people. I have fibro and winter kills me. Would also like more daylight being 3rd shift I dont get nearly enough of that.

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I might consider San Francisco. That was my first choice many years ago. I actually wrote to a hospital the day before the big earthquake they had in about 1990(?).

But I'm o.k. with the Tampa Bay area, the weather, I live in a nice quite, low-crime neighborhood, downtown St. Petersburg is thriving. Nice beaches.

The pay is low, but I'm making $14.00 more an hour than 10 years ago, so I can't complain.

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I'm tired of Calif.Traveled around some when I was younger.Would like to live somewhere around Scotsdale Arizona or somewhere in Montana.My parents just moved over by Scotsdale the weather and air is great and the water is the best I ever Drank.:rolleyes:


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San Francisco!!!! I fell in love with that city when we went on our honeymoon, and I am just going nuts because I don't get to go back until after graduation!

I've heard wonderful things about Seattle, Atlanta and Tuscon as well.

Ah...now I have to go look at my honeymoon pics again! lol

I would say either California preferably South California or even Central California or Houston, Texas. I really want to move but I am too scared to move away in a strange place with my 5 year old daughter without knowing someone.


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Originally posted by petiteflower

Someplace big---and warm----South Texas somewhere in a huge ER with lots of patients. And of course-----good looking cowboys would be a plus----ya know --the WRANGLER jeans!!!!

I'm with you petiteflower, that sounds fun! Some place warm.

I would also like to work in an ED in Hawaii, I've only been once, but I loved it! It was so beautiful! Any ED nurses out there from Hawaii? Do you love it or no?

I would go back to Vermont I think. But I think I would leave for the winter and go to Texas. I think it would be neat to work in Texas.


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I'm moving home to sunny Miami, Fl right after graduation. In fact I told my wife that I wanted 2 plane tickets for a graduation gift!! Oregon is nice, but it's not home (and too gray and rainy).


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To do it all over again, I would still want to come to Mississippi. It was never where I had planned to go, but have loved every minute of it. As to where I would like to go, somewhere closer to Canada. I miss home, but still don't think I would move back there. I love working in the USA. :)


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Originally posted by cheerfuldoer

California, California, California, Cali.....did I say California!!! :D

Since I'm allergic to Spring, every other state makes me want to run to California. My allergies do not bother me in California. That's the only state I've ever lived in that has treated my body, mind, and soul ever so kind. Ahhhhhh....did I say CALIFORNIA!!! :D

Yes, you did say California BUT do you like California despite "its faults?"

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:D 99.5% of my life I have spent in the south, GA, TN, KY, ALA, LA ....and now........still living in GA.......I've lived for short times in Germany.........and it's nice to be able to swim outdoors9 months out of the year.......but.......if I could do it all over......and maybe, just maybe I will, after the last little chick is gone......move to MONTANA..........yeah.......that's it..........big mountains.......SNOW.......how i miss snow.......I miss 4 whole seasons........I have just having Fall and Summer......I want a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! And wide open spaces, and cowboys......and oh yeah.......i want to work in a small town clinic, or on the res.........or something like that.......slow down a bit....

sound like heaven to me......

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