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  1. Student who was refusing epi-pen

    Have you all ever had a student refuse and fight you with giving them their epi-pen? That was my kind of day yesterday. By far the most stressful most intense day as a school nurse in my almost 8 years as a school nurse. I hav...
  2. Alternative to call/pass system

    The e-mail system might sound nice, but will you really have time to check your e-mails frequently? Also, I would be very sure I feel confident in knowing that the Teachers would know to call OR send students that truly couldn’t wait.
  3. Taking student to bathroom

    Yes, I have almost 500 hours of PTO. I hardly ever called in to work in the 7 years I have been in my district. I use to work in a clinic. I absolutely loved it. I stopped working in one because I was going through a lot. I resigned and too...
  4. Taking student to bathroom

    I think I honestly need a new job. It’s starting to be too much. I’m expected to do far too much stuff. I did not sign up to be the Secretary, letting parents into the school, taking late kids to class, and we get a LOT of late kids. Also, I’m expect...
  5. Taking student to bathroom

    That is exactly what I have wondered.
  6. Taking student to bathroom

    She does need someone to be close by outside the bathroom. She will wander off if she is alone, and that becomes a definite safety issue. She is non verbal, but I feel there has to be a way to communicate with her about going to the bathroom.
  7. Taking student to bathroom

    There is a Teacher and Teacher Assistant. No Para. Why? This apparently was not a problem last year because in PreK/K classrooms all the classes have a bathroom.Today was only Day 6 of school. I don’t think they are going to hire one now because this...
  8. Taking student to bathroom

    Thank you. I’m thinking she should have an IEP/504, but I didn’t see one. I have never been invited to any of her meetings. We have a brand new counselor that is trying to figure everything out. I didn’t get a chance today to figure it out. It was in...
  9. Taking student to bathroom

    My principal yesterday told me that they want me to start taking a 1st grade autistic student to the bathroom every hour on the hour. How the heck am I suppose to do that, run nurse office, do contact tracing which is becoming more of a regular thing...
  10. Not So Sure

    Oh, I am totally not losing sleep over my EX and my EX MIL. Someone asked if my EX or any of my Daughter’s grandparents was able to help out, and I was just explaining why they can’t. Yeah, maybe the stress of looking for a new job is too m...
  11. Not So Sure

    I really wasn't trying to switch schools, but it just happened that way. 1st school was a High School 9th-12th grade- I spent 2 years there. I ONLY left there because the school was shut down entirely. I really overall loved that school. Yes, th...
  12. Anyone else work with children as young as preschool? I work in a school with children as young as 3 years old through 6th grade. I use to work in a High School. I LOVE High school, but in the best interest of my Daughter I had to switch to a school ...
  13. Not So Sure

    Yes, definitely much more diligent than ever before.
  14. Not So Sure

    Any ideas/suggestions on how one can work on that? Also, I made a medication error on my type 1 diabetic that shook me to my core. It was my first mistake ever in my entire 18 years as a RN. I am so grateful she was OK, and both her and her Mother ga...
  15. Not So Sure

    I have been a school nurse since August 2014. I have worked with ALL age groups High School, K-8, PK-6. I have been in 5 different schools. My current school PK-6th has been the most stable because of the Admins which truly truly makes a differe...