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  1. peaceful2100

    High School Nurses how do you....

    Thanks!! I definitely get making sure to fully assess and rule other things out first!! Do anyone ever let the student just rest after ruling everything else physical, emotional, social out? I work in the inner city so a lot of these kids may be up all night because of environmental issues like police sirens, gun shots, or some have to work and work late. I don't want them to take advantage though and I want to start out being consistent. I am the new nurse to the school and some know this already, and testing the waters already.
  2. peaceful2100

    High School Nurses how do you....

    High School Nurses how do you deal with the I am tired shenanigans. Do you ever allow them rest or do you say sorry I don't let tired students rest and send back to class? I know I need to be firm when it comes to high school kids especially.
  3. peaceful2100

    Undergrad Debt and going for NP

    Sorry, This last comment is in response to Caliotter3
  4. peaceful2100

    Undergrad Debt and going for NP

    Interesting I have read the opposite. However, I am pretty sure I have decided I am not going to go the nurse practitioner route.
  5. peaceful2100

    Undergrad Debt and going for NP

    I have owned 3 homes already! Unfortunately due to a divorce I currently do not own. I am currently working on that once again now though! Eventually I would like to retire!! I'm almost 38 years old. I think I am going to pass on pursuing my Masters and work on other things like starting my own business and writing.
  6. peaceful2100

    Undergrad Debt and going for NP

    Who here has at least $30,000 in student loans from undergrad and still decided to go for your nurse practitioner anyway?? I have been an RN since 2003. I currently have $30,000 in student loans. I have been putting off going for my Master'a because that would only mean more debt. I am sure at least $30,000 more. Should I go ahead and go for it or would that be a stupid move?
  7. peaceful2100

    First week as elementary school nurse

    Last week was my first week as an elementary school nurse. I have done high school before. I have a couple questions. 1)Do you call parents over every single Recess injury sent in your office? Obviously, Recess time is a very busy part of the day. Obviously I know big stuff like anything involving the head, and possible concerns with fractures/sprains is a call home but, what about the rest? I feel like I am walking on egg shells and don't want to overly call. 2) If the kids at your school wear uniform and they are out of compliance is that your issue to deal with? Fridays is dress down day if the kid pays $1. 10 minutes into the start of the school day I had 6 kids (3 from the same class at the same time) in my office because they was not in uniform and they did not have a $1. I already had a couple kids with legit medical issues in my office at that time. The nurse closet barely has clothes for kids who have accidents on themselves during the school day which I know that is definitely my issue.
  8. peaceful2100

    If you are NOT allowed to dispense OTC meds

    I'm glad we have rules in place where we do not have standing orders for OTC medication. Although, I do wish we could have a standing order for Neosporin/hydrocortisone cream and that's it. I work in a high school and without a shadow of doubt these kids will take advantage if they knew we had stock Tylenol/Advil, or even cough drops. OTC medication parents can bring in and fill out a health history form but, I tell the parents unless your child has a chronic condition we would strongly prefer they do not send any OTC medication. In a school of 1100 students there simply is not enough space if a lot of parents was to do that. I tell them unless your child's DR specifically say to take during school hours just keep it at home.
  9. peaceful2100

    Tummy ache...

    *Note* to self keep construction paper in my office if I start working in an elementary school. Right now I work high school. Trying to get moved to a elementary school.
  10. peaceful2100

    Tummy ache...

    You totally rock!!!! School nurses often go above and beyond!! Often there is something else going on other than the typical "I have a headache" or "I have a stomach ache". When, we are able to figure that out and help make that difference in that kid's life it's definitely amazing!!
  11. peaceful2100

    how long do you wait?

    If it's close to the end of the day I will let the parent know your child needs to be picked up. However, please keep in mind if you are not here by the dismissal bell I will have your child get on the bus if they are stable enough to get on the bus. Now, if it's severe enough where they need monitoring but do not need an ambulance I will keep them, and wait for parent to show. I don't get paid for it. I'm not hourly. There was one time I really needed to leave and that was already after waiting 30 minutes past my normal go home time. The student was well enough, the principal waited for parent to show up.
  12. peaceful2100

    Emergency Calls- How long do we wait?

    In the few years I have done school nursing I have called for an ambulance 4x now. That is 4x too many to me of course. However, I will not procrastinate. I think about what I would want if it was my child. I would want absolutely the best for my child. Respiratory issues especially is nothing to play with not at all. I have had issues where a couple times it was panic attacks and the parents was beyond upset with me but, I don't care. These kids look to be in respiratory distress, and I'm not taking any chances. I call immediately especially since I do not have a pulse ox despite my frequent requests for one. I had 1 recent situation where an asthmatic child did not have her inhaler. I did not chance it. OOOH, was the mother upset but, maybe that mother will 1) Make sure she send an extra inhaler to school. I'm in a high school and students are allowed to self carry but unfortunately too many are not responsible enough to always make sure they have their inhaler on them at all times. Even after this incident the mother still has not brought an extra inhaler. Frustrating very frustrating.
  13. peaceful2100

    Elementary or High School

    I know one thing for sure I can't go back to the hospital. 12 hour shifts which we all know is more like 14+ hour shifts is way too hard for me. I never was able to successfully start many IV's, and I got sick and tired of the dangerous nurse patient ratio. I love school nursing because the schedule is perfect for me with a young child. I am honestly not sure anymore. Nursing may not be for me at all anymore but what else would I do is the problem.
  14. peaceful2100

    Elementary or High School

    Curious who has done both Elementary and High School? Which one do you prefer and why. I am in the High School setting. I don't like it but, I took High School to get my foot in the door as that was all that was available. I am burnt out with the High School Kids but, before I give up on school nursing altogether I am wondering about Elementary school and trying it out.
  15. peaceful2100

    Pregnancies on Campus

    Well, I'm in a nice size city and I'm in an inner city school. At my school alone there are at least 5 girls who are currently pregnant and that's just the one's I know of. I'm sure there are more. There are 4 who have had babies since the start of this school year. Again, just the one's I know of. There are at least 7 who are mothers attending school. Again, just the one's I know of. This does not include the high amount of girls who come to me each week asking if I give pregnancy tests which of course I can't and many are way too scared to tell their parent and can't get access to a test. This is a very huge, huge problem where I'm at. I'm in a 9-12 school of close to 1100 students. There are about 5 high schools in my district. We are all inner city schools. The other nurses see quite a few. As a matter of fact they are looking into starting a teenage mom program where moms can bring their babies to school. They will really work with the girls to keep them in school, and help them become successful in life after high school. We need more education base programs too to help prevent this. Sad, thing is so many of these girls are doing it because they are looking for love in all the wrong ways because they are not getting it at home. So, so sad. That is not always 100% of the case because even girls who have all the love at home, and come from good homes with 2 parents can still end up pregnant at a young age. I know I end up pregnant at 17. Came from a 2 parent home full of love and had mostly everything. I have seen a lot of stuff working as a high school nurse. I really would like to create a program for teenage girls. Something, I'm heavily thinking about.
  16. peaceful2100

    How much time for break?

    Last day is today the 16th. Staff report back on the 3rd. Kids on the 4th. My daughter's school district is different. Her last day of school is the 21st which is oddly enough just half a day and she goes back to school on the 4th. Staff in her district goes back on the 3rd I have to spend my first few days of break still waking up early to get her ready for school. HOWEVER, there is advantage to me getting up early. I'm a very incredibly stressed out divorced mom so I'm looking forward to a little "Me" time. I can get out early and take care of some business such as oil change, getting my car tags renewed, some last minute shopping.

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