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NurseDianne specializes in Hospice, PEDS, MS, Surgical.

Living in Beautiful Montana, in a small "village". It's fabulous! I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world

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  1. NurseDianne

    Frontier Home Health and Hospice?

    so sorry I gave you the wrong website.... Welcome to Frontier Home Health and Hospice - Leading Montana in Home Health and Hospice.
  2. NurseDianne

    Frontier Home Health and Hospice?

    Hi, I work for Frontier Hospice in Montana. I have to say it is one of the best companies I have ever worked for! I am assuming that you are in WY? You can go to frontierhospice.com to see more. I work for a Hospice but we interact with the other offices in the state. I've never heard anything bad about them, from anyone. I've been here almost 2 years and not only love my job, but the folks I work with. Feel free to contact me if you like
  3. NurseDianne

    Question about dressing

    I have a patient that has venous leg ulcers that drain a lot!! The facility where is currently lives uses Optilock w/ Kling wrap. They change the dressing bid d/t the excessive drainage. I have spoke to the wound care nurse and she said that is the only thing they have found that works. Two things my nurse manager wants me to think about, 1) is it really necessary to change his dressings bid and 2) the cost incurred by use of the Optilock (8) per day. I have ask and researched, I just don't see anything else to use. They have tried abd pads but they don't stay in place. Someone suggested peri-pads or some type of "depends". However I find that degrading to the patient. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. NurseDianne

    New to Hospice

    Congrats to you both. I also just today accepted a job as a Hospice Case Manager. I was an LPN for years, an RN now for 8 years, I have worked in all different areas but this is something totally different. I feel like I am compassionate to help people with there end of life needs, but am nervous about learning the things to say and do. Have either of you found an "Hospice" magazines to help you through? I enjoy reading about what I am learning to do. Keep in touch Nurse Dianne
  5. NurseDianne

    CEU for a Clinic Nurse

    After years of working in hositals, travel nursing...etc....I have finally found the most fabulous job EVER. For the past 1 1/2 years I have worked in a small, NP owned clinic in beautiful Montana! We see everything and it is a wonderful experience. However...I am wanting to attend seminars/conferences that are specifically geared toward clinic nurses. Any ideas? Monatan, Washington, Idaho would be the best states for me since I am way NW Montana. Thanks Loving my JOB NurseDianne
  6. NurseDianne

    New to Ambulatory Clinic

    After years and years working in busy hospitals and travel nursing, I have settled down in beautiful Montana and have landed a FABULOUS job in a Ambulatory Clinic for a FNP. The hours are great, the staff is great, the patients are like heaven compared to the busy understaffed hospitals!! However....yes you knew that was coming...I find myself feeling like a fish out of water sometimes. What I am looking for is some educational materials to refresh my knowledge of what I need to know about being a clinic nurse. I have looked on the "certification" website and found a Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care Nursing book that I can buy, but I am wondering if any of you have any information or websites I can go to to refresh what I need to know. Or even insight of what I do need to know. We see patients from babies to gereatric. No OB. But we do GYN. We also have an inhouse lab, fluoroscope and EKG. Of course we also do minor sutures and casting. Thanks for any and all help!! NurseDianne
  7. NurseDianne

    Moving To MT

    Planning on making a move to MT in the next 3 months when my S/O transfers with his job. I am a bit nervous, will have to get another nursing license and I'm not at all sure what the pay scale is out there. And advice at all? It looks like I will have to travel about 25-30 miles one way to find a job at a hosptial large enough to be hiring. I'm accepting whatever advice or comments......Thanks Dianne
  8. NurseDianne

    Question about Online Education

    Thanks, they are one of the ones who has contacted me. Really I guess what I am searching for is if these online degees are even worth anything. How do I know that these are worth it?
  9. NurseDianne

    Question about Online Education

    I have an Associate Degree and work full time. I would like to get my BSN since it seems that I will not be able to advance at my job without one. Has anyone actually completed an online RN to BSN progam. If so, can you give me some pointers and direct me? Thanks Dianne:redpinkhe
  10. NurseDianne

    RV Financing

    Good Morning! We used our local bank. They have our home and cars, so they were very understanding about the travel issue. Most finance companies don't understand the moving around. If you have someone you have dealt with in the past, it's the best bet. Hope this helps and you get the RV you are looking for!
  11. NurseDianne

    Nicotine Test

    I'm sure there has to be a certain level in your blood before they call is positive. I"m just not sure what that cut off would be.
  12. NurseDianne

    Pediatric Travelers out there???

    HI Also a fellow Southern gal......GO DAWGS!! I work Peds, my favorite. Our first assignment was in Baltimore Maryland. It was a good assignment in a teaching hospital. Unfortunately during the summer I was hard pressed to find a Peds position. So here I am, almost completed this assignment, in S.D. working with the "whiners", girl I feel your PAIN!! Seems like most of the Peds are in Cali, NM, NY or D.C. Unfortunately we need to head south for family matters and I'm not sure I will get a Peds position. Although Ft. Lauderdale FL is looking good.
  13. NurseDianne

    left stranded by last minute contract canceled

    HI, I understand what you are going through. Not sure I know the answer. Your liason at your company should be able to help you. My husband's contract was cancelled at the last minute in NM. Fortunately we had not left home yet. I still had a job, but it wasn't fesiable for us to go 1400 miles from home with only one of us working. Our company got me out of my contract with no hassle. Keep close contact with your company and see if they can help you out. They won't let you stay for free and you need a job. Make sure they understand this.
  14. NurseDianne

    What is going on???

    We are finding the same problem. Alot of the BIG money is in very specialized areas. I work Peds most of the time and when I can find a great paying job in this area, there is not a m/s place for my husband. Of course we are trying to get back south for the winter and are going to have to take a paycut to do it. I don't know, was worried it was just us...LOL, sorry to say misery loves company.
  15. I totally agree, find another company. We also have a mortgage and all of our bills. I pay 98% of our bills online. At this point our youngest lives in our home and pays the electric, but we pay the mortgage and insurance. As far as out other bills, we make enough to pay everything plus put away to savings and do what we like while on the road.
  16. NurseDianne

    Nicotine Test

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up or not and I'm curious if other hospitals do this........ There is a hospital in South Georgia that if you are a new hire they do a test, blood, to see if you have nicotine in your system. If you do they will not hire you and offer for you to come back and re-test in 30 days. My husband smokes and he works there as an agency nurse, wehen we are between assignments, so is by-passed. Anyone know if any other hospitals do this? If so, how is this legal. I understand smoke-free facilities and policies, but as far as I know smoking is not illegal. Let me hear you take on this. Nurse Dianne:typing