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  1. angelbear

    I feel like a bad mother

    He is 16 and MRDD we are doing the nystatin and yogurt thanks for the responses.
  2. angelbear

    I feel like a bad mother

    I have lupus/fibro and on of the things that happens alot is I get thrush very frequently. The other day my husband had bought me a mountain dew which I only took a few swigs of. My son found it and thought it was for him and he drank it. Now he has my thrush on top of the cold he already had. I feel so bad. My nystatin swish and swallow is almost gone but my thrush is not and his is even worse guess I will be calling doc for refill. BTW does anyone know can I send him to school with thrush?
  3. angelbear

    Wound vac question

    Thanks for the responses but apparently her doc doesnt want her on the vac. I had to ask anyway. I had it for my abdominal wound and it was awsome. Thanks
  4. angelbear

    mysterious illness?

    I would agree that you need to continue persuing the medical side of this. I have dual dx of fibro/lupus it has taken forever for them to figure it out. Just this last friday my doc thinks he has it pegged we shall see. But dont give up. We are here for you.
  5. angelbear

    Medical School after NP?

    Me thinks yersinia21 has major issues. Darlin I suggest you take a cool off period and get a grip.
  6. angelbear

    Extending training for NP's

    OK when did this suddenly become a bash Dave thread. I freely and proudly admit that we are friends but is all this childish insulting of Dave really necessary. It is beginning to sound like grade school. Dave is excellent at what he does yet I have never not once heard him say he is better than a doctor. I will however add that in my personal experience I get better care from NP's they take more time and delve deeper. That doesnt make them better just more in depth than docs tend to take the time to be. Now stop the Dave bashing or I am going to have to open a can of whoop arrse on ya. Play nice and check out the TOS of this board.
  7. angelbear

    Wake up...Are you in pain?

    Thanks caffine. And BTW nurses who are always trying to educate themselves are the best nurses.
  8. angelbear

    Wake up...Are you in pain?

    shish dont tell but I think we won the debate. YIPPY
  9. angelbear

    Wake up...Are you in pain?

    I dont understand. Isnt it just common sense and taught in most nursing schools worth their salt that it is easier and better to keep pain under control than to attempt to get out of control pain back under control. Why cant nurses just stop and think how they would want their pain treated. So annoying and scarey.
  10. angelbear

    Wake up...Are you in pain?

    I only pick up one nasty tone here and it isnt dave or fab. If that means I am part of their click or clan or whatever yippy skippy for me. I can attest to the waking up in a full blown pain crisis. This happened to me when I had my TAH/BSO. I had a fentanyl pca pump which was rediculous. Of course I fell asleep and had not pushed my button enough and was in horrid agony when I woke up. I have no idea how much or what they gave me but the nurse had to push quite a few syringes of whatever and it took what felt like hours to get back under control. If anyone ever told me not to wake a sleeping pain pt just to check on their pain I would pitch a fit. I have been there and I consider it abuse to not adequetly treat pain just cause it is easier not to wake someone. I have my flame retardent suit on and am in a bad mood just so ya know.
  11. angelbear

    Attention Dave and anyone else interrested

    Thank you it is times like this that make nursing worth while.
  12. angelbear

    Wound vac question

    Does the fact that it is infected with MRSA make a difference?
  13. angelbear

    Have we ever

    Have we ever discussed an ohio nurses convention? Just curious if we did I missed it.
  14. angelbear

    I found a list ....

    Thanks for the info might come in handy if things continue as is at work.
  15. angelbear

    Opioids for CNMP

    Wow you are even more a wealth of info than I realized. There is another post.
  16. Dave you are killing me here I wanted to read that article but I dont have time to register. I am trying to catch up to you and I am getting very tired.