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If you were going to start over, and if you wanted to move where would you go? Let's share good and bad about our areas? Here in Pittsburgh there are a lot of hospitals to choose from, pay isn't great, housing is afforadable. If you like sports we have that too. What about you? Where would you go?


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If I was going to start over, it would be somewhere HOT!:cool:

Comming from Winnipeg, we get nice Hot summers but freaking cold winters. Winter is not my bag (hate it with a passion). I wouldn't ever move though. too much of a wuss, so not too concerned about the cost of living etc. Wouldn't want to ruin my dreams altogether.


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I've always wanted to visit Arizona, any AZ nurses that want to share what living there is like?

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California, California, California, Cali.....did I say California!!! :D

Love that place....especially Southern California. I wanna go there when I retire....whenever that day......if ever that day comes. :o

Since I'm allergic to Spring, every other state makes me want to run to California. My allergies do not bother me in California. That's the only state I've ever lived in that has treated my body, mind, and soul ever so kind. Ahhhhhh....did I say CALIFORNIA!!! :D


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Someplace big---and warm----South Texas somewhere in a huge ER with lots of patients. And of course-----good looking cowboys would be a plus----ya know --the WRANGLER jeans!!!!


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I'm pretty satisfied with where I am. I would like to be able to get out a little more and do stuff, but otherwise no great need to move.


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Oy vey, BadBird, you KNOW I'm headed for the water when I'm done with school! At least that's what my brain tells me. :D

Coastal Florida is looking better and better, even with the summer humidity (which I know can be killer). Still I'd miss the fall colors, but I plan to see them anyway, come heck or high water. Maybe western PA? ;)

Someday I'd like to be a traveler, so I can see all the wonderful areas of this country. Arizona or New Mexico, for the evening skies... Virginia, for the history... Vegas, for the cop conventions. (hey, I'm only human!)

Let me know when your bags are packed, ok? ;)



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Arizona...hot and dry. Anywhere where there is no snow and it's dry.


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I would have STARTED HERE where I AM NOW( I have lived in the South, the Great Plains, in Arizona, and Chicago, before here.........I am in LOVE w/this place. but then, rain does not bother me much, here in Sunny Seattle.


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I am from the east coast and now live on the west coast. I am also happy with where I live. People are nice, and it is a good place to raise my kids.


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I am originally from NYC, went to school in DC, and worked in FL, CA (southern and northern) and now live in Seattle. I also felt healthiest when I lived in LA. The dry warm air may have something to do with it. I really like Seattle, but not sure I want to stay. Maybe I'll go back to LA, or move to...Paris? Tuscany? Fiji? The sky's the limit!


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You know call me crazy but I actually like it here in South Dakota. I don't think I could handle not having changes in the weather with changes in the season.

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