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  1. HoJo

    People complaining about WAGES!!!!

    I'd just like to say that I'm perfectly happy with my job and the $$ I'm earning. If you want somthing to complain about try farming, there's all the responsibility that you'd ever want 24/7 hours with hardly making any $$, sometimes even making -$$....
  2. HoJo

    BSN-MSN vs. RN-MSN

    Before you decide one way or another I suggest before you get serious you really check out whatever MSN program you decide on and see what their requirements are. Also consider that you will doing nsg research in a MSN program and in the BSN program ...
  3. HoJo

    Overheard In A Nursing Home

    OVERHEARD IN A NURSING HOME At a nursing home a group of seniors were sitting around talking about all their ailments. "My arms have gotten so weak I can hardly lift this cup of coffee," said one. "Yes, I know," said another. "My cataracts a...
  4. HoJo

    How Rude!!!

    I totally agree with you, passing thru. That's just his way of communicating, that's life, he's a farmer that's just how it is. He's not insulting anyone, try not overanalzye. And if you disagreed with him then why didn't you say somthing right t...
  5. HoJo

    Coworker was fired yesterday.

    Actually you should check with your state laws because that is considered pt abuse/neglect and in most states BY LAW your employer is usually obligated to report things like this so that a The State Board of Nursing can have a review committee/hearin...
  6. HoJo

    Night nurses EKG's

    I suggest you get to a doctor immediately before your bi/trigeminy and ST turn into V-tach which is lethal.
  7. HoJo

    heparin and cardizem thru the same line?

    Yes it is compatible, the book I'm looking at before me (Mosby's 2004 Intravaneous Medications) lists diltiazem as being Y-site compatible, however it is underlined which means conflicting compatability information. There are also it looks about ever...
  8. I feel I need to say somthing after reading the 82 replies to this post. It makes me sick to see all of the backstabbing b/n ADN vs. BSN discussion. I'm a BSN nurse and I'm damn proud of it. I have no problems with ADN nurses, they are good people...
  9. Does the small pox vaccine actually decrease the risk of catching the virus?
  10. Update heard on the way into work tonight that my states senators (including Daschle) and congressman will not vote to reopen the borders until Country of Origin Labeling is in place.
  11. HoJo

    Dialysis Nurse?

    I do know of 1 company around my area for hemodialysis, I think they called their company Davita. Not sure if its national or regional (midwest). Hope this is of at least some help.
  12. HoJo

    youguysarestupid.com....A good cause!

    Ok I see it on the right there, must have missed it. I like what these guys are doing, however even though it says There is still no link to any cancer site that even mentions these guys. I'm sorry I'm a little picky but when I donate I want ...
  13. Sounds like more than just the surgeons fault.
  14. HoJo

    youguysarestupid.com....A good cause!

    Boy you know this a really great idea and all that these guys are doing this however I have my reservations about dontating to these guys. Perhaps if they had a link on there to their charity or if they even picked a charity yet, I mig...
  15. HoJo

    Night Shift And Cancer

    Man what will they pull out of their &*^es next? No matter what we are ALL going to die of some type of cancer. Choose your fate, (insert Pinhead here from HellRaiser). A. sunlight= skin cancer. B. no light= colon/rectal cancer. Boy peopl...
  16. HoJo

    Drs. handwriting - Can you read it well?

    Haven't had to for a while, where I work we have a complete computerized system, but we still call them for clarifications sometimes when need be.