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live4today is a RN and specializes in Community Health Nurse.

I love to live, love, & laugh!

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  1. live4today

    Need comments and support for hysterectomy

    I'm sure every woman experiences sex differently whether they've had a hysterectomy or not. I shared in my other post that I did not experience anything different after the hysterectomy (sexually speaking), and 30 yrs later, there is still no differe...
  2. live4today

    Need comments and support for hysterectomy

    I didn't understand it either, but that is what my doctor told me would happen. I did not believe him until the reality of what he said proved true. I was not a nurse then, and did not understand a lot of things at that time. We're talking thirty yea...
  3. live4today

    Need comments and support for hysterectomy

    I'm sorry to hear about your current health situation. I was 28 yrs of age when I had a hysterectomy. I have felt great since having it although I have always felt sadness due to not being able to have more children at such a young age when I wanted ...
  4. live4today

    Does make you a better nurse?

    I voted no...Allnurses has not made me a "better nurse", but it has been quite informative on many levels professionally and socially speaking. Although I do not have the chance to participate on Allnurses as much as I used to in years past, I still ...
  5. live4today

    Something to brighten your day

    Wishing you the same tolerant girl. (((hugs)))
  6. live4today

    My Father Died Today sorry for your loss. May God be with you and your family during this time of great loss. :icon_hug:
  7. live4today

    Declining coverage-The worst is yet to come

    I am saddened by statements in this post. Some people don't care to hear or listen to "what is", but only care to "stick to what has been for so long" that the need for serious change never enters in for all people. Very sad day in America indeed.
  8. live4today

    What Obama Will Say on Wednesday about health care reform

    I am all for healthcare reform. I watched and listened intently to President Obama's speech on healthcare, and love love love what he said. I am in one hundred percent agreement with the way he explained healthcare reform. I don't care if anyone agre...
  9. I voted that I would very much encourage those who have a desire to become a nurse to attend nursing school. If they have a heart of caring for people, and can handle the down and dirty of the job...why not. Go for it! Just do it from a passion point...
  10. live4today

    Obama on Males in Nursing

    I totally agree. :)
  11. live4today

    I am a nurse. Venting about how I feel.

    great post! you should send it to as many publishers as possible. it deserves to reach millions, and it deserves a standing ovation of which i am giving it. :yeah:
  12. live4today

    Health Care: The Ticking Time Bomb

    I absolutely would support a public health care option. We should have always had one for those who could not afford healthcare. The working class have always had healthcare options/plans with their place of employment, so those who cannot afford hea...
  13. live4today

    Nurses whom give overly detailed reports...

    Change of shift report should NOT consist of what is already written for the oncoming nurse to read and take note of. It should only consist of patient stats for the nurse who may have not cared for that patient before, and any changes in orders. Eve...
  14. live4today

    Have a cultural sensitivity question:

    Elvish gave a very reasonable suggestion that I would implement if it were me. :)
  15. live4today

    what do you think??

    I agree that "it is ok to leave the restraints on as long as you do ROM and skin integrity assessment?" Also, a CNA could be assigned to the patient at all times to assure safety while in restraints. I believe the rule is to assess and unrestrain th...