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  1. Audreyfay

    Any certified insulin pump trainer???

    Usually the insulin pump company themself provides the education and certifies you as a pump trainer. Usually they do not certify someone unless they are already in the diabetes specialty. As far as reimbursements for staring an insulin pump for a company - yes. The company will pay you to be a starter. But the catch is, you need diabetes experience before a company considers training and certifying you as a trainer
  2. I don't think it's a big deal. Thank her for the time she worked with you. Tell her that your continuing to learn with the new preceptor. If she asks you questions - then go from there. I thought I should pick up some tips from other nurses too. But, thanks for your help. I agree with above. Don't pick at a wound and criticize things that she may or may not know. It is difficult to change a personality.
  3. Audreyfay

    ad in paper

    I would call them back and ask them if they need any additional information and that you are still very interested in the position. Can't hurt. With my employer, we always have issues with Human Resources just not responding quickly enough. We've lost many exceptional candidates because HR was too slow. Give them a call. Good luck!
  4. Audreyfay

    Nurses With Depression

    I believe that I have been depressed since junior high school - about the time when menarche appeared. It took a perceptive MD to see the symptoms and suggest some counseling and antidepressants when I was in my 30's. Since then, I took them for a year, I went off for about 5 years, and then went back on when I moved back into the Midwest. I don't think I'll ever go off them again. "So this is what normal people feel like," I say. The only reason it seems that more nurses are on them is that we are aware they are there and see how they help many. If everyone could see that, there would be even more people on them. Kind of like insulin pumps. Did you know that a high percentage of the people who are on insulin pumps are healthcare-employed? Knowledge changes the game.
  5. Audreyfay

    Behavioral interview questions specific to nurses:

    One recent question I had was: "Give me an example of a situation in which you got some constructive criticism and tell me how you used it."
  6. Audreyfay

    Help with insulin question!! Please!

    I agree with the above - D. If a person needs that much insulin subq NOW - they should have an insulin drip started. I would question that order. The 60 might really be 6.0 units (which is not an approved format to use, but some still forget and use it anyway.)
  7. Audreyfay

    I am very embarrassed... my work day yesterday.

    Rachel, You have touched us all. You are just the kind of nurse I would LOVE to work with. If I had a nickel for every tear I shed in my 29 years of nursing, I'd be rich! Tears just make us human!
  8. Audreyfay

    New nurse scared to talk to doctors!!

    I can definitely empathize with you. I was a shy self-conscious gal when I started nursing. Over the years, I've grown and learned. You will too. You will go through times when you will be think "why did I....?" It is part of the learning process. I used to despise talking with doctors. (Actually, I really don't even like doctors.) There are only a chosen few who have made it to my "like" list. It's a skill, learning what to say and what they might ask. After almost 30 years in nursing, there are STILL some doctors I don't like to call and talk to. But I do. And my patients appreciate it.
  9. Audreyfay

    The most embarrasing thing you've done at work!

    That was, by no means, a cut. Just cute! I can recall so many things I did. Like the time, as a student nurse, when I went to replace a foley cath, only to find the woman had about 6 holes that any one could have been urethras. :imbar Why does it always happen as a student?
  10. Audreyfay

    The most embarrasing thing you've done at work!

    You get the prize for the best, funniest story! :rotfl:
  11. Audreyfay

    Bad Week...

    Even if the first thing you had done was to call in the OR team when the patient called you from home, the outcome would have been the same. I had a tough time dealing with fetal demise when I worked in OB. Take care of you. :kiss
  12. Audreyfay

    Funny Sign in slips

    Sweet little kindergarten girl: My testicles hurt. (She had heard the word intestines and got it mixed up!) I've never heard of people signing in. You mean there is no receptionist to take down information? That sets the poor patient up for failure. Even some of my relatives who have double Masters degrees in Engineering could make some of those mistakes. Hmmm? Maybe we do things different in the Midwest?
  13. Audreyfay

    Call light question-Please help...(m)

    Even if they don't use it, it is negligence to not have it within reach. Glad I'm not a patient in that facility! :uhoh21:
  14. Audreyfay

    Ok guys....I'm stumped!!!

    It's a long shot, but I have a friend who lives in Upper Michigan who developed similar problems (except for the cardiac issues), and was years later diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It's a long shot, but I see you live in WI. Would be worth a looksey.
  15. You can use any of the theories you wish. They all can be adapted to that situation. I would recommend reading through a couple and finding which one you identify with. After identifying with one, and understanding how it even applies to your own practice, it's easy to use it in your study. I found after reading and identifying with I.M. King's system's theory, it helped me to be able to define and work within my own scope of practice more successfully.
  16. Audreyfay

    If you could no longer be a nurse?...

    A shrink