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  1. I've been getting several calls with messages left about accepting a temporary position to work during a strike. Has anyone else been getting these??? I've been looking trying to figure out where a strike might be happening, but don't see anything....
  2. Wheaton Franciscan St. Joseph'sor Aurora St. Luke's

    I am so sorry to hear about your negative experiences with both facilities. I have worked with Aurora for 7 years now and consider it next to the top as far as employers. The only other hospital I ever worked at that I considered as top was Abbott ...
  3. Any certified insulin pump trainer???

    Usually the insulin pump company themself provides the education and certifies you as a pump trainer. Usually they do not certify someone unless they are already in the diabetes specialty. As far as reimbursements for staring an insulin pump for a co...
  4. I don't think it's a big deal. Thank her for the time she worked with you. Tell her that your continuing to learn with the new preceptor. If she asks you questions - then go from there. I thought I should pick up some tips from other nurses too. But,...
  5. ad in paper

    I would call them back and ask them if they need any additional information and that you are still very interested in the position. Can't hurt. With my employer, we always have issues with Human Resources just not responding quickly enough. We've lo...
  6. Nurses With Depression

    I believe that I have been depressed since junior high school - about the time when menarche appeared. It took a perceptive MD to see the symptoms and suggest some counseling and antidepressants when I was in my 30's. Since then, I took them for a ...
  7. Behavioral interview questions specific to nurses:

    One recent question I had was: "Give me an example of a situation in which you got some constructive criticism and tell me how you used it."
  8. Help with insulin question!! Please!

    I agree with the above - D. If a person needs that much insulin subq NOW - they should have an insulin drip started. I would question that order. The 60 might really be 6.0 units (which is not an approved format to use, but some still forget and u...
  9. RN. BS. Diabetes Educator

    Sashakoko . . . Did you ever get the job description?
  10. My part-time job employer went through some job evaluation and redesign. For 52 calls in a 7 hour period, there were three RNs. Does that sound right? After 7 hours and 28 calls, I was ready to throw in the towel. I'm curious what everyone else do...
  11. I Double Dawg Dare You, Do It!

    Thank you for sharing. That's why I became a nurse. Only regretted it once and that was burn-out after only 6 months of being an RN. After that I moved to OR nursing, and eventually back to where I belong, at the conscious patient's side. Bless al...
  12. Do MSNs work in hospitals like RNs ??

    The MSN needs to go with experience. I don't believe there are too many who go right to the MSN after the BSN. I could see a BSN go on to become a CRNA or MBA or Masters in Human Resources? Perhaps even becoming a Nurse Practitioner? I have my M...
  13. Any Telephone triage nurses out there?

    Sorry I'm so late in responding. Haven't been on the internet for a few days. I got into telephone triage for some crazy reasons. I had resigned from my very part time diabetes education job with the medical practice because I got a .8 FTE job wit...
  14. Polite refusal, how do I do it?

    Wow. This is a tough one. I think I'll stay in WI. Good luck. Hope she goes or the time goes quickly!
  15. vaccination pain question

    This is not normal. I would contact your MD. Our protocol says it could be sore for a few days, but if beyond that, it should be checked. Is there any redness, warmth, or swelling? What does the site itself look like? Sometimes the less the arm ...