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BadBird is a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

Married, 2 teenagers, 2 doggies, 1 really badbird

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  1. BadBird

    Anybody here used Mckesson/Cerner/Meditech systems?

    Yup, I used all the above. Cerner was my least favorite, it could have been the software purchased though.
  2. BadBird

    sorry, i have to vent, I am losing my MIND!!!

    Many years ago I was in your shoes, only my ex did not work !!! The best thing I did for myself and kids was divorce him, I never regretted it. My only regret was trying to hold on to a failing marriage. I wish you luck, only you know how much s$$t you will tolerate.
  3. BadBird

    Please Help/Quick question...

    Just another of my pet peeves, abbreviations ! What do they mean???? I wish people would just spell it out.
  4. BadBird

    Hard Decisions to Make....

    So sorry for you loss. Why not take some time for yourself, grieve however you grieve and don't add any more stress right now. I wish you much success no matter what you decide. Remember, you are never too old for education.
  5. BadBird

    12 hour shifts

    Three 12 hr. shifts are great, but when they mix 8 hrs shifts in and want you to work extra it is a major burn out.
  6. BadBird

    APA Format

    Thanks for all the information, I will definately need it.
  7. BadBird

    APA Format

    I am enrolled in a accelerated RN to BSN program and have been out of school for 11 years, things have changed so much, there was no internet when I went to nursing school and all my papers and research were from hours in libraries. My dilema is that we now must use APA format and I am having difficulty with this, does anyone know of any easy to use software programs, Please stress EASY to use? Thanks for any help.
  8. BadBird

    Losing my mind in LTC!!

    I suggest you call some agencies in your area. I loved working for a agency the benefits are you can work less hours and make more money, you have total control over your schedule, no more mandatory hours. You can have every holiday off too. Even if you work as a sitter you will have less stress and will probably make more money plus you will have time to do your school work at the bedside.
  9. My heart breaks for so many people. I just can't fathom the tragedy they must deal with. The exhaustion the nurses must face daily dealing with a overwhelming number of injured while worrying about their own families.
  10. BadBird

    Opinions needed!

    I think you should take the job in the unit that you want to work in. Although you gain experience on a medsurg floor you will find that the majority of nurses don't stay on the floor. Many nurse managers try to steer new nurses to medsurg only so they have staffing. If cardiac is your passion then go for it! Many years ago nurses didn't have so many options it was just expected that you went to medsurg. Unfortunately so many leave the floors and they are always desperately short. Perhaps management needs to staff better so nurses won't leave, but that is another topic.
  11. BadBird

    Transitioning from ADN to BSN

    I am starting an accelerated RN to BSN program on Aug 30th. It is one night a week from 6p-10p for 18months. I have to work full time while in school and full time for 3 years after completing my BSN since my employer is paying for it. Other nurses have done this so I guess I can too. Online is not for me as I am not knowledgeble enough about computers and easily frustrated by them. Good luck to you.
  12. BadBird

    I need a Vote to help me decide

    Go for the most money.
  13. BadBird

    Does your VA allow pts to smoke?

    Unfortunately the answer is yes, it is disruptive when you try to give medications on time and the patients are gone for hours. Now that I am in CCU the patients are not allowed to leave but the floor patients do.
  14. BadBird

    Too freakish for words!!

    He won't have the balls to do that again !
  15. BadBird

    First Ventilator Pt. Tonight...what to do?

    If you don't have vent experience then I would definately NOT take that assignment. If you were in a hospital you could call for help, at home you are on your own. The agency doesn't care as long as they fill the shift but you could lose your license if you screw up. (Not to mention harming the patient).
  16. BadBird

    Patient with pacer/AED is DNR

    In the event of a cardiac arrest V. Fib, etc... you can shut it off by placing a magnet over top. We keep one on our med refrigerator.