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P_RN has 30 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in ORTHOPAEDICS-CERTIFIED SINCE 89.

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  1. P_RN

    C'Mon Now!

    A pinch of sugar on the tongue not to be swallowed. It should stop the hiccoughs. Of course, when the kid tells Mommie she will accuse you of giving precious diabetes.
  2. P_RN

    Coworker having access to my password and charting

    I will be beating a dead horse here. The first thing *I* would do is contact my Malpractice Insurance Service. And yes, I said MY not the hospital's. Any facility that supports a system that allows what happened is not to be trusted to look out fo...
  3. P_RN

    Peer Evaluations- Venting

    At your annual eval...do you have to sign it? I just put "I do not agree with this eval/line/comment and will not sign." I have always gotten the option of a revised paper without that comment. Just because someone hands you a paper to sign DOESN'...
  4. P_RN

    Comic relief...

    I understand your embarrassment. But you missed a teaching moment. "Mr Jones, I see you need care/position change etc." Then quietly move him within sight for safety and snugly put a sheet over his lap. When you get back to the desk you probab...
  5. 12 hr shifts handle the shift wars nicely. You get report from the person you will report to in the morning. I did "first rounds....I called them "eyeball rounds" you can do it walking to put your stuff away. Hi, I'm Pat, you are my patient ton...
  6. I agree with Florence... your heart is with the child, but you have to go up the chain of command. Replacement *MAY* have info one the kid you don't have. My opinion is to let the RN/Replacement handle it.
  7. P_RN

    Need serious advice- dealing with smell

    A NP at my doctor's office would tell them they had some skin problem...for example an area near their buttocks, neck whatever and she would give them a "treatment kit" (wash cloth, large bottle of water, soap, shampoo). They also kept a free clothes...
  8. I just love these. Good wake-uo laugh.
  9. P_RN

    So your boss/manager tells you...

    I don't believe anyone has asked this. DO YOU HAVE PERSONAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE? If you don't then get it ASAP. Then ask your insurance company what you asked us. A diabetic's foot nick, prick, cut can turn into a serious condition if the skin ...
  10. P_RN

    Head, meet desk

    But you know, back then it was thank you Nurse, and Nurse please. No hey you get over here and no GET me some OJ and some cookies I been calling for an hour.
  11. P_RN

    Head, meet desk

    In the Golden Oldie days, in the 60's, they'd just put a bed in the hall and a screen around it. We'd have 50 bed units with 4 or 5 or 6 more patients than capacity. I can hear the gasps of disbelief. Now you old gals and guys know what I'm talking...
  12. http://www.wyff4.com/news/local-news/anderson-news/SLED-Upstate-nurse-practices-without-license-for-27-years/-/9654706/16934842/-/h275yi/-/index.html She even taught in an LPN program.
  13. Do you have a communication system where they can beep you or call your beeper? Otherwise how are you to know? "SOMEone" knew and should have been your backup...."Oh Nurse...it's your patient too." even turning and putting a temporary draw sheet wo...
  14. I have an optometrist- he has 2 off the street assistants -works fine I have an ophthalmologist-1 optometric assistant certified and 1 surgical nurse works fine I have a gynecologist-1 RN (former Miss ___state___) 2 LPNs-works fine (he does a lo...
  15. P_RN

    Can this nurse be saved?

    I actually got several writeups for not signing the defibrilator checks-a lot of the days I wasn't in charge and wasn't even at work. We were also strongly encouraged to go through the missing supplies and assign the product to a patient-wouldn't do ...
  16. Last year our doctor we have had for 23 years gave us the same speech and then said he is converting to concierge/boutique/retainer medicine. He will only have 400 patients and strive for health care rather than care of the sick. The fee? $1,500 a ...