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  1. At first you may not know you lack them. For instance, my Mother lost her mother at age 15 in Bronx NY. She was sent to live with an aunt across Manhattan. That aunt distanced her as the poor relation and had her babysit and much worse WALK all the way back to the Bronx to stay in her own High School. Subways and buses cost more than she had at times. She really resented her Aunt to her dying day. She developed an introverted personality. After high school she went to business school at Columbia, while the Aunts children went Ivy league. Fortunately one day she met my father on TDY from his ship. Daddy was from SC. A few years later she got on a greyhound bus and eloped to Parris Island area. They had a house while he was on shore but mostly she went to live with his mother. At last in her life she had a real MOTHER image. .But my formative years gave me a form of adult ADD. I was born in 1944 and swaddled and held away from kids who might carry POLIO, or TB or EVERYTHING. When we moved to the state capital, Daddy bought a house in the boonies at the time. Now 60+ years later and I don't live there, it's practically downtown! I think it was fortunate that hubby got discharged and I married him. Believe me spouses at that base were included in so much you were not able to realize you were alone. So scoot about 9 years later and hubby goes to the university and handed in an application for me. Then he took me to an interview. My previous University Nursing grades read c- to F. My return grades, I ended up with a 126 average in Nursing (those were the days of rounding up etc) 6.0 average and a sweet little diploma. My boards were the 2nd highest in the states and introversion and interpersonal relations were overly good if that were the case. I had the best in-laws a girl could have. Not an introvert in the bunch. To this person I'd say get help and distance yourself from toxic people. You CAN do it.
  2. P_RN

    No Nursing Shortage At The Present Time

    Back in '93 we had a surplus. Due I believe to the Bill and Hillary proposal for a new health care bill. Patients stopped being admitted and we had on Easter Sunday that year 3 (THREE) patients on a 30 bed floor. We were taking days without pay just to keep our jobs and wait it out. It turned out the plan failed, and census picked back up. In '99 when I left, we again heard a "shortage."
  3. P_RN

    What pay are nurses making these days?

    When I left my last job in 99, I was at $65k a year with OT and shift diffs, and it wasn't enough then. Now I get 1200 social security and about 1600 state retirement. DH carries our secondary insurance but medicare sucks out of both of our SS. Last year I did spend 4 days in the hospital, but over the past 10 years I bet I've only seen the doctor maybe 3x a year.
  4. P_RN

    Think back to nursing school...

    Hey Diane I was right there with you . It only took me 10-12 years to finish, just in time for the 2 days of torture then waiting 2-3 mos. for the results.
  5. P_RN

    Tell us about your Allnurses' experience/Journey

    Brian had another site that I had visited a few times. Then when I looked again it was gone but I found this one. He had posed the question something like are you fed up with Nursing or would you recommend Nursing.......anyway I was having a bad week so of course I said @#$%^&*I(O)P. A couple of days later in a better frame of mind I came back and have stayed 10 years or so. I was one of the first moderators...maybe the first and wow has it changed. It used to be one page that I could review in just a few minutes. Now it's a cyclopedic treatise every day. And I love it....and you Bossman.
  6. To me this person does not sound sincere. I would write a brief note telling her you did not understand her request. If she would like to send a more formal inquiry stating the years, school attended and references (yadda-yadda) you would be happy to speak with her at 800-234-5678. Then I'd hide the original under my desk calendar, back of bottom file drawer and probably never need to "read" it again.
  7. I've been around several nurses who were diverting. I consider myself pretty observant, but I had NO suspicion at all of any of them. Hindsight maybe, but not at the actual moment.
  8. I uesed to go to this assisted livng place to have Sunday School, cook Breakfast and read. For the last couple of months I notice the aides slipping out the back door leaving me, the honored "Guest" there alone. The 4th or 5th time I called the owner and told her I was not "working there" that I was a guest/visitor and I did not expect to be required to bathe, toilet etc the clients. Usually I ws only there 45 minutes, but had to wait to see if the CNA showed back up. The usually did or I called the owner and told her to get there as I was leaving. Get this, she said you are a nurse aren't you. Well she had me there, but I said I am not working as a nurse and I don't intend to do your staff's work. I won't be back. (Bad karma cam shooting through the phone lines) Well that was a couple of months ago and now a 9 client home has opened in my town. It's operated by the former owners sister. Now she's Called ME. Should I take a chance? I remind you there was no compensation and I loved the old people, but for them to think they have an RN under their thumb is just WRONG-right?
  9. P_RN

    How to Submit my Two Week Notice???

    I'd add do NOT say 2 weeks anywhere in the notice. Some places will hold you to 14 days of employment-and at 3 days a week that's like 5 weeks calendar time. Just say my last day to work is _____. I will be available to work my current schedule (with no overtime-if you want to say that). They just might try to make you work 2 straight weeks with NO days off otherwise.
  10. P_RN

    I want to acquaint myself with you folks!!! (Aim/Facebook)

    We discourage passing personal information on allnurses. The internet is huge and it is full of not so nice people. What I think you should do is private message someone one here and ask if you can befriend them. If they agree then you and they can personal message each other. But whatever you do please don't believe anything you read on the internet unless you know without a doubt it is true.
  11. P_RN

    PCr elevated, early Appt with specialist?

    Reopened after staff conference.
  12. P_RN

    need advice please! (change job)

    If there are no part time slots at your current job (I assume you have researched this fully) then I'd wait til I had one lined up and offered. Then if you have been at your current job a year or so two weeks notice would be the professional thing to do.
  13. P_RN

    RN VET

    I've lost relatives in every war since the War Between the States. My father's brother died of wounds received on D-Day in WWII. War is terrible, horrible and yet it still goes on. I don't pretend to understand what you are asking, but ANY vet who stands by our country has my undying appreciation.
  14. P_RN

    Turned down job..did I do the right thing?

    Is this a once a year externship? With a due date of 10 days after the program starts you would do neither you, nor the program a favor. If you are like me you will be totally exhausted for at least a couple of weeks and I don't think being away from your baby at such an early age would be good. See if the hospital is willing to keep you on a list for another extern/internship in the future.