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moonshadeau ADN, BSN, MSN, RN, APN, NP, CNS

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moonshadeau has 15 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN, APN, NP, CNS.

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  1. moonshadeau

    ANP wants to get credentialed as FNP

    U mass has an excellent program for post-masters students.
  2. moonshadeau

    question to NPs

    Entirely personal question and ultimately you have to figure out what your priorities are (and how exhausted you want to be). Is it something that can be done different than something that should be done, are two separate questions. And not to menti...
  3. moonshadeau

    Pulling out the trach

    What the above posters said is correct about re inserting the trach if able ASAP. One patient in the ICU decannulated himself and ended up intubated with ETT in his stoma because there was so much swelling. Always a scary situation for the nurse an...
  4. moonshadeau

    New Primary Care NPs

    My place of employment set up my NPI,DEA and insurance right when I started. It only took 3 weeks tops. I didn't do but a small amount of paperwork to get it.
  5. moonshadeau

    From CNS to NP - UMass Boston?

    You have to have a contract with the facility to have a clinical there. I had no problems with clinicals, just the hours and still working full time
  6. moonshadeau

    Anybody still doing or just did or thinking about doing CNS?

    Yes in Wisconsin a CNS is recognized as an APN, which allowed me to have a few other options. I even had interviewed for one position for a surgery center as infectious disease/management. After hearing about what they wanted for the job, I told...
  7. moonshadeau

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    ADN 19-21, BSN 25-26, MSN 26-28, Post-MSN 32-34. Never stop learning. My husband is eventually going to get tired of me in school.
  8. moonshadeau

    Need Guidance- CNS student already working in a CNS role

    I worked 3 -12 hour shifts with lots of overtime, and was pregnant/delivered my second child. I was busy at the time, but then when it was all done I didn't know what to do with all my free time. I didn't get any support from work and just kept plu...
  9. moonshadeau

    Myers-Briggs Profile Typing and Nursing

    ISFP- Introvert Sensor Feeler Perceiver It fits me because I always see two sides (or more) to every story. My life is definately not black and white, so I tend to have friction in nursing with those that can only see things being done o...
  10. So like the rest of the world, I have been loosely following the MJ story with slight interest. Though the other day I was reading a story on CNN, where it was reported that the sedative he was requesting was propofol- to help him just sleep. I imm...
  11. moonshadeau

    Nursing web site help please

    "Google". If you type in just what you wrote above you should find something that will help you.
  12. moonshadeau

    help with groin sheath pulls - any pointers?

    Technique comes with time. My best advice has always been to make sure that either you or the patient has the call light in reach- just in case.
  13. moonshadeau

    Equipment question

    I love my Master Cardiology scope. I have had it for over ten years and it has only walked away once or twice (which is a pretty major feat). It sounds weird, but I like how it fits in my ears better than the Spragues. I suggest that you ask y...
  14. moonshadeau

    Viterbo University

    I am a Viterbo grad. For me it was a hoop that I had to jump through. It was five times more expensive for my BSN than it was for my ADN. I don't really know if I would choose the same path if I had to do it over again.
  15. moonshadeau

    haemofiltration and APTT, can i ask......

    We anticoagulate the circut with citrate and use calcium chloride to bind the citrate prior to re-entry into the patient. We very rarely use heparin to anticoagulate the patient or the circut.
  16. moonshadeau

    Codes and RRT more frequent day or night?

    I evaluated the data from when our RRT's were being called. Almost all of them were on off shifts (late evenings, nights and weekends). The code data was a little more sporadic and didn't necessarily have a pattern. NRCPR data base would be your b...