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moonshadeau has 15 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN, APN, NP, CNS.

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  1. moonshadeau

    ANP wants to get credentialed as FNP

    U mass has an excellent program for post-masters students.
  2. moonshadeau

    question to NPs

    Entirely personal question and ultimately you have to figure out what your priorities are (and how exhausted you want to be). Is it something that can be done different than something that should be done, are two separate questions. And not to menti...
  3. moonshadeau

    Help! I am looking for CNS preceptors in the Oklahoma City area

    I am a CNS and went back for Adult-Gero NP. I would respectfully disagree that CNS clinicals can be done with someone other than a CNS. The role is very different than other APN/MD roles. Given that it is also usually misunderstood. My role as a CNS ...
  4. moonshadeau

    Pulling out the trach

    What the above posters said is correct about re inserting the trach if able ASAP. One patient in the ICU decannulated himself and ended up intubated with ETT in his stoma because there was so much swelling. Always a scary situation for the nurse an...
  5. moonshadeau

    New Primary Care NPs

    My place of employment set up my NPI,DEA and insurance right when I started. It only took 3 weeks tops. I didn't do but a small amount of paperwork to get it.
  6. moonshadeau

    From CNS to NP - UMass Boston?

    You have to have a contract with the facility to have a clinical there. I had no problems with clinicals, just the hours and still working full time
  7. moonshadeau

    Anybody still doing or just did or thinking about doing CNS?

    Yes in Wisconsin a CNS is recognized as an APN, which allowed me to have a few other options. I even had interviewed for one position for a surgery center as infectious disease/management. After hearing about what they wanted for the job, I told th...
  8. moonshadeau

    Dropping Magnet

    Karen so good to see you are still here :)
  9. moonshadeau

    Dropping Magnet

    ...said CNS' were also told that writing the Magnet document for re-certification was how they would spend their last 30 days after being told their job was eliminated. Not fun writing glowing exemplars about an organization that basically said we do...
  10. moonshadeau

    Anybody still doing or just did or thinking about doing CNS?

    I loved the CNS role despite the long hours and incredible challenges when dealing with processes and people, trying to affect change by turning a ripple into a tidal wave. That being said not so long ago many CNS positions were cut from my WI hospit...
  11. If you know you are going to do an online program, in my experience (two MSNs online) it is best to ask the school if they can send the contract to the places you think you want to go for clinical. I live in a rural area and only have a few options, ...
  12. moonshadeau

    From CNS to NP - UMass Boston?

    I am an adult Med Surg CNS who just finished the Adult Gero primary care NP post-masters. The program was relatively straight forward. I paid probably about 11K all said and done. You cannot count your CNS hours to your NP. You need another separate ...
  13. moonshadeau

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    ADN 19-21, BSN 25-26, MSN 26-28, Post-MSN 32-34. Never stop learning. My husband is eventually going to get tired of me in school.
  14. moonshadeau

    Need Guidance- CNS student already working in a CNS role

    I worked 3 -12 hour shifts with lots of overtime, and was pregnant/delivered my second child. I was busy at the time, but then when it was all done I didn't know what to do with all my free time. I didn't get any support from work and just kept plu...
  15. moonshadeau

    UMass for post-master's certificate?

    What was your experience? I am starting the GNP/ANP post-master program this fall and don't want to get too involved if something major is wrong with the program.