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  1. FutureNurse2005

    Cheating at your school

    met with the dean this morning...she has ruled against me. Legal Aid and Student Association poured over the college policies to find a way out of this mess, but there is nothing. The other student claims that I was involved (and I was not!!). I have no way to prove this. We have filed for another appeal. It is my last chance. I am beyond devastated. I have been busting my butt for over 3 years...and now some stupid girl has ruined it. Please keep me in your thoughts.... forgot to add: normally we are spaced out and there are different versions of the tests. Unfortunately, there is no policy that they HAVE to do this. We are a group of about 200 students in a small classroom. We had to sit side by side. I thought my paper was covered enough...but then again I was focused on my test, and not on the other students. We have contacted a lawyer...but not sure what good it will do. The college policies are plain as day. The college has the right to suspend or expel a student at any time if they feel the code of conduct has been violated. I'm hoping for a miracle.
  2. FutureNurse2005

    Cheating at your school

    hi everyone. I got pulled out of class on Friday and was told that the girl sitting next to me cheated during our test last week. The teacher wants me thrown out of school also...he says that I did not do enough to prevent her from looking at my paper. I now have an appointment with the dean to appeal this. I did not let her cheat, and I would never be part of that. Has anyone experienced this? I am so petrified right now. My future could be over because of some stupid girl. help!!
  3. FutureNurse2005

    Male nursing students can do assessments on the women?

    we had to practice on each other during labs. For each skill we had 3 check offs and at least 1 of them had to be with someone of the opposite sex.
  4. FutureNurse2005

    Lost 1/4 of our class to the math test in block 3!!

    our school has just made changes because too many people were failing the math portion. in pharmacology we need a 90% to pass the class. they have since broken the entire class into 2 more intense classes, one math and one pharmacology. we just had our first quiz last week on basic math principles, and two thirds of the class failed!! i'm talking about fractions, decimals and percentages! those who failed get a 2nd chance, but if they dont pass, they are out. its harsh, but a reality. I purchased math for meds books and practice a couple days a week in order to stay current. if you dont use it, you might lose it....or so they say!! good luck to everyone!!
  5. FutureNurse2005

    Job Postings....senority vs performance

    In this case, my friend has been a nurse for 22 years, but in this job only for 3. The other girl has been a nurse for 5 years and in this job for 4.5 of those years. Everyone knows my friend is the right one for the job, but she lost it only because she hasnt been there long enough. thats not right or fair! Is this standard in hospitals?
  6. FutureNurse2005

    Job Postings....senority vs performance

    so an upsetting situation has come up at work. a friend of mine applied to a job posting, but it was awarded to another person based on senority. my friend is terribly upset because almost everyone agrees that it should have been based on performance instead. (this other girl is a good worker, but not an excellent worker like my friend is) anyway, what are your thoughts? is this the policy in other places as well?
  7. FutureNurse2005

    Selfish family?Student Mothers please read!

    wow. i'm stunned by some of the comments on this thread!! I am a married mother of 2 kids (ages 5 and 6) and I started nursing school back in the Fall of 2004 (kids were 3 and 4!!). I had some family members call me selfish for wanting to go because I was supposed to "stay home and raise the kids", but I looked at the bigger picture. When I graduate I will be able to PROVIDE for my family. Not to mention I will be a happier person! Isnt there a saying..."if momma aint happy, aint no one happy!!" Here I am 2 years later and we are doing just fine. everyone is so supportive of me now. They see how dedicated I am and how much I want this. My kids and I do our "homework" together too! lol Yes, there are sacrifices, but I am also teaching my children how important an education is! My daughter learned to read because of me going back to school! (she wants to learn what mommy's learning!) anyway, as far as your MIL wanting to help out in 3rd world countries, well, that may not be realistic for right now, but geez, by the time she finishes school anyway her family will be older and it would be a possibility! I myself am very interested in this too (Doctors without Borders). I realize that there are very real dangers out there, but honestly, there are very real dangers anywhere! Any one of us could get shot or hit by a car tomorrow. Thats todays reality. I'm not going to let other peoples fears deter me from making my dreams come true. Bottom line, support her. Even if everyone else is against it, support her. Just having one soul on her side will help. Wish her luck for me!!
  8. FutureNurse2005

    doctors without borders/MSF

    does anyone have any experience with them? I'm interested in this avenue of nursing, but would like to hear more about it. I will be bridging to get my RN when I graduate from RPN. thanks!
  9. FutureNurse2005

    Grade freaks! Ugh!

    I guess i'm a grade freak too! I work very hard to earn those grades though. I try not to get upset if I get a lower mark, but generally I just ask why! I want to learn from my mistakes (call me a nerd....) I also have major test anxiety...but I think thats a learning process! Being so far into my program now, we know who the workers are and we know who the slackers are. Its pretty amazing how many people are suddenly your "friend" when group assignments are handed out! I dont mind helping people out, but i'm not going to earn a grade for anyone. anyway, I too want to go far in school, and top grades are a necessary evil!
  10. FutureNurse2005

    Letting CNA pass your meds, bad idea?

    well, at my previous job, I took a 3 day training course and was able to pass meds to residents. I never gave an injection though. This was a private facility and this is totally legal. I was considered to be under the supervision of an RN during my shifts. Any mistakes that were made fall onto the RN. We had a 3 strikes and your out policy though...once we got written up 3 times for med errors we could no longer give meds. It is not a bad idea, as long as it is done correctly and is a well supervised program. I learned alot from that job and I appreciated the RN's confidence in me.
  11. thanks for all of your replies. This is so difficult for me, mostly because I'm the one being asked to "fix" her. My entire family thinks that I can help her just because I am going to be a nurse. Not to mention I want so desperately to be able to help her. I've tried everything that I know how to, but I dont know nearly enough to even crack her! I can understand why you would tell me to step back, but I am so terrified to do that. I lost my youngest sister to suicide this summer and I would never forgive myself if that happened in this case. I have tried to have her meet with mental health professionals, but her excuse is she is on the drugs because of her pain and no other reason. She just doesnt believe there is a problem. In regards to an intervention...how would we do that? Thanks again for all of the advice. I am going to reread it all again later.
  12. My sister has been telling us for about 4 years that she has fibromyalgia. She does not work or go to school. She is 27 years old. She is on a variety of meds....from valium to methadone to paxil to regular tylenol/advil and others that I dont even know about. We (as a family) have come to the conclusion that she is hiding something from us. She will not let anyone attend a doctors appointment with her, and makes up excuses as to why. I've offered her several options to help control her pain (massage, accupuncture, exercise etc...) and she flat out refuses it all claiming that it doesnt help, yet every page of research i've read says that it will. We have feared in the past that she was on drugs and addicted to various ones, but nobody could ever really prove it. We are all in agreement that she is very much addicted to the methadone and we don't know how to help her. We are aware that fibromyalgia does exist, but we are unsure if this is really what she has, or if this is all just an act. (please note that it is in her history to make things up to be the focus of everyones attention). Anyway, the final straw came about an hour ago when she called and asked if I could "offer up my husband" as she is incredibly lonely. Yes. She asked if I could send over my husband to pleasure her. What the heck?? I dont know if she was serious or just high! Please. Can someone, anyone help me here? My sister is very important to me, but I just dont know how to help someone who does not want help. Are we all being a bad family in thinking this is all an act? Or are we actually being smart in thinking this? I have been in tears for the last hour because of her phonecall and I cant keep doing this. I just dont know what to do. For anyone who thinks this post is a joke, please, I swear on my life that this is not a joke and I am honestly looking for some advice. I've made an appointment to see my doctor regarding this, but in the mean time...any thoughts would be appreciated. thank you. Marina
  13. FutureNurse2005

    MultiCultural Assignment.....would anyone be willing to help???

    as of tomorrow I am done classes until September. Thank goodness no other assignments for awhile! lol I'm tired and need a mental break! I am certain I will be back for more help when I need it again! Thanks again!!!
  14. FutureNurse2005

    MultiCultural Assignment.....would anyone be willing to help???

    Thank you all so much!! I will be sure to let you know how I score on this assignment! I truly appreciate the time you took to help me!!
  15. FutureNurse2005

    I'm Upset...

    I had a similar situation happen, and I walked away. Problem was that the company did not learn....they just found some other poor shmuck to work there! and thats what will happen! there is always someone else out there willing to work for less! stick it out if you can and find something else when you pass your boards! good luck!
  16. FutureNurse2005

    I need your help....multicultural assignment!!

    hi gabie baby! they are posted in the "nursing student assistance forum". titled "multicultural assignment" thanks so much for the replies! I am learning so much!