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Telemetry/Med Surg
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suzy253 is a RN and specializes in Telemetry/Med Surg.

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  1. Thank you...from a 2006 Diploma program grad xx
  2. suzy253

    Bacterial Pneumonia, Top 5 assessments??

    don't you even need to get the rationales from your textbook???
  3. suzy253

    Terrible clinical day, nurses don't seem to care.

    Absolutely brilliant, Roy!!! thanks
  4. suzy253

    5 years today!

    Congratulations!! Well done!!
  5. suzy253

    Really bad test questions!!

    Agree with Daytonite..the answer is D
  6. if you pm me, i can probably get you a copy and send if pdf file....include your email address
  7. suzy253

    Is your unit hiring new grads???

    My hospital isn't hiring anyone at the moment...in fact we're facing layoffs.
  8. suzy253

    One of those weeks

    Phew Lizabells....hugs to you!!!
  9. suzy253

    Patients' Bath Basins as Potential Sources of Infection

    No doubt about it....I was thinking the same the other day.
  10. suzy253

    Thinking of moving to Providence,.........

    Hi. I live in RI. There are a couple of hospital networks you can check out. Lifespan incorporates RI Hospital, Miriam, Hasbro Childrens, Newport Hospital and Bradley. www.Lifespan.org Then there's Care New England which includes Kent, Women's and Infants and Butler http://www.carenewengland.org/default.cfm There are other hospitals including South County, Our Lady of Fatima, the VA in Providence, Roger Williams Hospital Providence is lovely but like other metropolitan cities, it has some not-so-good areas. There are lots of smaller towns to choose from as well. Feel free to PM me if you'd like more info.
  11. suzy253

    My most critical patient

    I think you did a great job in identifying a sick patient!
  12. You should familiarize yourself with topics related to immigration https://allnurses.com/international-nursing/must-read-international-272170.html
  13. There is nothing at all you can do to "beat" retrogression. It's not going to happen
  14. suzy253

    I passed the NCLEX