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nessa1982 has 3 years experience and specializes in Peds, Pre and post op.

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  1. nessa1982

    Worried about my charting-poor choice of words?

    Thank you everyone! I just feel I should have mentioned it! I just think I am not used to sending patient's home anymore after being in the ICU!! I was floated to the floor and sent a whole bunch home! I guess it makes me nervous now! I always try to hope that everything will be ok! I guess I just feel like I should mention everything..but really I charted the stool thing..and also charted that I told the patient to notify his primary MD of any diarrhea /watery stool upon discharge ect ect... I agree with you leslie! I saw a pt the other night..nurse charted his temp at 97 ..then 97.4 4 hours later and them PM shift picked him up 4 hours after he was "97" well...per rectal temp and forehead temp he was...get this 89.5?! Ummmm..yeah if something is abnormal you chart it and do something!!! Not just pretend everything is OK!! My chart yesterday for the entire previous shift showed pts pupils 3mm brisk bilat..hello...one eye had surgery and is completelty non reactive!! Fortunately for me pt is alert and told me about his non reactive pupil...guess who would have had to take him to CT had he not been able to tell me that!
  2. nessa1982

    Worried about my charting-poor choice of words?

    Hmmm..it might have conformed to the shape of the container? But it wasnt super loose...it did not smell like C-Diff though...did not look mucousy or have any blood..seemed not loose/soft enough to be C-Diff..pt was on antibiotics...I just wish I mentioned it before I sent him home :(I am still pretty worried!
  3. So I discharged my patient home yesterday...he had a soft stool..I charted it as loose..I know this sounds silly but now Iam worried. Maybe I should have mentioned this to the discharging MD..I should have charted it as soft..now I worry that if the patient does come down with some sort of diarhea that is nosocomial I can be blamed fo rcharting s"loose stool" and not calling the MD...should I be worried? Man..sometimes I feel like I just can't do the right thing in nursing!!
  4. nessa1982

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    Seriously! Oh yes Dr. ..so and so.do you want the patient to have pain meds..or go home and be miserable in a few hours? Do you want them to follow up? Are they allowed to walk on that leg?? Wow and preop while he was waiting for the patient to be ready in OR I was chasing him around making him sign his post op dictations and orders from last time...erg..i guess I should have handed him a script pad too! I think next time I will just place one at the desk to remind him to write one..of course thats if he ever gives me one of his pads....erg:banghead:
  5. nessa1982

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    It was a narcotic..I gave the pharmacist the MDs office # to reach him for his DEA# ect..I usually make sure the MD left and RX but I guess he ran out the door before i could catch him.thank you guys.....now maybe I can sleep :)
  6. I think this depends on your schedule preferences and your families schedule. I personally like workin g the hospital but right now I work in outpatient surgery because of the nice M-F schedule..it pays less than the hospital but my hubby likes seeing me more..personally I liked it better working 3-4 12 hours day shifts per week..it also depends on what..you..like..I would suggest starting in the hospital
  7. nessa1982

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    Even if it was just a phone order?
  8. nessa1982

    death and dying

    I really don't know. But I know how you feel. I used to work Pedi..I loved Pedi until in 2 weeks 2 patients very close to the nursing staff passed away. I guess its just as hard with adults. After that experience though I learned to keep more of a professional distance, but its still hard losing a patient.
  9. nessa1982

    Worried! Phone in prescription

    I work inat an outpatitent surgery center in PACU. The surgeon usually leaves an RX for pain meds for the patient, but today the MD left without leaving an RX I called the MD and he gave me a phone order to call to the pharmacy. I read back the phone order ect..but I am wondering If I just made a huge mistake..I know I should have told the MD to call in his own order..but I called it in and told the pharmacist to call the MD with any questions and to call the MDs office for his DEA #...did I just make a huge mistake? Is my license at risk? My manager and other RNS in house said it was fine..but I am still worried
  10. nessa1982

    help advice needed about blood issue

    But I dont know how to prove its illegal. I think techinically in our religion its a conscience issue. I just feeel very uncomfortable with it. Bascially I don't think I should have to do it. I feel it violates my beliefs but I'm hoping that teling her if I was the OLY one who could I would has not put me in a hole. She bascially said it was part of my job description and that sking another nurse to help me out would be asking him/her to do my job for me. How do I prove I can legally ask someone to do it because of my religios beliefs?
  11. nessa1982

    help advice needed about blood issue

    I'm a Jehovahs witness and would feel very uncomfortable giving blood due to my religiuos beliefs. I know what many witness nurses do (ie. asking other nurses to hng, skike, press pump ect for them). I'm wondering if it is legal for my manager to make me do it. When I told her about how I would prefer not to do it do to my conscience she was not happy and felt she could not deal with that. I'm wondering if I had a any legal rights to refuse to do it or if it was up to other nurses to help me. As far as I know its a conscience issue as to whether or not to administer it. Becuase of this I told her I would do it if for some reason, and in an emergency the transfusion was ordered and no one but me was able to do it. I really hope that I did not put myself into a bad situation or corner myself with something I may later regret. Any advice form a witness or a non witness familair with my legal rights (and wehre to find them) would be very appreciated! Thank you!
  12. nessa1982

    Fall semester is nearing!

    I'm taking my 2nd semester of ADN Nursing program stuff; Nursing 102: Med surg lecture Nursing 102 L: Med surg lab (clinical time) Nursing 106: Maternal/Pediatric Nursing Nursing 106L: maternal/ped lab (more clinical time) Sociology 101: PE 150 :Pe lab, like going to the gym :)
  13. nessa1982

    I need a break

    Right now I'm taking a chemistry class that I'm sooooo tired of. Just think of how much more of a pain it will be to take those classes during the fall. If its not to late maybe you can drop your dev psych class, especially if you hate it. If its too late, I guess you could just tough it out:) . Oh yes and think about how nice that 1 week break will be:D Right now I'm supposed to be studying for my chem final, but I got a bit burned out. I also know I could be doing better in this class (I'll probably end up with a B). But for crying out loud its summer, and I'd rather be at the beach! Anyway I hope all goes well in all your classes
  14. nessa1982

    South Cali Students speak up here!

    I go to school in Valencia (30 min north of LA, 30 min west of Palmdale). I live more in the middle of nowhere though (were talking the sticks) :)
  15. nessa1982


    You couldnt tell by the color that it was S. Marsecens??...its usually the first giveaway:)
  16. nessa1982

    Tired of summer school!

    I know the feeling of all your friends being on vacation! All of mine are off visiting relatives in other states (the dirty bums :)) Oh well I can't wait til July 17, so I go to the beach any darn day I want! Oh well I can just sit here and wait for the weekend..oh glorius weekend..well compared to the regular semester this isnt too bad..I only have 2 classes (chem & pe lab/gym). Becuase of the stupid California budget cuts thier were no other summer classes that fit in with my chem schedule! (well that I needed anyway, and I hate college by TV courses)