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  1. RN's w/chronic pain, using narcotics

    If I take a Vicodin, my pain is well controlled, I can smile and think straight. I don't get dizzy or fuzzy but that's just me. Right now my pain is controlled on Tramadol and Mobic, but this will likely change in time and I'd like to think I could s...
  2. RN's w/chronic pain, using narcotics

    I'm so sorry. I would love to see this challenged in the courts through ADA. I don t think the BNE can make laws against federal laws, and it seems to me this has been done here. If a nurse is not impaired and can do the job I cannot understand this....
  3. So have I. But I don't see any reason WHY politics must show up when the topic isn't politics. Leave politics in current events I say.
  4. Stress and Burnout

    I understand what you are trying to say, but IMO the situation nurses are in, in many cases, is not 'masterable'...that is what causes the burnout for the experienced nurse. Perhaps your point holds true in new nurses who burn out, but not seasoned n...
  5. I was involved in this type situation as a student nurse. The baby had multiple deformities incompatible with life, including all its GI system outside the body in a sac (as well as a huge meningomyocele) The mother, bless her heart, just could not ...
  6. I have a novel idea...why not simply discuss an issue or two on this BB without drawing in partisan politics and bashing? Do ya think we are capable of that? Of course if we did, we might actually have an intelligent conversation that doesn't end u...
  7. Should nurse practioners be allowed to write prescriptions?

    If this question is asked of many docs, the answer would likely be 'no', but like Canoehead said...that's what NP's do and why they went to school so long to do it. :)
  8. Yup me too...
  9. Is it possible to transition from ER to ICU?

    Offer to float if needed to ICU..that's how I did it. In a pinch ICU is glad to have an ER nurse to help them out. If it works out ask to crosstrain. :) Oh and welcome to Allnurses.
  10. Does anyone have opinions on Maxim(agency) good or bad????

    The rate of pay changes per facility and by locality. I worked ICU and only did 12 hr shifts. The ICU shifts I accepted paid 38 hr..but this was in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. Some agencies paid better, but also charged the facilities more, thus were fi...
  11. Does anyone have opinions on Maxim(agency) good or bad????

    I worked for Maxim and found them a decent agency in general. They charged less than bigger agencies, so I usually got work. As with all agencies, the recruitor makes or breaks the experience. Some are honest and ethical, some not.
  12. ICU pts on the floor

    I know supervision is hard, Daytonite. as I did that a short time myself. BUt as supervisors, we need to put ourselves in the position of the staff nurse, and be very aware of what we expect and accept...(and does it match credentials and compete...
  13. Annoyed that public doesn't know what nurses do?

    Yup...sad isn't it....all they care about is that we do what makes them happy and gets them 'their way'.:stone
  14. Nurses over 50 &/or with health issues affecting work

    Hugs to you P-RN...I understand your frustrations and have watched as my coworkers were treated the way you describe. I'm glad you won SSD...I may be there in time myself. :)
  15. I don't recall any stupid reasons my classmates got booted out...but we had strict pretests and background checks. The students who left the program did so voluntarily in my class. Since I've worked as a nurse, students around me who've gotten the bo...