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ava'smomRN specializes in PACU.

I am an outgoing and optimistic person. Very HAppy all the time!

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  1. ava'smomRN

    I feel terrible

    good job. sorry to hear about the patient outcome, it was not your doing
  2. ava'smomRN

    my pt was burned in the OR

    thanks everyone. it was supposed to be a lap ablation but they converted to an open. the nurse manager from the or was concerned about someone not grounding the pt properly or something wet under him which would have broke the grounding.
  3. i say who says i WANT to be a doctor?
  4. ava'smomRN

    my pt was burned in the OR

    and i somehow missed it. my guy had a liver ablation done. i am a new grad in the recovery room, i usually turn all of my pts to check their skin quickly. this guy had an epidural so i am almost certain i seen his back, he was a little red, but most pts are after lying on their backs in the or. this pt was with me for a few hours and was discharged by another nurse on my unit. when he arrived tot he floor the nurse noticed a fluid filled bubble from a burn. the next day the or nurse manager was hunting me down because she thought i was the one who noticed the burn. so of course, the hospital has to investigate this. i am worried that i am ina whole bunch of trouble. i am praying that i documented that my pt's skin was intact. my theory is that he could have been burned and the skin was just red and blistered over time. i have had minor burns before and i dont remember the skin blistering right away. either way i look at it i am in the wrong because i only assessed his skin once. he was in the recovery room for at least 2 or 3 hours. my coworker who discharged him didnt see his skin becasue she just sent him to the floor. i honestly dont even remember his back or if i even looked at it. but, i know i routinely look at everyone, but nothing about him is standing out in my mind. i guess i am posting to kind of vent, and seek advice. whats the worst that can happen to me? i am terrified that i will be pulled into court. i never thought i would be in this situation so soon..... thanks for listening everyone
  5. ava'smomRN


    i can understand. i love my job and coworkers, but sometimes things happen and you leave work seroiusly not wanting to come back. just try and learn from whatever happened and let it roll off of your back.
  6. ava'smomRN

    I think I am an ACLS phoney

    i have ACLS in july. we have to take it within 6months of hire at my institution. ive had so far since fedbuary, basic dysrhtymia, critical care course, and will take a truama nurse course at the end of the month. i hope after all of that i will be ok for acls. i cant lie though, i am a little nervous now hearing about this mock code. congrats on passing! and you shouldnt feel like a phoney. you are new to practice and on the unit you will not be running a code on your own.
  7. ava'smomRN

    PACU Nursing

    hi. i am a new grad in the PACU! i did an externship and was offered the position. i dont think its typical for new grads to start in pacu however. as far as not being critical care.... i have no idea. but i think its because in fairytale land, critical unstable patients go directly to the units. so the assumption, i think is that your typical stable surgical patient comes to the pacu (ie, appendectomy) but in real life, all kinds of critical patients come to the pacu, where i work we even board unit patients. best of luck to you
  8. ava'smomRN

    March 2008 NCLEX support group

    congrats to all new nurses!!!!!!
  9. ava'smomRN

    Help, New Job Offer!

    if you prefer medical over surgical, i would stick with medical. if you decide you want ot explore the surgical side you can always change. congrats and good luck
  10. ava'smomRN

    New Grad in PACU

    hello i am a new grad in a pacu at a level1 trauma center. i was offered the positon after doing an externship there. i wouldnt discourage a new nurse from starting in the PACU, i think its a great place to learn assessment and monitoring skills. depending on what kind of hospital you are in, you will learn to care for all kinds of patients and learn about all kinds of surgical procedures. my hospital has also offered my 3week critical care course, basic dyshrhymia, and 6 month orientation. best of luck to you! go with your gut feeling:)
  11. ava'smomRN

    March 2008 NCLEX support group

    i would say practice questions, know your labs, never call the doctor or anyone else first! there is always something the nurse can do before calling someone. always "stay with the patient" assess before implenmenting where appopriate. and most importantly, pray and have a positive "i will pass attitude"
  12. ava'smomRN

    March 2008 NCLEX support group

    hey guys! sorry i havent been around. i have been a lot busier with work than i thought i would be. i started my new job on 2/11 and its been going well. i have a lot of class time which makes it tough, because i end up working 5days/ week. is there anything i can do for anyone here? i still have some fresh nclex knowledge. i dont have many notes or anything, but i wish i was around more. you all have been so supportive of me and i feel like i abandoned you all. i am sorry........
  13. ava'smomRN

    IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with my job!!

    thanks for the inspiring post! its always nice to hear from someone who loves their job in nursing. i started my position in feb. i worked as an aide/extern in the PACU before starting as a nurse. i am not hardly as excited as you are, becasue i know all the negatives about my unit and hospital. but, i am grateful and happy with where i am. my coworkers are so knowledgeable, helpful, and very supportive. i work in a level 1 trauma hosp and we are always very busy. people come fro all over the world for treatment at my hospital, so its a very very demanding job. i hope you continue to love what you do and spread your positive energy to others!
  14. ava'smomRN

    March 2008 NCLEX support group

    yeah, i think you would hold it and notify md.
  15. ava'smomRN

    med calculation test at work

    it wasnt bad, i did just fine:) thanks everyone
  16. ava'smomRN

    Is it RN,BSN or BSN,RN

    This is silly and I should know, but I don't. I just graduated and passed boards. How are supposed to write your credentials, if you are an RN with BSN? Thanks

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