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luvbug has 8 years experience.

I have been nursing in clinic for almost 9 years, have one lovely handful of a daughter. I live for summer weather and ride Harley Davidson motorcycles with my hubby whenever I can

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  1. Pregnant in Nursing School....

    I think it still is a pretty inspiring thread, just because one or 2 people have to say something negative doesn't mean it has to be true. look at all of us who did do it. And my baby did not suffer because of it. She was perfectly healthy and wel...
  2. Pregnant in Nursing School....

    I was in much the same situation when I had my daughter and went through the same dilemma in my head in the very beginning. I thought "how am I ever going to finish school now,when we're only allowed 2 absences per semester?" But something in me an...
  3. Anyone Bipolar???

    How does one get diagnosed with BiPolar?
  4. Nursing & Depression

    I didn't read the entire thread either, but about the first 4 pages or so. Anyway, I feel like the depression symptoms I have came WAY before the nursing career. However, I felt that they were much more manageable before I added all this extra stuf...
  5. even though I wasn't a computer analyst (I was a cashier at a department store) nobody ever asked me such questions either (Imagine that). But now wherever I go, I pretty much get asked some kind of medical question and actually feel kida stupid if...
  6. what ?? he went home??? ( vent)

    is it possible that since you said "yes, but later" he took it to mean that when he was done with his duties he could go? Maybe he thought everything he had to do was done and headed for the hills... (and everything that he thought was done maybe wa...
  7. Nursing is Making Me Sick

    I think your body will adjust somewhat, but it can take a long time. You will have to decide if it is worth it to continue or not. Otherwise, just start job-shopping. Good luck!
  8. I had one, too and I actually tore from it. it was not a pretty site at all and it did make things uncomfortable for a while and just plain...different for awhile after that. I think it was about a year or so before things felt "normal" again, but...
  9. Should I say something ?

    I have to agree, though a little hesitantly. (did I spell that right?) While it may just irritate the ever living snot out of you, if she isn't harming anyone, there isn't much you can do. However, the reason I hesitate to agree is because if she...
  10. What is this?

    we have a pt with chronic sores on her legs with very porr circulation to her lower extremities. her specialist that she just saw suggested this hyperbaric treatment like 2-3 hours per day, 5 days a week. Does this sound right or that it might eve...
  11. have you ever had a pt that you cant tolerate!???

    I have one like this and she is so particular about everything, she will only deal with me as her nurse when absolutely necessary. She actually will call the other nurse at home. I think it is because she coddles her more than I do. I mean, i am n...

    we will be keeping our fingers crossed for you!:wshgrt: P.S. anyone want a laugh for the day? I have a computer at work that doesn't really keep up with the times too well and I didn't even know the smilies moved or did any action at all! this is ...
  13. I Pass Nclex RN Exam

    :balloons: How exciting! I hope one day I can post those same words on this site. I'm not even in school again yet though, so don't hold your breath! HA HA. Now you can have some quality R&R :tbsk:

    :yeahthat: :typing:
  15. Tattoo's on Nurses

    I have one on my lower back that I guess is referred to as a 'tramp-stamp' as well, but I wanted it there so I could cover it up in my everyday clothes. The only time is shows is in a swimming suit. Our facility doesn't seem to be too strict on tat'...