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karenG specializes in midwifery, ophthalmics, general practice.

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  1. hiya I guess the questions depend on what course you are doing. are you planning on doing the 3yr masters route? if so, the questions are going to be about finding out if you understand what the course entails/ how is a NP different to other roles? they are going to want to know you are aware of how hard the course is.. that sounds daft but its a really tough course! they spend the first 18 mths destroying you and the next building you back up. thats what we were told! it changes how you look at things and how you work. the divorce rate following the NP course is very high! also consider the amount of time it takes and how much time you will need each week to do the course work. we were told 20hrs a week study. its hard to do it and have a social life (actually you dont) and run a family. where are you applying to?
  2. karenG

    National Nurse Uniform

    when I trained (back in the dark ages) we wore a national uniform.. students wore white dresses with different coloured belts to denote the year of training, staff nurses wore pale blue and the sisters wore navy blue. and you were not allowed to wear uniform out of the hospital unless you lived in the nurse home, in which case you had a big cape to wear over the top. all uniforms were washed by the hospital.. we used to go to the basement once a week to collect our clean uniforms.. so much easier then!
  3. karenG

    Man Considering Career Change To Nursing - Questions

    I've been in nursing 30yrs now.. and I cant stand the sight of blood.. I'm very squeamish. most nurses have an area they prefer not to work in; for me that orthopaedics.. anything to do with bones and I'm out cold!! but having said that, I love ophthalmology.. and most nurses hate that field!! I also cant watch operations on TV or go to any films that are rated above a PG!! But.. put me in a situation where I need to be professional and care for someone.. well I can do that. Its amazing how much you can do for a patient when you need to. good luck Karen
  4. karenG

    swine flu

    am I the only one being driven totally demented by swine flu???? I work in a busy general practice (we have 13000 patients registered) and so far this week I have taken over 100 phone calls from people who think they are going to die from swine flu, including one mother who told me that if her child dies, it will be my fault and she will sue me!! I am fed up with the goverment telling people that GP's are preparing to immunise people.. are we?? thats the first we have heard. I am now reading the telegraph online each morning to find out what I am supposed to be doing!! I have no idea how we are going to immunise all the practice. 13000 patients recieving 2 vaccinations a month apart plus all the normal work load plus the normal flu vaccine... we have 3 practice nurses and me to do the imms.. the docs are too busy seeing patients to help.. or we could just refuse to do anything other than give imms for a few weeks..............! I would like some information from them up high... not have to read it in the papers!! how stupid do i look when the patients know more than me???? and.. has anyone tried phoning the swine flu info number.......its a recorded message, listing the symptoms and saying if you have 2 or more of the symptoms to contact your GP! we are also getting told off by the primary care trust because people are going to a&e with their symptoms... thats our fault apparently for not giving the right advise!! em.. the patients choose to to a&e, they dont come anywhere near us!! and to top it all, I now have a sore throat, thumping headache, cough and cold and feel rotten.. hmm could be swine flu... ok I am really fed up at the moment!!!!! am I the only one feeling fed up??
  5. karenG

    Cataract Surgery

    dont think they do that any more.. and never saw it done myself, but then we seem to different stuff for different things!! I wear contact lens. one for distance and one for reading (because i am vain and wont wear bifocal glasses!) My eyes have no problems with the different images.. and i can read ok.
  6. karenG

    Cataract Surgery

    its actually more common to have glare with cataracts- due to the opacity in the lens refracting the light. Glare is a big problem as you get older so its probably a combination of things.. ! I am very short sighted (most of us who have ever worked in eyes have a sight problem!) and have problems with glare- due to my sight defect. Its getting worse as I get older and I have thought about anti glare glasses that you can get here. not sure if you can get them there but that might help. Karen
  7. karenG

    Cataract Surgery

    its spelt ophthalmologist! cataract surgery is bread and butter stuff; you should be able to see quite quickly, depends if they put a lens in(they normally do here). so about 6 wks normally before you get your sight back to normal.... almost! work shouldnt be a problem after the intial post-op period. good luck Karen
  8. karenG

    Cataract Surgery

    hi bit boring but will be worth it!! try listening to the radio or talking books! wont be long before you get your sight back to normal. Karen
  9. karenG

    whats primary care nursing?

    thats interesting. over here, primary care refers to patients seen outside of a hospital setting. I work in primary care, we are seen as the first port of call for any patient so its primary care! patients cared for in hospitals are in secondary care. Interesting how we use the same language but the terminology is different!
  10. karenG

    Education requirement for nurse practitioner

    i am proud to be an np and to see patients as a nurse.. and yes.. i do dressings, take out stitches and do the nurse stuff, as well as the np stuff.. i work as a nurse, i am working to the best of my ability to deliver the best care i can. i am a maxi nurse... not a mini doctor!! we all care for our patients, some of us do in different ways. please dont think the bedside nurse has the monopoly on caring.
  11. karenG

    Give Me The Cold Hard Truth About Nursing

    I think you will find the answer to all your questions in various places on this board.. most of them have been discussed to death! and despite what we say, and all the complaining we all do about the hours, the patients, the sore feet.. none of us would do anything else!! go into nursing expecting it to be totally different to anything you have done before... and you should be fine.. good luck
  12. karenG

    So, not everyone thinks highly of NPs.

    its a bit different over here.. NP's have had a hard time getting permission to actually request stuff like xrays.. so we are careful to have a good clinical reason for asking for it.. also patients dont pay for heath care.. its free at point of contact.. and maybe that makes it easier to tell someone they cant have an MRI scan because they've had a headache for a day! I would agree that we also practice defensively.. we cover our backs every time. over here, a lot of nurses dont think much of NP's, we are seen as wannbe docs.. it makes life a bit hard at times. I dont want to be a doctor.. just be the best nurse I can be!
  13. karenG

    Gay male nurses?

    in 30 years as a nurse, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times thats happened. Patients on the whole dont care if you are gay/straight/black/white/orange/green etc.. they DO care that you can do your job professionally. I'm wiccan.. so far no-one has threatened to burn me at the stake.. the patients I care for are only interested in my professional skills and my ablility to get them better and back to work. anyway.. I was always taught to leave personal stuff at the door when you go to work.. patients have enough problems of their own without a nurse adding his or her own problems to the mix!
  14. karenG

    Male RNs & Obstetrics

    my apologies!! Just done what I hate people doing and used jargon! gyea.. short for gyneacological ward SCBU.. special care baby unit over here, if you want to look after children or babies, you can either qualify as a nurse (RN, registered nurse) and then undertake futher training to become a childrens nurse, thats on another part of our register, or you can qualify as a childrens nurse, but cant nurse adults. There are add on courses to work in areas such as special baby care or paedatric intensive care units, but those are not generally on the register. All nurses here are registerd with the NMC (nursing and midwifery council) and anyone can check your qualifications as long as they know your name.. you just log onto the website and ask! does that make sense now? sorry...
  15. karenG

    LPN student needing to interview an Advanced Practice Nurse

    do you want answers from just the States? or would you like some from the UK? Karen
  16. karenG

    Gentlemen (and viewing Ladies)

    my apologies if you feel i have hijacked your thread.. i would point out that i may have been a nurse for 30yrs.. but i dont work in the states and we dont have the same job titles as in the states. we have only a few qualifications.. here nurses are registered nurses, with a few speciallities such as midwife or health vistor. i'm a nurse practitioner- and its not a recognised qualification here yet despite being at masters level. we dont have crna's here........ we might have something similiar but thats not a title we use, will have to check what title we use but would be a clinical specialist role, so they will be a registered nurse specialist. i hate jargon.. it leads to mistakes.. for example iud. this can mean inter-uterine death or inter-urterine device.. so it can lead to miscommunication. i frequently feel i speak a different language to people in the states! so my apologies for asking for clarification about a term i didnt understand. maybe i should start a thread on all the abbrevations i dont understand! and you just edited your post.. taking out the bit saying i had hijacked your thread!!! i'll leave mine to stand as it is.. and will continue to ask for clarification when i dont understand stuff..