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  1. Nurse2bSandy

    San Francisco

    I had several of my classmates get jobs at the Stanford Children's Medical Center (not sure of the actual name... it is a woman's name) in the NICU. They were offered good preceptorships, along with a relocation allowance. I also have a classmate that will be starting a program in Berkeley next month... not sure where. I think that there is also some good opportunities in the Concord area... I had a friend who checked into their new grad program... you can google for a local hospital there.
  2. Nurse2bSandy

    Recent Grad, But No Job!!

    I have been working at a temp agency until my job starts next month. Many don't take new grads but I found one that did. They will let me work at a convalescent or prison as a meds nurse (I volunteer already at the women's prison, so that was a good fit for me). I am scheduled to work a flu shot clinic next weekend. Once I got in with some hospitals they saw how I worked and told me to apply for positions. I already had one though, was just waiting for it to start. Good luck!
  3. Nurse2bSandy

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    Hey, congrats! What I found was that many times hospitals are hiring a ways out anyway for new grads. My two interviews were for jobs that would start in 6 weeks... may be different for you but I don't think waiting two months will be a problem. About the health status... again, I don't think you need to worry about it. They will probably ask you if you are limited in what you can do and will require a physical or health status form before you start the job like they do all new employees. I was hired recently and then they scheduled me for a physical by their health center. Am not sure yet what that will entail, but I was just glad that I didn't have to make the appointment and pay. Good luck! Sandy
  4. Nurse2bSandy

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    Lynda! How fun to see you here! When's that hubby home? yeah, if I get a bunch of people quizzing me I'll just say "Uh, I don't know..." It was bad enough that this unit sent me a 5 page questionnaire with stuff about why I want to work in the Special Care Newborn Nursery (does, it's the only one who has wanted to talk to me so far, count?) critical thinking skills and how I have used them during clinicals, Interdisciplinary Care Team and how I have related to team members during clinicals! Hello... I was a student... I stood there and listened! Luckily, my real skill is writing... Well, gotta hit the books! I'm starting to feel very DUMB... gotta get my confidence up... I CAN DO THIS!!! Chat at ya later... Sandy
  5. Nurse2bSandy

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    I feel so much more prepared to go to the meeting... not only at this hospital, but any hospital that I go to. I was planning on taking a notepad... if for no other reason than to look like I knew what I was doing... Monday NCLEX.... eeewww! Thanks all! Sandy
  6. Nurse2bSandy

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    These really help! I have to take a meds test before they will interview me... and I was emailed a study guide... it was about 9 pages! Your questions are just what I wanted. I'm so glad that I didn't ask about pay... I was wondering if that's what she wanted me to ask. Good luck to you... do you have a job? Any interviews? Thanks again! Sandy :)
  7. Nurse2bSandy

    Interviewing-- What should I ask?

    Hi all, I'm beginning to get some calls on my new grad apps and am trying to put my stuff together. I was talking to a unit manager the other day on the phone and she was telling about their new grad program. After she was done she asked, "Do you have any questions for me?" I have to admit that I was so excited that someone had called for me that I went blank. I just fumbled and said that I would like to visit the unit then I would have more specific questions. The problem is... I don't know what I should ask... this was not an interview... just a set up on the way to the interview. So what sort of things should I ask that would make me sound like I am informed and know what I am doing. I am actually very inexperienced when it comes to getting a job. My last full time job came to me when I got married... it was called housewife! Thanks! Sandy :)
  8. Nurse2bSandy

    Mandatory Practice NCLEX outrage!!!!!!!

    Our school uses the ATI testing system and every major class has an exam that must be passed in order to pass the class... no matter what your overall class grade is. Many people really scream about this, but I figure it's just a hoop we have to jump through. The ATI is supposed to closely mimic NCLEX and pass rates are similar. I did fine... hope it's true of NCLEX!! I have a community health and pharm ATI left... but the RN Comp is over and that's the one that counts for getting out. May 15th I'm a pinned nurse! Good luck All!
  9. No way! Every semester gets harder for me!!! I'm in an accelerated BSN and am taking critical care with clinical, community health with clinical, and research. I have a 25 page epidemiology paper due tomorrow and I am organizing our pinning ceremony. Easy? You've got to be kidding! I am going on the Scholar laureate program to S Africa 3 days after graduation... and I am working like crazy until that time! I am so excited! Sandy
  10. Nurse2bSandy

    International Scholar Laureate Program??

    Hubby went for it! He said he thought it was an honor and if I could finagle it, I should go! I'm working on funding and he's faxing the application! Anyone else going to go? I'm so excited!!! :balloons:
  11. Nurse2bSandy

    Graduation Dates Everyone

    Pinning: May 15 Graduation: May 18 Woohoo! :balloons: :balloons:
  12. Nurse2bSandy

    International Scholar Laureate Program??

    Okay, I got my second letter yesterday... I had put it out of my mind... but now I am really thinking about it. I want to go into community health and I have always had a transcultural emphasis. Also, last year I was able to go on a trip to Mololkai to Kalaupapa, the area which was where the Hansen's disease patients were exiled. While I was there I had this overwhelming feeling like I would do something with HIV/AIDS. I'm going to bring it up again to my hubby and see what he thinks. I gave up Starbuck's for new year... that should save me about $20 a week! I could start my fund there! :rotfl:
  13. As with the previous poster... you are doing your best to be your best. It may not mean better pay to start off with, but it probably will mean that you are a conscientious nurse and will be able to move up your career ladder with more ease. So many in my program have said "C=RN"... but I personally don't want to be left with a nurse who doesn't do her best work!
  14. Nurse2bSandy

    Ever done a clinical rotation in a prison?

    I work as a substance abuse counselor for the chaplains program of our women's facility. I just love those gals! It is as others have said, those people are just like we are... they just made different choices for their lives... illegal choices. I have heard from them that many times the medical staff seems uncaring... and I would like to make a difference with them. I am hoping to work as a temp there so that I get some corrections experience. Enjoy it! Oh yes, you will be taught about safety... but we got that with psych too. I took my 17 year old daughter with me this Christmas to play her flute for my gals. They just loved it! She was very apprehensive, but I wanted to show her how she could use her musical talent to minister to others. When we left she was a different person... she decided that next time she would thrill them with a quartet! The gals are always so appreciative of any attention from the outside world... they are very isolated. Have fun! I wish I could go with you!
  15. Nurse2bSandy

    International Scholar Laureate Program??

    and would love to go. My hubby just laughed because it said 'to the parents of'... I'm 48. I hope to be working in the public health field and it seemed like a great opportunity to learn. I didn't think the money was so bad considering what you will be doing... but I doubt I will go. I will graduate in May and it seemed like a perfect gift! I wouldn't worry about being 'old'... none who have responded here so far are under 30... how do they know who will go... they sent all the invites to 'parents'.
  16. Nurse2bSandy

    Anyone else graduating this May?

    May 15th pinning May 18th graduation Then I'm off to Disney World! (Then back to the real world to begin my career!) Woohoo! It's almost here! Sandy :balloons: