what do the students call you?


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I go by Nurse First Name or often in the case of the little ones, Miss Nurse First Name ;) As long as it includes my name, though, I don't really care. I hated it when I first took the job and I was just "the nurse"!

Wave Watcher

Wave Watcher

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Nurse (First name)


Doctor (First name) The smaller kiddos will call me Doctor but I don't have the energy or time to correct and explain that I am a Nurse. They all know I'm a nurse but yet some yell out "Doctor!".

I'm still waiting on that MD paycheck.

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I agree with ChasinRT's sentiment's too. Especially when I realize that i've been here for 4 years and have do know who most of the staff if at least by first or last name and they know my simply as "the nurse". Gee, that's really respectful. It's even more so insulting when I call people to ask for a student and my full name does come up on the phone and people will say "Who is this?" like I should have legally changed my name to "The nurse". I am more than my job title.

In line with Wave watcher's post - I have a high immigrant population. Sometimes they don't make the distinction that I am not a doctor. They get frustrated that I am limited in what I can do in the office and that I can't diagnose. I have had to explain many times that I am not a doctor, but I often hear via the esl teacher that the parent was upset that i didn't give the child medicine or recommend anything but fluids or whatever. The esl teacher understands my job and helps explain to the parents. It helps, but i think there are still some high expectations of our position.



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I'm Mrs./Ms. Last Name. Or Ms. Nurse.

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I'm pretty young (early 20's) and my last name can be kind of hard to pronounce.

I'm in the same boat! I go by Ms. First Name or Nurse First Name. I tell people don't bothering trying to pronounce my last name. However you say it, I won't correct you anyway, because chances are you'll never get it correct by yourself. Mrs. Last Name is so awkward to me.

I also answer to "Nurse" and "Cute Scrubs".



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Ms. or Nurse Last name.

My last name is a humorous body part and sometimes the kids (and adults) are uncomfortable saying it. I tell them they can call me Ms Initial. I think it is especially hard for some of the staff since I changed my name back to my maiden name a few years after divorcing and it is hard for them to believe that I chose to have (what some consider to be) an awkward last name.



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I typically go by Nurse LastName.

A few kids who are close friends with my daughter or close family friends call me Ms FirstName. One kid calls me Nurse Nancy for kicks and one faculty member actually calls me NanaPoo, thus my screen name (long story).



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I think they are calling me Mean Nurse today. So many tried to go home, but the only winner was the one that puked next to my new shoes (he missed).



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I like to be called Mrs. ___________ or Nurse _____________. I feel that students would never call their teachers by their first name, and I ask for that same respect.

If I had a complicated last name, I think I would have them call me at least by the first letter of my last name.


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Here at my school all teachers and staff go by Mrs/Miss/Mr. Last Name. I guess I am old-school as I feel this is a way (of course there are many) to convey respect towards another. Teachers and staff do call each other by their first names, except in the presence of the students when Mrs/Miss/Mr. Last Name is used. I cannot imagine saying to student "You need to see Mr. Jimmy" when referring to the principal, and I expect the same as a professional. Sure some of us have complicated last names, but the students generally catch on quickly. I see it as one of the many ways we can prepare students for the "real world", or college for that matter. I do not recall calling a single Professor by their first name.

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I go by Miss Firstname. My last name can be a tongue twister for the littles and I'm not real big on Nurse Firstname. Or I get "Hey Connor's sister...", my little brother goes to the school I am at, and he is SOOO proud that he tells everyone "That's my sissy!" I'm not sure he even knows my actual name. (Yes, BIG age difference.)



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NURSE you have a CUSTOMER!!!

-said every grinning hall monitor, ever.

Yes, this bugs me, too! I don't know why it is so hard to call me by my name. This is how the secretary refers to me. I am going to start saying, Thanks, Secretary! :sarcastic: