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Wave Watcher has 7 years experience and specializes in Community Health/School Nursing.

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  1. Why would you give this up??

    I am only leaving school nursing to finish my Masters in Nursing Education and we are moving to Florida. Otherwise, I would NEVER EVER give up my job! I will cry buckets of tears when I leave in May. I will miss my wonderful staff, students and nurse...
  2. Confesson--from a stalker

    Welcome! Back officially. lol
  3. Today's funny

    Yes! lol Most of the time they will stand by the door and knock. I'm pretty sure I come out of that bathroom like a banshee ready hurt someone.
  4. Today's funny

    I have a bathroom in my clinic. I had to go pee. I was getting ready to flush when I heard kids walk into my clinic and say, "She isn't in here...let's go look for her." I never moved. I was like a ninja. They left. Let the game Marco Polo begin!! A...
  5. I'm baaaaaack!

    Welcome back!! Congrats to you guys and the kiddos!! I hope you get the position you are looking for!
  6. National Certification for School Nursing NCSN-I passed!

    Did you study prior to test (if so what resource?) or rely on previous and current experience to answer questions? Congrats!
  7. what do the students call you?

    Nurse (First name) Or Doctor (First name) The smaller kiddos will call me Doctor but I don't have the energy or time to correct and explain that I am a Nurse. They all know I'm a nurse but yet some yell out "Doctor!". I'm still waiting on that MD ...
  8. Good luck whatever you guys decide!
  9. Help me out here.........

    Exactly. Spacer is the key!
  10. My kid is THAT kid

    I can look at it both ways because a student does not make it down the clinic without passing it through a teacher.....where is the common sense judgement of our staff? Some days I swear they don't have any.
  11. I only have two suggestions: 1. Stop believing you are stupid, stop saying it, stop typing it, stop thinking it. You are sabotaging your own success and using it as an excuse. 2. Focus on the here and now. Focus on getting back into the program. Fo...
  12. How much time do you get for Thanksgiving break?

    When do you guys start the year?
  13. How much time do you get for Thanksgiving break?

    Dang! I shall Karate Chop you! Chop! Chop! Chop! Jealous. :-) We have Wed-Friday. :-)
  14. Not having kids until 35

    I had both my kiddos before I was 21yrs old. My husband (their dad) and I are now empty nesters and we are 44yrs old. LOVE our time together without the kids and we are still young and healthy. If I had a new infant at my age I would not have the ene...
  15. Babysiting the "problem children"

    I have never understood why teachers/staff want to send behavioral issues to the clinic. Makes no sense. So, you want a perfectly healthy kid to sit in my clinic next to a kid vomiting, running a temp, or weird rash? Typically, the problem kids are a...