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  1. Calling 911

    You're fine! You also have to remember you're in a school. There are going to be times that you may need to call even if they're not "emergencies" simply because you don't have the ability to handle the symptoms or the liability is too great. To an...
  2. Second guessing myself

    I'm not sure I would have done the same thing, but, I understand why you did, especially with the back story. I'm not allowed to leave campus, so I wouldn't have to worry about transporting a student at least! I had a student who admitted to leavin...
  3. Would you have called?

    I would not have called. She didn't come back after you advised her to if the pain continued, and her initial exam did not show anything out of the ordinary. Let dad whine a little, but you didn't do anything wrong, and you are the nurse and the on...
  4. I really want to thank...

    Oh, boo. That sucks! Luckily I haven't run into the problem with them doing anything weird with the ice packs. I definitely see my share of kids doing dumb things to try and get to the nurse, but I haven't heard of anything being done with the ice...
  5. I really want to thank...

    I use a little 3oz cup and do one of rubbing alcohol and 2 of water.
  6. I really want to thank...

    the person who told me about alcohol/water in a zip lock bag for ice packs. (Did you like my click bait! :)) I'm almost certain it was someone on this board! At the beginning of the year I splurge on my budget a little and get reusable ones, but by...
  7. We knew it was coming but it still sucks

    I'm so sorry. Many good thoughts to you and her family.
  8. C'Mon Now!

    Kid comes in because he bite his cheek and there was a "bit of flesh hanging off" that he didn't like. (PS, no I didn't see this mysterious flesh.) Was actually very much in disbelief that I couldn't clip it and wouldn't let him use my dirty scisso...
  9. Have you been given a raise every year?

    I'm on the teacher's contact. So I do get yearly raises. A year or two before I started they took a pay cut, but that's not likely to happen again, at least this year!
  10. We've had a student death also

    I'm so sorry. ::hugs::
  11. Another student death

    I'm so sorry. ::many hugs:: Take care of yourself during this time.
  12. Does this fall under "my job"?

    Yeah, pretty much this. Being "unmanageable" while unmedicated, is no different from being "unmanageable" with no prescribed meds. Class management, not medical!
  13. Bypassing Nurse? HELP!

    Ill students are generally kept in my office until a ride arrives. Occasionally I will have a student wait in class, but I let the main office know when I do that. So, usually the office will call me when a parent comes and if I let them know that ...
  14. Tired of certain teachers

    I'm sorry that you had a rough day. When everything just piles on, it can feel overwhelming. And I'll be honest, I'm livid on your behalf about the losing your pumping session! It's one thing to have a medical emergency where you can't pump. But ...

    I'm super excited about some snow days this week! :) We've only had one so far. And I want to take my 3 year old sledding! I can totally see why, with as many as you've had, that you wouldn't want to extend even more! May your roads be plowed qu...