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  1. abc123RN

    Another Bad Day

    Thoughts and prayers for your community.
  2. abc123RN

    Crowded clinic

    I have a one student at a time policy in my clinic. If I have one on the recovery couch and need to bring another in, I check with both before nu.ber 2 comes in. Kids here will blow the most minor ailments into major trauma. Teachers Don t like the longer wait times but it has cut down on the unnecessary visits this year. I'm approaching the teacher complaints with confidentiality concerns. There are days it doesn't work but most days it goes well.
  3. abc123RN

    So many sick kids today...

    It's crazy the cold sx coming in and the nasty old stomach bug! 20 kids before 11am! I have 40 sick days built up and darn it, I'm using them this year! I refuse to be sick but if asked, I'm in dire need of vitamin D! (translate to a couple beach trips coming this fall). IO thought this year would be easier with the the T1D kiddos but nope got a whole new crop of special snowflakes that can't handle a hangnail. Oh the life of school nurses.
  4. abc123RN

    New student with T1D- mom no-showing to our meetings

    Last year I had 2 T1D kiddos and had a heck of a time getting parents to communicate changes in orders much less show up for any meetings. Heck they wouldn't even answer the phone when the kids had extreme highs or lows and needed to go home!! This year it was so nice to walk in for the first day and see record requests from other schools for these 2!! Merry Christmas to me in August! (Seriously I do still worry about both of them every day, they were not stable at all. )
  5. abc123RN

    Alone with students

    I'm never alone with students if it involves bathroom accidents or disrobing. I'm fortunate that I have a male staff member that will come in and assist Pre K boys if needed with the bathroom accidents with me on the other side of the door and this gentleman will stand outside the door if it's a little girl while I assist with clean up. My biggest problem seems to be the hovering teacher aids and classroom volunteers that don't want to step out of the clinic when they deliver a student to the clinic. I'm told the nurses don't have to share details of clinic visits with any one other than parents.
  6. abc123RN

    Well, I am 2 for 2!

    Hoping and praying this isn't going to be the story of your year! I had to call once last year for a staff member, hoping it will be my only time. I'm currently doing daily BP checks on one staffer and getting some concerning numbers.
  7. abc123RN


  8. abc123RN

    Day One and already dealing with...

    One teacher sent the same kid on day 1 and again day 10....havent found any pets in the hair yet.
  9. abc123RN

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a parent chase me down in June because her precious had lice, school had been out 6 weeks already!! Some how I didn't see this as my business while I'm enjoying a rare day with the hubby.
  10. abc123RN

    ROLL CALL!!! School Nurses 2017/2018

    I was back in the saddle 8/3. Today was day 5 for the wee ones, only 175 to go. I guess that says how the first 5 days have gone, right? Daughter has graduated college and moved out of the house. Son is now engaged. Summer break was great, played an incredible amount of golf and enjoyed time with grown ups.
  11. abc123RN

    Lice policy?

    And that travels with a kid all the way to graduation. This is why I usually send the kid on back to class if I find anything, don't tell the teacher anything and call parents. If the parents pick kid up no one except me knows for sure why.
  12. abc123RN

    Guess what I did today?!

    This is wrong of me but, that last week I gave out toothbrushes to the PK class with the most lice phobic teachers. As I left the room I quietly mentioned that the timed release lice eggs where embedded in each toothbrush. I just couldn't help myself, those 2 have made me crazy this year over lice!
  13. abc123RN

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    No kids today!!! I still had a little paper work and cleaning to finish, of course I was in a pink tee shirt and favorite shorts! Those of you still in school, the end is in sight! Everyone have a wonderful and restful summer!!!
  14. abc123RN

    Last day?

    One and a half days left!!! Dance party my office, Tues 1:01pm!!!
  15. abc123RN

    Best end of year complaint

    I really do have a shower in my office, it's currently being used as a storage area. I had a PreK teacher stop by today while I was cleaning out some things from the dark ages. (I found some oddly interesting items from the previous nurse...now I know why she isn't there anymore) Anyway, this pre K aide sees the cleaned out shower stall in and gets all excited saying "now we can give that kid a bath" Ah NO NO NO, this girl likes her license and plans to keep it!
  16. abc123RN

    Do you ever do nothing for your student?

    Today I had a second grader that c/o a splinter that "no one can do anything for". So I pulled out my trusty splinter getter tool (tweezers with a magnifying glass attached), a flash light for the student to shine a light on the splinter, put on my extra strong special splinter finding glasses and...nope still can't see a splinter. Touched kid's hand around area of c/o a couple times and she lights up and says thanks! It fills better now! I never did see anything so I guess I literally did nothing but she thought I did. This one just needed a little attention today, so sometimes nothing is everything.