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coughdrop.2.go has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing, Public Health Nurse.

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  1. coughdrop.2.go

    Florida students self carrying own otcs

    Geez I can't tell you how many times I've had students tell me they took Advil/Ibuprofen because they have a stomach ache. No I don't mean menstrual cramps either. Some don't even know the the brand names and generic names let alone that Tylenol is i...
  2. coughdrop.2.go

    Alta bates medical center

    I've never worked at Alta Bates, however, I've very familiar with the hospital and the area. My nursing program is in partnership with Alta Bates so they share space up on the hill. -Unsafe area: Just because it's Oakland doesn't mean it's unsafe. Ma...
  3. coughdrop.2.go

    Unemployment during the summer

    I worked as a Camp Nurse during the summer I didn't work. That would be a great option. Wasn't much, but paid the bills.
  4. coughdrop.2.go

    Seizure Care Plan for SPED student?

    Another great resource from the East Coast: Health, Dental, Emergency Care/Plans, FERPA
  5. coughdrop.2.go

    Teaching Breast Exam to High Schoolers.

    Do it! I was taught about it in high school (all girls catholic school!). The even gave us this awesome gel mold of a breast that had one lump you could feel and another you could only see if you held it up to the light to hit home that just because ...
  6. coughdrop.2.go

    Concussion Question

    I have had a student with a concussion and a fixed, constricted pupil in one eye only. It can happen. The brain is a fickle creature.
  7. coughdrop.2.go

    TB Testing

    Thank you so much and you're totally right that I can't account for the other facilities technique. The only exception I have made is if it's placed at our Public Health Clinic because I know that nurse and I will fill-in for her if we're closed for ...
  8. coughdrop.2.go

    No Respect

    Millennial here Before lumping us all in a stereotypical group, please remember what generation raised us Any who, this is where you appeal to the educators need to educate. Ask to sit down with teachers before the school starts and do an in-servic...
  9. coughdrop.2.go

    It seems like everyone but nurses make more money

    As everyone else has stated, nursing income is variable. I have been a nurse for 3 years and I'm currently working as a Public Health Nurse making almost 100k in California. My friends who work in San Francisco (20 minutes away) are making $60-70/hou...
  10. coughdrop.2.go

    Teaching topics

    I would throw in cyber safety 6. Cyber Safety
  11. coughdrop.2.go

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    It's Tuesday and I'm wearing my pink Minnie Mouse scrubs. Can I get extra credit? Especially since I'm still getting over a week long cold
  12. coughdrop.2.go

    TB Testing

    Hello all! I'm a RN working a School-based Health Center and we do TB skin testing as well as vaccines. A frequent concern that comes up is students coming to me to get their TB test read after they had it placed some where else (i.e. Public Health D...
  13. coughdrop.2.go

    School nurse credentials in California

    In California, to obtain a Clear School Nursing Credential you must: -Verify possession of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally-accredited college or university -Verify possession of a valid Registered Nurse license issued by the State ...
  14. coughdrop.2.go

    School Nurse "Holiday Wish List"

    I am a unicorn. Well...that's what my husband tell me. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.
  15. coughdrop.2.go

    Off topic: 8 year old found out Santa doesn't exist

    Honestly, If my *future* kids stop believing at 4 I'm okay with that. It's not just about believing in Santa, it's about teaching them the spirit and purpose of Santa Claus. It's not just about gifts. Teach your kids why they should still be good and...