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  1. SnugglePuggle

    Out of State Prescribers

    Is there a limited and set amount of time that an out-of-state prescribe may authorize medication administration to a student in school? I am in Ohio and I cannot find anything in the Revised Code that speaks to this.
  2. SnugglePuggle

    YOUR Childhood School Nurse memories

    I saw the school nurse exactly 3 times. 1st grade - I woke up with pox. My Mom sent me to school anyway and told me to go to the school nurse because she thought I might have Chicken Pox. I did. 2nd grade - Concussion on playground. I saw stars and had dizziness and confusion. Fell asleep in class, woke up and immediately vomited. I remember the nurse asking me if I could wiggle my toes. I went home. Never did see a doctor. 7th Grade - Got my first period and I just felt weird.
  3. SnugglePuggle

    Common words use by school nurse

    "What can I do for you?" "Why did you not eat anything for breakfast?" "Did something happen today that upset you?" "Welcome to womanhood" "Unfortunately, my x-ray vision is out for repair"
  4. SnugglePuggle

    Heartbreaking. What would you have done?

    Looking at the video, I believe that the nurse was called to the scene. (she looks to be wearing red scrub pants). I don't believe that she knew that the boy was down for so long and who knows what she was told by administration. I agree that administration likely viewed the video immediately. As the nurse I would have liked to see the video or privy to whatever information it may provide. While is difficult to tell what exactly happened in the video, the duration of LOC is indisputable and warrants an ER visit if not EMS. I am confident that my administration would have shared such important information (at least I hope) but do know that not all administrators would be so forthcoming. It is interesting to note that this is an inner city school who reported ZERO incidents of bullying this year. As I watch children poke and casually walk by this child, I find it hard to believe. Heck, I have kids sprint across my school building in record time if another student gets so much as a hangnail. I am dumbfounded that it took almost 8 minutes for help to be summoned. I agree with Flare, there was likely much more going on in this boy's life to fuel his decision to take his own life. That being said I feel that if the parent and ER staff would have known what had happened, he may have received the emotional support he needed at that moment.
  5. SnugglePuggle

    Heartbreaking. What would you have done?

    Surveillance video was released today involving an attack on an 8 year old who committed suicide 2 days later. The Mother is accusing the school of not telling her what really happened as caught on video, only that he fainted. If you Google you can see the full length video. What are your thoughts? As the school nurse what would have done? 8-Year-Old'''s Suicide Leads Cincinnati School to Release Video Showing Bully Attack - NBC News
  6. SnugglePuggle

    School nurse spots leukemia in a pupil

    Nope ! I thought that too
  7. SnugglePuggle

    Blindsided by a colleague.

    Perhaps the student flat out lied to her about what happened or what was said during his visit. I once had a Mom who became very upset with me because her middle school daughter told her that I believed her SA was psychosomatic (she of course did not use this term but you get the picture). During my assessment of this student I did ask her about stress and anxiety, but this is just part of my routine assessment for SA. And I never insinuated that her discomfort was not real or "all in her head" so to speak. Mom was furious until I gave her a detailed summary of the visit (the student went home by the way) and she came to realize that her daughter's perception of the clinic visit was skewed. Regardless, your fellow school nurse was out of line how she reacted to the situation. But now that she has had time to simmer down, you might find when you speak to her that she regrets how she responded and is perhaps even embarrassed. Definitely talk to her.
  8. SnugglePuggle

    school nurse certification vs licensure

    In Ohio School Nurse Licensure is obtained through the Ohio Department of Education. It is a 5 year Professional Pupil Services License. To be eligible, one must complete an approved School Nurse Certification program. To obtain NCSN, one must meet certain educational and experience requirements and pass a national examination. I have my Ohio Licensure and am currently studying for the National Examination which is offered in July.
  9. SnugglePuggle

    So now what?

    Is it possible that they did not even check her near vision? In my state near vision screening is not required so most schools do not do it. In my district we only to Far Vision screening. Not sure about pediatricians but I suppose it may not be standard for them as well unless an issue is reported. Did you send a referral with the student with your Near Vision screening results?
  10. SnugglePuggle

    If a child is removed from the home, do you get informed?

    A couple years ago I had an ill student who needed to go home so I called his Mom "Kendra". Imagine my embarrassment when "Kendra" had to correct me by saying that her name has legally been changed to "Kenneth", and would I please call him "Kenny." Nothing like being the last person to learn that your student's parent transitioned over the summer.
  11. SnugglePuggle

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a young lady announce to me that she had to go home because she had a "female accident". She did not seem particularly happy when I offered her a pair of brand new panties. I became suspicious when she was in and out of the restroom in less than a minute. I found the new panties in the trash.
  12. SnugglePuggle

    Off topic: 8 year old found out Santa doesn't exist

    Even when I stopped believing in flying reindeer and Santa going down the chimney, I still believed in Santa. All the gifts were just delivered by Santa's helpers in large semi trucks! I still remember the moment when I realized that he was not real. I left out a note and cookies for Santa and the next morning the note had the words "Thank You" written on it.....in my mother's hand writing. My little girl just turned 8 and she still believes, at least she has never led on that she doesn't. We do the whole elf thing too. :) We make it a point to write all notes using different hand writing. Also, all gifts from Santa are wrapped in special gift paper that she does not get to see in advance!
  13. SnugglePuggle


    Stick around on this forum and you will learn about many of the odd things we as School Nurses encounter! Check out my post under "Most off the wall complaint"!
  14. SnugglePuggle

    Things that make me grumpy

    Kids that come to me after lunch complaining about a terrible belly ache that they have had ALL DAY LONG. Their lunch of choice - Beefy nachos, french fries, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk. Kids that come into my clinic walk around my desk (which is strategically placed in a corner to distance myself from sick kids), stand 2 inches away and cough all over me and my computer. Kids who are too dizzy and nauseated to focus in class yet whip out their phone when I generously give them some cot time. Parents who wait until the last minute to turn in Medication Permit forms for an overnight field trip, and I find out they are ambiguous, not signed by a physician, etc, with no time to clarify or correct.
  15. SnugglePuggle

    Most off the wall complaint

    I had a student come in freaking out that the palms of her hands were "turning blue". I suggested that she wash her new denim jeans before wearing them.
  16. SnugglePuggle

    Things that make me grumpy

    All the time! I have middle school kids and they need to advocate for themselves. I usually just fold my hands, put a big goofy smile on my face and stare at them.