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  1. OyWithThePoodles

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    I too will say "Johnny said you told me to call?" or when I am really annoyed "Johnny said his temperature this morning was 100.4, and you gave him some Tylenol. Well, his temp is back up to 100.2, you'll need to pick him up. Also, he must be fever free without the aid of fever reducers before returning."
  2. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    I left early and he came up a total of 5 times, each time he was fine, just odd complaints. The secretary and AP also sent him back to class. You win some, you lose some... Praying we are closed tomorrow for cold temps.
  3. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a kid come up twice yesterday for hiccups. HICCUPS. Today he is out with the flu.
  4. OyWithThePoodles

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    I'm certainly not telling you how to feel. I am telling you that by name calling, you are violating the terms of service.
  5. OyWithThePoodles

    Why aren't RN's payed as much as doctors?

    Emergent wasn't rude in her response, in fact, a "nerd" emoji was put at the end of the sentence probably to indicate that they are a bit of a grammar nerd. Name calling isn't tolerated on AN, per the TOS that you agreed to. Also, Sour Lemon did not agree that RNs should be paid as much as doctors. In fact quite the opposite, that if they wanted to be paid like doctors, they would need to go to medical school and graduate to become...a doctor. As for my opinion: No, I don't think nurses should be paid the same. Do I feel we should be paid more than we are, absolutely, but not the same as a doctor. Yes, we catch many errors, but we make many too. We are the last line of defense before the patient, I'm sure if there was another person after the nurse-they would catch A LOT of errors. Let's be nice. Everyone.
  6. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Pet peeve: When someone, teachers, parents, etc. ask if something is "going around". Umm... We have 500 students, something is ALWAYS going around.
  7. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    One kid came up and said "I just really think I need to go home after recess..." This was three hours before recess. Nope.
  8. OyWithThePoodles

    Poster Color?

    Awesome, thanks!
  9. OyWithThePoodles

    Poster Color?

    I miss being able to quickly look through a thread and look at the OP's comments because they were a different color. Is there a way to turn this function on? Am I missing something?
  10. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Had a kid come in complaining of shoulder pain that started "earlier" from recess. Being 0900 and 20 degrees I inquired further. Apparently "earlier" was August. AUGUST. Go back to class, kid.
  11. OyWithThePoodles

    Child Abuse

    Agree with the above. Check with your state laws, here teachers (that includes school counselors) are mandated reporters. Don't budge on this one, but be respectful. It's apart of teachers mandatory computer training every year here that states the one who first hears the report needs to make the call. I've had teachers bring me kids and tell me to call, I nicely remind them that the student never crossed the threshold of my office so why on earth would I call, and that I would be more than happy to assist them in the call.
  12. OyWithThePoodles

    Are We Too PC?

    I see many parents posting on facebook about a child "ruining my kids childhood" because they said that Santa wasn't real. And "how dare parents not tell their kids that Santa is real so it won't hurt my kids feelings". Well, we don't do Santa. No disrespect to anyone who does, my husband and I both grew up believing. But we came to the decision before having kids that we don't want to "lie" (don't get offended over that word) to them about Santa because we don't ever want them to look at us and say "You told me all these years that God was real, I can't see him, so how is it any different than Santa?" That being said, it drives me up the wall when parents bash those parents who don't do Santa. Do I make a huge fuss when the teacher (who knows we don't do Santa) tells the class that she spoke to Santa last night? And when my 6 year old comes home and says "I know Santa is real, my teacher said so!" No, I don't. I simply explain that Santa is just something fun to partake in during Christmas. I never say the words "he isn't real" because at this age I guarantee the first thing she would do is tell the whole class. Anywho, all that said to say yes, we are too PC. (I am not talking about derogatory words and phrases) Forgive typos, school nurse here and I saw 6 different kids while typing this
  13. OyWithThePoodles

    I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

    What also helps is having the students use passes. This helps because if the teacher filled the pass out correctly, you already have a quick note of who, what, and when. This helps because you don't have to take time to write all of that information down (except maybe a temp, etc.) which can be time consuming. Breathe. I too have GAD and there are times when I see upwards of 50-60 students. If budget allows, order boxes of band-aids to pass out to teachers which eliminates those many paper-cut and hang-nail visits. Working in a special needs school does make it rough at times, these kids are more complex and you don't want to miss anything so you might "over assess" if that makes sense. You've got this. Develop a system and stick to it. If anything can be delegated to the instructional assistants in the class, do it.
  14. OyWithThePoodles

    I'm over the nonsense...

    We don't have a fever/vomiting free for 24 hour policy. But I have sent out an email stating that kids sometimes vomit from mucus, overeating/drinking, running, or participating in stupid dares. If a student doesn't vomit twice, (and don't have a fever) I will have them stay in school as parents (who usually aren't blessed with as many sick days as us) will leave work and come home to a child that doesn't vomit once and asks for McDonalds on the way home.
  15. OyWithThePoodles

    Med error and Pyxis

    For non-controlleds we go under the patients name in the Pyxis and hit that we are returning, then it goes to an external bin sitting on the counter for pharmacy to restock. Some will say you don't have to return under the pyxis, just to put the med in the bin, which I guess technically you can, but I like to show that I am returning it and not going home with a pocket full of miralax