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Med-surg, school nursing.
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OyWithThePoodles has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med-surg, school nursing..

Nurse since 2007: med-surg/pediatrics and school nursing. "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a persons strength." Proverbs 17:22

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  1. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    The Coronavirus is good for something, scaring people into washing their hands when they otherwise wouldn't.
  2. OyWithThePoodles

    Stolen supplies

    Ooooh, I'd be mad. I wrote on my extra large bottle of sanitizer "Please do not refill your sanitizer from this bottle."
  3. OyWithThePoodles

    Coronavirus and Schools

    We had ONE case in our state and that county shut down schools for a week. What good is that going to do?!
  4. OyWithThePoodles

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    One of my diabetics had a hole in her bag and her UNOPENED needles to her insulin pen fell out. Maybe two or three. I had two staff members freaking out. Like, calm down. They aren't opened. And even if they were the kids wouldn't know what to do with them. As for bugs, for some reason the teachers bring them to me. Even though they've been told numerous times that they are not supposed to as we have a district person whose job it is to identify "specimens". They still bring them to me.
  5. OyWithThePoodles


    I'm not a CSN. It's not required in my state an unfortunately there is no pay incentive in my district. But I AM a school nurse.
  6. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    I get "I HAVE TO POOP, CAN I GO POOP, I HAVE TO POOOOOOOP" while I'm on the phone. Then the "Mrs. Poodles, I POOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEED" from the bathroom until I answer. No matter how many times I tell the kid that it doesn't need to be announced... Still happens.
  7. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Did I tell you all about the kid that came to me with the "sore on my neck that is hurting sooo bad, oh my gosh, please help, it hurrrtttsss!" One look and I could tell it a booger. I told the kid that and their response was "Oh." And then they picked it off and returned to class.
  8. OyWithThePoodles

    Nurses don't check orders??

    I hate Kardexes. I was floated to a unit that used them and after report I still had not one clue what was going on with any of my patients. The other nurse was holding it reading from it, so I couldn't even follow along, and I need to write things to retain them. I eventually had time to sit and look up history's and orders but until then... it was a mess.
  9. OyWithThePoodles

    Mobility Impaired Evacuation

    We use sleds, but of course, the brittle bones isn't an issue. We do have another kiddo that is smaller and staff has been told to just carry the student.
  10. OyWithThePoodles

    Coronavirus and Schools

    Thanks, guys. I usually watch the news at night but I'm currently enthralled with rewatching GoT. It hasn't hit our state so I was completely taken aback when getting phone calls about how we are prepared to handle it.
  11. OyWithThePoodles

    Coronavirus and Schools

    Did something happen the night before last where everyone became so concerned overnight? We had three phone calls yesterday.
  12. OyWithThePoodles

    Subpoena Summons

    It sounds like your admin is the type that you need to follow up with email after telling them in person, to CYA.
  13. OyWithThePoodles

    Subpoena Summons

    I've gotten one for a custody case before. Our district attorney called the lawyer and let them know that I would not be attending since it wasn't a CPS or state case.
  14. OyWithThePoodles

    Sub teachers grrrrr

    I feel you. I can always tell which class has the sub even before checking the email. Today I had one sub call and say "Susie hasn't had her medicine. She's all over the walls. I asked her if she took it and she said no." That's because she doesn't take any...
  15. OyWithThePoodles

    Field Trips

    Scary situation for sure. I would make sure the kiddo has a buddy to sit with them and the buddy can help alert a teacher if need be. I'm conflicted about the check-list... A lot can happen in an hour. The only other solution would be for high-risk students to sit with teachers, but then you have the problem of high-risk students outnumbering the teachers. How old is this kiddo? I would work on teaching her that she HAS to advocate for herself. If she isn't feeling right she needs to let someone know. It just isn't possible for the teacher to have eyes on them the whole time, so having her speak up will go a long way. So glad it wasn't worse.
  16. OyWithThePoodles

    my office is NOT a nap room!

    The only one that I would let use my bathroom would be the one with the stall phobia. My next step would be to send out an email letting teachers know that it needs to stop for two reasons: It is the SICK room restroom, meaning sick kids use that restroom and now those otherwise healthy kids are exposed. Sick kids are vomiting in the floor or having diarrhea on themselves because they do not have access to the restroom that is there FOR THEM.

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