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Med-surg, school nursing.
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OyWithThePoodles has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med-surg, school nursing..

Nurse since 2007: med-surg/pediatrics and school nursing. "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a persons strength." Proverbs 17:22

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  1. OyWithThePoodles

    Being forced to give corporate access to my medical records?!

    I just wouldn't sign it and tell them to float you. Get your doctor to sign off on you being medically able to float, they can't force you to have a disability if your doctor says you don't.
  2. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

  3. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Okay... it's been a long day and my brain is tired. What in the world is a "come to my house and mow my lawn" assessment? 😂 Extremely bloodshot eyes.
  4. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Any chance you'd wanna maybe sneak me a copy of that? 😘
  5. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Admin is the one who brought her to me, she had already been searched and questioned by the SRO and he said she had no suspicious reactions or answers, which was good. I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I didn't do. Thank you!
  6. OyWithThePoodles

    Second guessing myself

    You did the right thing. We offer an insurance to parents, but it doesn't pay 100% of the cost of injury. Parents' insurance pays and what it doesn't cover, the school insurance picks up.
  7. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Right. It is a law in our state now that the school must be notified within 24-hours of receiving a positive, BY PARENTS. So, if they're breaking the law, that's on them. I let him know after he said "you wouldn't know anything about me if I hadn't told you" that he told us because he was doing the right thing and keeping the rest of our students and staff safe. UGGHHH.
  8. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Had a positive parent send their son to school after they were told to quarantine the kid. The had the audacity to get mad at me when the student had to be picked up. Mad because we checked his temperature at school before entry and didn't have a fever. Why are you even checking if you're just going to send kids home whenever you feel like it? Sir, we have to check temps because our department of education makes us, but that is beside the point. YOU are positive. Which means the students in your household have to quarantine. (Yes, the student was a close contact) Argued with me for quite a while. Even told me I had no idea how many students were in school with Covid right now because "parents talk". If parents are knowingly sending their kids to school with Covid, that's on them. Y'all I am over Covid.
  9. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Alright y'all. I tried searching, promise. And I could not find a previous post on this even though I know they're there. I am at a high school now (working with Mr. Poodles!!) and I am unfamiliar with how to assess the students if they're suspected to be under the influence. I was brought one yesterday: Upon entering I first checked smell, through my mask of course. No smell of alcohol or marijuana noted. I check her pupils, gait, speech, how she reacted when I said was going to call mom (about an actual medical concern). I found nothing of concern. The SRO came in after and said his findings were the same. My question is: Is there anything else I should've done? Do you all make them do almost like a sobriety test (I.e. walk a straight line, nose to finger, etc.)? I want to make sure I am doing everything I can do detect an abnormality if it's there, I've been in elementary the last 6 years, and thankfully, I never had this issue. My 9 years in the hospital dealing with DT patients yields some assistance, but I want advice from my "co-workers". Miss y'all. Covid is taking up so much of our time I know we aren't on here as much.
  10. OyWithThePoodles

    Messing Up

    The hospital I used to work at required another nurse to verify and electronically sign their 3-4 ID in the computer. If this isn't in place at your facility, maybe this is a good change that will come. With every incident report filed they should be doing a risk analysis, a way to see if the incident could have been avoided and how to prevent it from happening again. If something like this isn't in place, maybe you could suggest it. But worry not, we have ALL made mistakes. Some big, some little. But we always learn from them. And usually don't make the same mistake twice because the first time scared the **** out of us.
  11. OyWithThePoodles

    Superstitious Nurses

    I had a co-worker that anytime she wore black scrubs, we had a death on the unit. Only took a handful of times before we told her to burn her black scrubs.
  12. OyWithThePoodles

    Will you take the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

    I got my Moderna vaccine last week. Arm was sore, got worse as the night went on but was fine the next morning. I was very fatigued, but otherwise fine.
  13. OyWithThePoodles

    Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    I will also add, there were many times I was sent to the PCU or ICU to take patients. BUT. They didn't have drips or vents, usually walkie talkies that were simply waiting on a transfer to a lower level care floor. They didn't have anything going on that was actually out of my knowledge base (I wasn't trained on drips or vents). We were told that we could certainly take the patients as long as there wasn't anything that needed to be done that we hadn't been checked off on or trained to do.
  14. OyWithThePoodles

    Med Surg nurse being given Tele Patients

    I worked on a med-surg floor for 9 years and the majority of our patients were tele. Most unnecessary, but the hospitalist would order it on EVERYONE. Drove me crazy. But it certainly wasn't out of my scope. Granted, our tele patients were monitored by a monitor tech who watched their rhythms and contacted us if something was wonky. If you are worried, you could take a refresher on rhythms (I have always sucked at rhythms) to boost your confidence.
  15. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    The Coronavirus is good for something, scaring people into washing their hands when they otherwise wouldn't.
  16. OyWithThePoodles

    Stolen supplies

    Ooooh, I'd be mad. I wrote on my extra large bottle of sanitizer "Please do not refill your sanitizer from this bottle."