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Med-surg, school nursing.
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OyWithThePoodles has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med-surg, school nursing..

Nurse since 2007: med-surg/pediatrics and school nursing. "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a persons strength." Proverbs 17:22

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  1. OyWithThePoodles

    Mask Mandate in MA Schools Ending on 3/1

    We got rid of masks last week. So far I have two positives that are clearly directly related to each other. We are only contact tracing at home contacts, tracing at school now would be near impossible at the high school and middle school level. ...
  2. OyWithThePoodles

    What does everyone wear?

    I wear scrubs or scrub pants and a school t-shirt. On Friday's I wear jeans and a school shirt.
  3. OyWithThePoodles


    See if you can get anyone to donate... We have a large car production company nearby and they've donated about 10,000 masks, if not more.
  4. OyWithThePoodles

    Returning After Starting Antibiotics

    Back when I was seeing a lot of strep, MD's were starting to write to return after 12 hours. I was surprised honestly.
  5. OyWithThePoodles

    Overbearing Parent Help

    The facetiming needs to stop. It is disrupting to the learning process for every other child in the building. The school has reasonable accommodations, the nurse. Admin needs to get on board before other parents start throwing a fit. If mom is nit-pi...
  6. I just wouldn't sign it and tell them to float you. Get your doctor to sign off on you being medically able to float, they can't force you to have a disability if your doctor says you don't.
  7. OyWithThePoodles

    Staying or Going?

    Definitely staying. I did hospital nursing for 9 years, and I truly love what I do. Working with my spouse is my incentive, I guess ?.
  8. OyWithThePoodles

    WOW 2 days in

    I worked in a hospital for NINE YEARS. And I kid you not, every single time I walked in to that supply room for something that wasn't used daily, I would stand there for a good 10 minutes searching. It has nothing to do with you not listening. But do...
  9. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

  10. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Okay... it's been a long day and my brain is tired. What in the world is a "come to my house and mow my lawn" assessment? ? Extremely bloodshot eyes.
  11. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Any chance you'd wanna maybe sneak me a copy of that? ?
  12. OyWithThePoodles

    Under the Influence Assessment

    Admin is the one who brought her to me, she had already been searched and questioned by the SRO and he said she had no suspicious reactions or answers, which was good. I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I didn't do. Thank you!
  13. OyWithThePoodles

    Second guessing myself

    You did the right thing. We offer an insurance to parents, but it doesn't pay 100% of the cost of injury. Parents' insurance pays and what it doesn't cover, the school insurance picks up.
  14. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Right. It is a law in our state now that the school must be notified within 24-hours of receiving a positive, BY PARENTS. So, if they're breaking the law, that's on them. I let him know after he said "you wouldn't know anything about me if I hadn't t...
  15. OyWithThePoodles

    C'Mon Now!

    Had a positive parent send their son to school after they were told to quarantine the kid. The had the audacity to get mad at me when the student had to be picked up. Mad because we checked his temperature at school before entry and didn't have a fev...