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  1. Sometimes when the night is slow at work and because I'm nosy, I go to my state's office of the professions website and peruse the disciplinary actions against various licensed professionals in my state. For example, a dentist in my state allowed an ...
  2. Low Census

    There's some things that I don't like but that just comes with my low seniority. I'm second from the bottom. Other than that, I can't complain.
  3. Low Census

    My unit is actually closed right now due to low census (I work in peds). During the time we are closed (or if the unit is open and just low) and you're scheduled to work the supervisor will call (in order of high to low senority) before your shift an...
  4. What was your very first Nursing Job?

    Per diem psych ER. It's a smallish hospital/SNF in a bad area with the only psych ER in the county. I hated it. Now I'm working at the only Women and Children's hospital in my area (the next closest is like an hour away so it's very hard to get hired...
  5. Am I ill-suited to the ED?

    I have no medical ER experience, but I did work for a short time in a psych ER. Are there any hospitals with psych ER that you can apply to once you graduate? The one I worked at was a regular hospital that also had 2 inpatient psych units. I definit...
  6. What's your night shift routine?

    I've been working full time overnights for about a month now (3 - 12's). Staying up at night for work is not a problem, but I am having a hard time adjusting to my days off. I'm usually scheduled every other day, occasionally I will have 2 days in a ...
  7. New RN - Should I take an unappealing Med-Surg offer?

    I think a lot of people may be downplaying the importance of job satisfaction. I knew from the beginning that I DID NOT want to work with adults. Period. I knew that if I took a job in that setting to get that "one year of med surg experience" I woul...
  8. FitBit at work

    I'm looking into buying a FitBit. I'm looking to the Charge HR. Do any of you guys have them and wear them at work? Do you recommend a different brand or model? Do you think it's unsanitary or interferes with hand washing? Thanks!
  9. Accidentally told my coworker what I make, BIG ISSUES NOW

    I REALLY hope you go for that position. If it makes you feel any better, the office job I'm quitting I was only at for 6-7 months, so I barely started there as well. The hospital I'm going to is the only children's hospital in the area and I intervie...
  10. Accidentally told my coworker what I make, BIG ISSUES NOW

    Sorry this happened to you.. I had something similar happen to me recently as well. I currently work at a doctor's office but I am leaving that job for overnights at a hospital where I will be making almost double. I had a couple of my nurse co-work...
  11. New stethoscope to celebrate a new job..

    that's why I was leaning towards the lime/smoke. It's so bright that theres no way it'll walk away unnoticed. I'm also planning on engraving it too. I'm just worried about the tubing getting stained.
  12. New stethoscope to celebrate a new job..

    I was recently hired at my dream facility on a pediatric med/surg unit. I have been toying with the idea of buying a new stethoscope to celebrate my new job.. Which one is your favorite? Littmann Cardiology iii Stethoscope Superstore & More I'm...
  13. If you could speak your mind...

    When I go by a room and patient yells "nurse!" when they see me walk by, sometimes I'll pop my head in and go "What can I do for you patient?"
  14. Pre-employment drug testing; urine vs hair

    Oh I guess that's not too bad then. When my Mom was hair tested they took a chunk the thickness of my middle finger (and I have chubby fingers!)
  15. Pre-employment drug testing; urine vs hair

    they PULL it out?! ouch! My mom was hair tested for her job (at a grocery store of all places...) and they cut good chunk of hair about 1/4 inch from her scalp. It was at the base of her neck so it wasnt super obvious but still..