if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

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I would sell my virginity(going rate is 1 million+)..then invest my profits in long term real estate and open up a entertainment center like skating/bowling combo of sorts.

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Johnnydogood's boss :D.

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It's a toss up between Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Exclusive pharmacist for pro football and baseball, or 2nd mate on a tramp steamer.

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Occupational therapist.

I remember wanting to be a business major until I was 17. I didn't even know what they did, big problem is I thought their job was to be office managers, so that would have been a big surprise. Then I was an elementary ed. major for 2 weeks. I shudder at the thought of that now; God bless you teachers out there. Then I chose nursing though I didn't really know what they did. Thankfully as school proceeded I didn't hate it. I am very happy with my career, but if I could counsel myself at 18. . .


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Any profession where I could find a job and not to hear:"No new grads".


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funny no one picked nurse again. haha. I would be a physical therapist


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I would become a teacher. I'd be WELL on my way to being tenured..a decent paycheck..no nighshift, weekends or holidays. It's my 6th Christmas at my current job and it'll be my 5th Christmas working :(

Sure I'd have to deal with parents but it can't possibly be any worse than the families of patients that I have to put up with right now. And these families, I HAVE to be nice to or risk losing my job because I didn't provide good enough customer service!


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If I knew then what I KNOW NOW....All kidding aside, I have always wanted to be a nurse. My grandparents (was lucky enough to have all four into early adulthood) taught me about compassion........That being said, nursing is the best career to show that compassion. I have worked in management, retail, customer service, medical assisting, (bartender = psychologist) and all of those jobs prepared me for nursing in one form or another. I am sooooo excited that I am so close to achieving my BSN after all of the life experience and the recent start over the economy forced me into. I give huge kudos to the nurses who have stuck it out and continue to hang on! Please give the new grads a chance nurse mangers and HR! Some of us that are adults and are starting our lives over have TONS to offer!!


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Johnnydogood's boss :D.

GOOD ONE!!!! :yeah:

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An elementary teacher.


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Razi, your young! My suggestion is change professions now. Now that I am older, in 100+K debt, and have young children, it is much harder to change professions. Nursing has only gotten harder for me

I think I would go into politics and be the first black female president, maybe its not too late:idea:

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