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TiffyRN has 29 years experience as a ADN, BSN, PhD and specializes in NICU.

Found the promised land of NICU after years of wrangling people much bigger than me!

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  1. TiffyRN

    Weaning to open bed

    First of all I'd recommend anything you write be a "guideline" and now a strict policy. This will allow for some flexibility for individualized patient care. Our thermoregulation guidelines were recently re-written and if I recall them c...
  2. TiffyRN

    NGT policies about days until removal for Neonates

    I've been in my current unit for 18 years. The dwell time for tubes was originally 3 days but those were stiffer plastic tubes. When we changed to silastic tubes the dwell time was changed to 3 weeks, then mysteriously changed to 2 weeks. We recently...
  3. Not familiar with the niv-nava but kind of have an idea from internet searches. Maybe lay down a square or rectangle of duoderm on the chin for stability, then use H-cut tape with one half on the duoderm and the the other half wrapping around your tu...
  4. Apparently it is very much dependent on how your department feels. The dean of my PhD program didn't like students to list PhDc so it wouldn't have been in my best interest to go against her. As for ABD, I've never seen that as an official designati...
  5. TiffyRN

    Earning a PhD in Nursing after a JD and MSN

    One of my PhD professors was/is a JD as well. I don't know which one came first. I know she's tenured and has now moved into the position of director of the PhD program recently. She's taught special topics on biomedical mediation, legal and ethical ...
  6. While I'm not sure my program is classified as "competitive", it is a based out of traditional brick and mortar State university. The PhD program is largely online. I was required to go to a campus week approximately once a year for in-person interac...
  7. hey any help for APRN HESI pharm?


    1. TiffyRN

      TiffyRN, ADN, BSN, PhD

      My husband took it not me. He used study cards to prep. I don't recall his scores but none were terrible. In his program, if your scores weren't at the benchmark you just had to read some supplemental material, no other assignments or questions or follow up tests. He also chose to withdraw from the program early in the 2nd semester. (So many reasons).

  8. TiffyRN

    Cluster Care & Vital Sign Frequency

    Feeders (what I do most): BP once a shift unless on anti-HTN meds. Temps Q3 if eating, can be stretched out further if they kid is ad lib and eats less frequently. For those more stable older kids we aren't likely to wake them up just for a temp unl...
  9. TiffyRN

    Finishing Excelsior ADN Soon, BSN concerns

    The biggest issue with BSN schools after getting your ADN at EC is because many EC students only have 6 instead of 8 credits for A&P I & II (since no lab). My husband was an ADN EC grad so we faced this back in 2012. He would have needed to t...
  10. TiffyRN


    Congrats on that defense!! Sorry I don't have any advice, I just took my regular CNE exam today and passed. My only advice which doesn't really apply to you is just schedule that test so that it will force you to study. But you had a defense to deal ...
  11. TiffyRN

    Ideas for my Ph.D. dissertation

    It kind of needs to be something you are attracted to. As you've done lit reviews around diabetic patients, what questions have you asked that haven't popped out of the literature. Or comb through the "suggestions for future research" on articles tha...
  12. TiffyRN

    Critical care RN to PMHNP, am I crazy? Looking for advice

    I know this thread is a few weeks old but I was having some similar questions. My DH is about 1/4 through PMHNP school, he also came from a non-psych background. Whereas he knew most PMHNPs mostly do med management, he had visions of possibly doing s...
  13. TiffyRN

    UTA Spring 2019 PMHNP

    Anybody know if UTA takes transfer students from other Texas schools. Backstory: Hubby got into Texas State's program knowing it was one of the fastest in the nation and is now regretting the pace. One issue (though maybe an advantage now) is that ...
  14. TiffyRN

    Grand Canyon DNP Program

    I thought for sure this was incorrect but apparently my information was out of date. GCU was nonprofit (or maybe not-for-profit, because apparently these are different things) for many years until around 2004 when it became for-profit. A few years ag...
  15. TiffyRN

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    I really went down a rabbit hole for this. The closest I found was an Allnurses link suggesting that there might be a 6 month RN school in Florida. No one could confirm but they threw out Sienna College and Med-life Institute as possibly being the pl...