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  1. I feel for you. Whats so ironic is that I have the attitude that nursing would be a field for me that I could advance in. Let me tell you something, sweetheart. I have been a police officer 25 years. I can not begin to tell you about the level of incompetetence, backbiting and arrogance that comes with this job. I have always taken the high road and dismiss a lot of the antics that my co workers have done to not only each other, but the general public. The truth of the matter is this. All fields have a level of discontent.There is no utopia. I have been fortunate to keep pushing ahead inspite of the craziness that this job entails. I have always been a prayerful person and thats also keeps me sane and uplifted. Dont despair. Keep your head to the sky and ask God to direct your path.It sounds like you have had a rough time in nursing and after reading your posts, I am wondering if nursing is really for me as well. I have had enough of law enforcement and just now is beginning to feel less stress about the job that I do now. I have been offered a federal law enforcement job and now I am at a crossroads if I shoulld do nursing or relocate and take that federal position.Im still waiting for God on that one. But, go with your gut, as we say in police work. If you think you might want explore other options, pray about it, then leave it to God. Trust me, God doesnt lie and he knows whats best for all of us. Good luck to you in you quest to find your niche, Denise
  2. denise2banurse

    if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

    I think I would go into politics and be the first black female president, maybe its not too late:idea: