if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

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I would still choose nursing!

I'm only studying to become a nurse, if I could do it all over again, I wish I did nursing straight out of high school, not 6 years a bunch of crappy, boring office jobs latter... But on the other hand, maybe I wasnt ready straigh out of high school, and maybe if I went into nursing then I would feel differently about it, who knows?

When I though about nursing 2.5 years ago, I actually took a year to make my decision and "sit on it" it was a consious decision that I made, I wasn't pushed into it, I was carefully weighting all the pros and cons, and doing LOTS of research, soul searching, thinking, deliberating, contemplating... I CHOSE to be a NURSE, and because it's the ultimate and perfect job for me!
My mom actually went out of her way questioning my decision, and "sabotaging" my views of nursing, as I later understood she did it only to make sure it was really what I wanted, and when I was dealing with all the hard time she gave me that's when I realized it's really what I want, hardship, bad days, difficult patient, insane workloads, nurse managers and all, the benefits and pros of nursing still outweigh it all by a lot (for me) and I chose nursing as my life's work.


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Scientist is right about he grass being greener! Be careful what you wish for; teaching isn't easier. Especially not early childhood.


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I'm still not sure..I'm looking into grad school, this is a narrowed down list: social work, medicine, psychology, pmhnp. I have no idea where I'll be in 10 years..not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :rolleyes:


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Also, teaching is just as much customer service work as nursing!


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I think I would go into politics and be the first black female president, maybe its not too late:idea:

i would never ever want to be President. ever notice how their hair turns white only 2 years in. citizens are not looking for a president, they are looking for a Miracle Worker in Chief. they expect for you to not only do everything for them, but make everything right from plugging deep ocean holes to finding them jobs which they are unqualified for, to tying their shoes to finding them happiness, everything. it is beyond tough.


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If I could go back in time to do it all over again, I would be a professor of women's studies at a major university. The field was just getting off the ground when I was a young 'un and it would have been the perfect time to have gotten in at the ground level.

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Some sort of pathology, medical examiner, CSI. I was incredibly interested when I was younger, but most of the actual jobs are actually really dull. I took a forensic science class ROP my last year of high school, and a cop taught it. It was good experience because I don't think I could sit in a room all day looking at such things. It's a very lab job. The guys who go out to scenes to take the pics and gather the evidence so on would be more my line of work. But unfortunately, it doesn't pay very well. Medical Examiner is all that is left, and it's so much school and I believe it is still a very political jobs. So therefore.....once discovering there was no perfect job. I went into nursing. : ) And I like it alot, it's a close fit.

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I'm only twenty, so I have a lot of time and learning in front of me.

Somethings I would like to do:

FBI Linguist(Arabic Specialist), Information Analyst (counterterrorism division)...

Basically anything involved in National Security, especially in regards to Jihadists. :)

But it seems unrealistic for me right know. :(

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Travel writer! Translator for the UN! Major in french and go into intenational business (or at least move to Montreal)!


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I think I would still be a nurse...Everything else I'd want to do I will be doing once my contract is up and I can get per diem status : )

I plan to do some interior design, become a certified esthetician, maybe do food catering/ open a restaurant...


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:dancgrp:Open a dance studio

and work happily ever after...........

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One or a combination of the choices below:



3. Own/run a vintage collectibles and home decor shop

4. Own/run a no-kill animal rescue shelter

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