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  1. johnnyDoGood

    Withdrawl of Life Support in the PICU

    it depends on how you look at it with infants. do they still consider SIDS a natural death, for instance. like i stated, it's traumatic for the family, but it happens. if the OP frets about this on every case, then they are putting themselves at emotional health risk.
  2. johnnyDoGood

    If you love DoGoodThenGo's posts ...

    that's ok. but my question was not answered. i wonder when they signed up before or after me. after all 'dogood' is not a common name. btw i am not striving for intelligence or perfection. i know alot of intelligent ppl who are miserable and sad. i have enough knowlege to get by in life and i'm doing fine. i don't have to please people or worry about what they think of me. i just need to be myself. that's all that matters. if i'm not intelligent or don't post intelligent comments, it's no big deal. no one is going to stop 50 years from now and ask me either. i have come across a goo gob of 'non-intelligent' ppl in life, so i'm not alone.
  3. johnnyDoGood

    Withdrawl of Life Support in the PICU

    gotta do what you gotta do. can't be timid about the situation. you might face this again many times. death is a natural process, very natural. you can't fight death. yes you feel sorry for the family, but it was not your fault that life support had to be stopped. why grow gray hairs worrying about this? what's done is done.
  4. johnnyDoGood

    If you love DoGoodThenGo's posts ...

    there name sounds familiar to mine. do you think they got any ideas when signing up?
  5. was talking to the cousin last night and they want to go back to school at 50. says they are interested in being an organ transplant technician. how do you train for that? is there a school that offers that? i guess it's the person that helps on the transplanting team when a newly deceased person is having his organs removed while still in the ER.
  6. johnnyDoGood

    Night Shift!!! How do YOU stay awake?

    nothing. just keep working nites and your body will adjust eventually.
  7. johnnyDoGood

    excessive talking and opinions might hurt me in the medical field

    i see. maybe cuz i haven't told them all yet. would you be interested in hearing some. i can't give them all away because i'm looking at patents.
  8. johnnyDoGood

    What's the name for this symptom?

    just looking for the specific name. i do have a pcp (primary care physician) for any of my ailments.
  9. johnnyDoGood

    Fellow Nurses, I need help! Tips PLEASE!

    the best thing to do is this; stay in community college and get all of your general courses out of the way. keep your grades up, try to avoid dropping classes at any cost (they come back to haunt you later). give yourself some time to think about what you want to do, even if that means taking a year or two off from school to contemplate what you want to do. i wish i had done that. you can get advice on here from nurses telling you this or that, but everyone's exp. is different. just because one nurse on here loves nursing does not mean that you will love nursing because we are all different. if you really love people, love waiting on them and making them happy, if you love to live at the job and do goo gobs of o.t. if you love standing on your feet all day and working your buns off then you will love nursing. if you like more autonomy and freedom, more time off and less hard work then consider something else. you don't have to be a nurse to tell that it is alot of hard work and dedication because i've known nurses before. but it's best to do nursing while you are young. once you start working and starting a family it becomes really hard to get thru.
  10. johnnyDoGood

    Am I dumb or what?

    dropping courses can be just as bad as getting low grades. they do look at that stuff you know. she does not want to get in the habit of dropping courses. it is very habit forming. you can't quit just because you got off on a bad foot, gotta keep on going. because if she is more than half way thru and failing, this is bad news for her going into the health field already. you can't always count on getting good teachers.
  11. johnnyDoGood

    usajobs.gov and medhunters.com

    yeah, maybe so, but i do love to chat with folks. i learn that way.
  12. i'm an incessant talker filled up full of ideas and opinions. i can see that many ppl on this forum appear annoyed with me, so i feel once i get in the health field, it might hurt my chances of moving forward as many people do not like talkers or folk like me opinionated or riddled with many many super ideas. do you all think i should learn to quiet down, stop asking questions and talking just to get people to not be annoyed by me? i'm having a hard time not talking and being busy with learning and communicating.
  13. i come up with 31.25 gtt/min take 500ml and multiply by 15 gtt then divide it all over 240 minutes. because 4 hours is 240 minutes.
  14. johnnyDoGood

    usajobs.gov and medhunters.com

    i was actually looking on usagov for another type of position and happened to see alot of nursing jobs i thought might be helpful to someone looking. i just noticed in passing. i would want someone to inform me. if someone applied for a carpenters job and saw an ad in passing for say like a boiler job and i was an out of work boilermaker, i would want them to extend the courtesy is all i was saying. it's not that i'm worrying about nursing jobs, i was just being helpful.
  15. johnnyDoGood

    if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

    i would never ever want to be President. ever notice how their hair turns white only 2 years in. citizens are not looking for a president, they are looking for a Miracle Worker in Chief. they expect for you to not only do everything for them, but make everything right from plugging deep ocean holes to finding them jobs which they are unqualified for, to tying their shoes to finding them happiness, everything. it is beyond tough.