excessive talking and opinions might hurt me in the medical field

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i'm an incessant talker filled up full of ideas and opinions. i can see that many ppl on this forum appear annoyed with me, so i feel once i get in the health field, it might hurt my chances of moving forward as many people do not like talkers or folk like me opinionated or riddled with many many super ideas. do you all think i should learn to quiet down, stop asking questions and talking just to get people to not be annoyed by me? i'm having a hard time not talking and being busy with learning and communicating.

Hi Johnny:

Sometimes other people need to voice their opinions and/or offer help or ideas. It is great to have a lot of good ideas but I think you might be wise to allow others to have their say.

No one can do it all and no man is an island.

To quote the Beatles "With a Little Help from my Friends".


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Sometimes your ideas aren't so super.

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Excessive talking and opinions might hurt you in any field.

It's hard to learn when your teacher can't get a word in edgewise.

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Sometimes your ideas aren't so super.

i see. maybe cuz i haven't told them all yet. would you be interested in hearing some. i can't give them all away because i'm looking at patents.

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Oh yeah, remember you are working in a female-dominated profession where gossip is rampant. Being a non-stop talker will garner you all kinds of the wrong attention. In nursing you have to be low-key, keep a low profile; and keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Talkers eventually get fired because they have big mouths and tend to need validation all the time which make them talk even more; and others who get wind of this can't help but gossip. Do not divulge any personal information until you have been at your job for years. Any info you release will quickly be known throughout the workplace. Don't be a big mouth because you never know who may be listening and eventually you will be reported to management and be out of a job.

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OMG! You are 25 years old, need some experience and are a babysitter! It appears you are a very immature male. Please correct me if i am wrong. In any event if you are as talkative as you sound and you are a male you are in big trouble in this profession.

I love a talker... But could see how I could become annoyed with someone who thinks they have super super ideas - (Unless of course it's one of my small children). I think that once you grow-up a bit you will learn to keep some things to yourself.

You'll be too busy on the floor to talk about anything that isn't relevant to nursing, don't worry about it.

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ever consider comedy :D

It's not that people don't like others who are talkative, opinionated, or innovative. People don't appreciate getting unsolicited opinions, advice, or ideas from someone who has no knowledge or experience with the topic.

Johnny, I know a place where your opinions would be valued and celebrated.

I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to give you the actual link, but it rhymes with "schmudent proctor schmetwork"


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