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systoly has 23 years experience and specializes in LTC, Memory loss, PDN.

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  1. systoly

    Quit my first nursing home after 1 day!

    no, not all extended care facilities are like this, but i believe depending on geographical location you may have a higher chance of encountering this i say this, because i had 2 very similar experiences when i relocated from Ohio to the state i reside in now in fact i became so disgusted that i ended up working in a factory for a year until i found a job at a private pay facility private pay facilities or CCRCs are the only type of extended care facility in my area that provide a decent level of care and a decent work environment i also found that reimbursement in Ohio is much higher than in my state don't give up, there are lots of good facilities out there
  2. systoly

    Giving Report

    report is an important part of (continuity of) patient care it involves at least 2 staff members and so the responsibility to ensure a successful report lies with at least 2 staff members it is yet another skill that improves with experience (hopefully :) ) that fact that you care and want to get better at it makes you golden in my book rather than ripping you, a seasoned nurse could take the opportunity for teaching such as explaining why something you omitted is of importance i like to carry a notepad with me all shift and organize my report sheet at the end of the shift, if i'm not quite ready for report when the oncoming arrives, i'll tell them i need a minute and to feel free to look at the new admit notes, labs or whatever is new don't sweat it too much, you'll find your own system and you'll get good at it
  3. systoly

    Guilt over saying no to overtime

    you're not a staffing agency, you're not a scheduler and you're not HR you are, however, responsible for delivering quality care while working your schedule preventing burn out is one way you can ensure that you continue to give your employer their money's worth
  4. systoly

    Chronic "accidents"

    teacher's aides assist with toileting and do the cleaning and changing for episodes of incontinence these episodes can sometimes be reduced by scheduled toileting, which is something the teachers and aides can do, but not you
  5. systoly

    Tips on dealing with difficult parents

    Over the years, I've worked with many family members who struggled with poor prognoses or imminent death. I find it quite normal to reject such prognoses and have a harder time with families who react in a stoic fashion. However, the use of profanity, as in cussing out hospital staff and doctors, is never acceptable.
  6. systoly

    Drug testing of nurses every other week?

    I don't see being asked if you know anything about it as cause for alarm it's part of the investigation
  7. systoly

    Tips on dealing with difficult parents

    I do document verbatim a lot, but tell them that's what i'm doing "i will document this exactly the way you said it so that everyone can know and we're all on the same page"
  8. systoly

    Tips on dealing with difficult parents

    I go by the book do exactly what's on the 485 - no less, no more as gimme coffee said, unless it pertains to the care of the pt, i don't want to know
  9. as others have said, listen to family members when the pt has had previous (negative) experiences with Rx in this particular case I might have said something like, "how refreshing, finally someone who doesn't believe all of life's problems can be solved by taking another pill" and then do exactly what OP did
  10. systoly

    Don't know what to do about job offer.

    it's not a question of job preference the question is are you financially secure enough to take chances or do you need a job right now
  11. systoly

    Trach/Vent child needs nursing coverage

    in my state, you could be hired by the agency and be assigned to your sons care maybe you could ask the agency if this is permissable in your state
  12. systoly

    Do you know your patients?

    look at labs
  13. systoly

    Moral of the story: Never give IM injections?

    the supervisor was present, so this would be the first person to answer about the event i doubt anything will trickle down to you, but you need peace, so perhaps you can talk to the supervisor
  14. systoly

    Moral of the story: Never give IM injections?

    there is no indication in yuor post that anyone from admin has contacted you about this only, "I was told Friday by a coworker..." For all i know your letting the scutlebutt get the best of you.
  15. systoly

    Providing perineal care at my clinical site

    what is the attitude of the CNAs do they seem caring, are they rushed, do the residents get good oral care
  16. systoly

    Patient wants to connect on LinkedIn

    "i would love to have your endorsement, you can sent a letter that speaks about the care you received to abc school of nursing and request that i receive a copy"