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  1. systoly

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    it might protect Nelly as well i have charted what a pt. stated about Nelly several times only Nelly wasn't even on duty during the shift in question
  2. systoly

    Nurses aren't maids!

    I don't see where the problem is. If you don't like the case, don't take it.
  3. systoly

    About this funny thing.

    I believe it is powered by the same source as the USB toilet.
  4. systoly

    G-tube bolus feeding question. Please help.

    Yes, you should have an order specifying when to hold feedings. Otherwise there would be no need to have an order to check residual. Now, in general, it is not necessary to have an order for checking residual, because it is normal to have a certain amount of residual, and digestion (gastric motility) doesn't maintain a constant pace.
  5. systoly

    How to Submit my Two Week Notice???

    That's sticking it to them.
  6. systoly

    How to Submit my Two Week Notice???

    You have an opportunity to advance your career. (No employer can reasonably argue with this) While philosophies on resignations and exit interviews vary, here's my dime (inflation ) I'd hand deliver my resignation to the person who hired me or now holds that position. If that person is not available (vacation, etc.) give it to the fill in or the next up the chain. Of course you express gratitude for your previous job. Same with the exit interview. Even though it's voluntary, do participate, but resist the temptation to vent and be vague, but positive. Remember, the exit interview is a tool designed to benefit the facility, not you. If your management team has been receptive and open to constructive criticism in the past, by all means, point out problem areas.
  7. systoly

    whinny nurses

    As most responders have.
  8. systoly

    8 hour days or 12 hours days?

    12s are the best, especially with a long drive - saves on gas and travel time.
  9. systoly

    Need To Interview Someone In The Medical Field!

    Hi Melanie, please tell us about your online study.
  10. systoly

    Are you comfortable selling BOTOX?

    I don't believe in cosmetic sx unless it involves repair. Of course this is coming from someone who doesn't think Angelina is all that. I also realize not everybody has my natural good looks.
  11. systoly

    how do you deal with a disrespectful aide?

    5 characters
  12. systoly

    how do you deal with a disrespectful aide?

    What you describe is abusive behavior (toward pt. as well as staff) not disrespect. This is usually covered in policy and handbook. I do find your post vague so I'm not ready to jump on the band wagon. Perhaps this is why the agency has not responded.
  13. systoly

    Where to get CEU's

    You have 14 yrs experience and don't know where to get CEUs - rukiddingme? :D:D You know there was now way I'd miss out on playing with your username. I do really like the first line in your pro. Have you tried Medscape, they offer free CEUs.
  14. systoly

    What Is It About The Number "Ten" and Dosage Errors?

    Absolutely. As should the pharmacy.
  15. systoly

    whinny nurses

    Hey winterluv, stop whining. Just kidding. I know how annoying it is to receive a 10 minute report on how terrible the shift was, only to receive a report on the patients that is covered in 5 minutes. If I have a tough shift, it takes every minute I have to report on the pt.s, because there's a ton to report. If the whining gets too annoying just say something like, "Oh my, sounds like you need a break. Do you want me to ask if they'd let me take on of your shifts this week, I could use the xtra money."