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  1. OttawaRPN

    Visiting hours and quality of care: an unscientific study

    Not suggesting that at all; maybe you missed the hundreds of posts from American nurses citing their fears at being fired for any little thing. You will be hard pressed to find similar posts from Canadian nurses. Why? Because our publicly funded system means "the customer is always right" approach is not prevalent here. Therefore, the inherent fear of being fired is not commonplace with every decision we make. I have no problem with visitors; when visiting hours are respected. They exist for a reason and nurses have the liberty to enforce them as they wish.
  2. OttawaRPN

    Patient Confessions

    What was the point of this, exactly?
  3. OttawaRPN

    Tell me this doesn't happen all the time.

    There are two sides to every story and obviously we haven't heard the nurse's side. What I find curious is why patients, who have some disagreement about the level of care they receive, don't say something to the nurse at the time of the concern. It always seems to be a complaint after the fact, which in my opinion, makes it less credible. Surely if the care was that bad, you would voice your distress immediately and not wait until after discharge?
  4. OttawaRPN

    Renal question

    I dislike bladder scanners b/c they have to be reprogrammed on occasion and like most electronics, cannot guarantee to give you an accurate reading. They only real way to check for residuals is to straight cath and see what you get.
  5. OttawaRPN

    Extra dose of septra ds

    Why would there be a prn for an Abx? I'm wondering if you mean like an emergency drug box. At any rate, you will never know if a dose was given until you ask your partner; just goes to show to check the MAR first before giving a med, even if it's still sitting in the strip pack. You didn't mention if it was the patient's first dose and sometimes a loading dose is given initially but not usually with a DS. At any rate, hopefully you reported it as a med error.
  6. OttawaRPN

    Visiting hours and quality of care: an unscientific study

    We make exceptions for children and those who are terminally ill. It's up to the staff. I think the difference lies in the whole customer service concept that exists in the States but not here; some of you nurses feel you have to jump through hoops to accommodate everyone and their brother, for fear of getting fired. We don't. That's not to suggest that we aren't customer service focused, just that we have the ability to be autonomous with our decisions w/o concern of repercussion.
  7. OttawaRPN

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    They may not be able to discriminate based on religious beliefs but they most definitely can and will discriminate based on qualifications. Like most jobs, nursing is very competitive so if they find another nurse who is better suited for the job, then you will be poop out of luck. If you checked "yes", that means you've met that requirement are are prepared to give blood, but if you checked "no", they have every right to question your competencies and if you don't have any, they will choose someone who does. It's simple economics. Hopefully, you wouldn't lie about it and not fully disclose the truth because that would be unprofessional and unethical and, as you well know, we nurses are nothing if not professional and ethical. Not as troublesome? So you believe that in an emergency life or death situation religious preferences should trump attempting to save a human life? That's an absolute scary thought and sure as heck wouldn't hold up in a court of law. Your post was very biased which is not surprising, but luckily several others have chimed in on the other side of the equation, certainly the OP will benefit from hearing about all angles of this dilemma and not just the fluffy perfect world interpretation.
  8. OttawaRPN

    Visiting hours and quality of care: an unscientific study

    I posted earlier in this discussion that nurses at my facilities do push for compliance with the visiting hours and this applies to overnight visitors as well. We don't allow visitors to stay overnight especially if the patient is in a semi or ward; this is unfair to the other patient(s), and if I was that other patient, I'd be pretty mad if the nurse allowed some unnecessary person to sleep over. Not to mention there just isn't enough room in these rooms to house another body, if I have to crawl over someone to get to my patient, I'm going to be p!ssed. I can never quite understand what the point is of a visitor wanting to stay overnight. The patient is in a hospital so obviously well taken care of and nothing bad is going to happen to them. They're going to be sleeping, not socializing, and if the visitor plans on sleeping, then why are they even there? I just don't get it.
  9. OttawaRPN

    Rn Health requirements?

    Alicia, I think you are looking for some hard and fast rules about what medical conditions should preclude someone from becoming a nurse. Well, there aren't any. A large proportion of the population suffer from some sort of mental illness, but mental illness is treatable and manageable so to expect that no one with ADD/bipolar/schizo be allowed to become a nurse is judgmental and discriminatory. Our society just doesn't function like that. As for making life-threatening errors, that can happen to any nurse with our without a medical condition, as we are all human and as the saying goes "to err is human". But what joins us all at the hip is that we, as nurses, are all fully accountable for our actions, both good and bad, no matter the circumstance and no matter what our health history may be.
  10. OttawaRPN

    As if it isn't hard enough to find a job....

    But why don't those employers use monster.ca, workopolis.com, government affiliated job banks or any other dedicated job search site? Because those sites charge a nominal fee but any yahoo can post on craigslist for free. If the employer doesn't want to invest a few dollars to ensure quality personnel, then it's not a place I want to work for anyway.
  11. OttawaRPN

    how do you become an organ transplant tech.?

    A friend of mine is a cornea retrieval nurse - she travels wherever and whenever and harvests those corneas pretty much any location the body happens to be.
  12. OttawaRPN

    As if it isn't hard enough to find a job....

    No reputable employer would use a smutty site like craigslist to advertise job openings. Anyone who is lame enough to peruse those sites looking for jobs deserve whatever crap they have coming.
  13. OttawaRPN

    Rn Health requirements?

    You mean will they discriminate against someone who has ADHD? Of course not, that would be against the law. The only health requirements are the ones enforced by your school ie) up to date immunizations, etc. and this varies from school to school. The CNO also doesn't mandate health requirements but your place of employment might; again, it varies from employer to employer.
  14. OttawaRPN

    CRNE October 2010

    Wow, I'm appalled by some of these egotistical posts! The reason you aren't passing your repeated attempts at the exam is because YOU have not learned enough. It's that simple. You can dissect all the reasons this is so, but the fact remains: YOU have not gleaned enough knowledge to make you safe to practice nursing. Being given 3 attempts is more than generous and the problem isn't with the system. It's with YOU. Remember this is an entry to practice exam meaning, theoretically, base knowledge that you should have gained during your years of nursing school. If you haven't gained this knowledge then you are UNSAFE to be practicing as a nurse. Our mandates as nurses is to protect the public, stop thinking that it's all about YOU. Does the public care you have families to support and student loans to pay and English isn't your first language? How ridiculous and narcissistic! If you can't pass after 3 attempts (which is still WAY to generous) then you should not be a nurse. Point blank. Go back to school or pick another career. In case I haven't made it clear yet, is it definitely and unequivocally not about YOU.