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Witty3RN has 1 years experience.

I'm married with 3 wonderful children. Oncology nurse and love it and currently working on my BSN online.

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  1. Witty3RN

    Please help get me out of bedside/floor nursing!

  2. Witty3RN

    How soon did you get pulled?

  3. Witty3RN

    Social help, not fitting in

  4. Witty3RN

    Cry baby CNAs

    What a wonderful post! 😄
  5. Witty3RN

    Cry baby CNAs

  6. Witty3RN

    Cry baby CNAs

    I worked as a nursing assistant while in nursing school and understand the work. It is hard, physically work but I left every morning at 7:00 am. Now as a RN I work with some good NA's and one older very lazy NA that I'm about to lose patience with, I physically do most of her work for her and still have to remind her to do the little things. All I can say is I left work this morning at 7:45 am and my nursing assistant left at 7:00. I have never seen an NA or CNA stay a second pass 7:00, they want us to help them with there job but they can't stay late and help us with ours!
  7. Witty3RN

    Peds Question

    I took NCLEX Monday my questions for Peds were very general - what age more prone to chocking, car accident, alcohol/drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns, small and large birth weight babies what to look for. Hope this helps!
  8. Witty3RN

    I just have to know NOW! Really?

    I totally agree!!! What is the point in this "venting" post. I'm proud to be a technology advanced, smart, aggressive new grad full of compassion.. So If I can log online and use a trick to see if I passed NCLEX to help me sleep at night - more power to me and the rest of the new grads!!!
  9. Witty3RN

    nclex on 7/15! 3 more days

    I took NCLEX Monday (July 15th) had the good pop up and BON updated their website today with my new license number!!! So excited, I also had all 265 questions.. So the trick works!
  10. Witty3RN

    About to have a nervous breakdown

    I received my temp today, thank the good Lord and thank you for your words of encouragement!!
  11. Witty3RN

    About to have a nervous breakdown

    I'm running out of patience waiting on the board to approve my application. I have a misdemeanor judgement from a hot check
  12. Witty3RN

    Arkansas Criminal Background Check

    How did it take for the AR BON to approve?
  13. Witty3RN

    Arkansas Criminal Background Check

    Can either one of you tell me know long it took to get your license when you have something on your background check. I answered yes on application and have already sent in all my info. Mine was a misdemeanor for a small hot check 9 years ago, seen my record had been sealed. But still wondered how long it took.
  14. Witty3RN

    LPN Temporary License in Arkansas

    I wish I knew too. Waiting on my RN temp and ready to start working!!
  15. Witty3RN

    ADN class of 2013

    I was pinned on May 17th and it is an awesome feeling to be done with nursing school. Congrats all 2013 grads and all others your time will be here before you know it!!
  16. Witty3RN

    I've wasted my spring break!

    I did nothing over spring break and I'm playing catch up this week and it sucks... But boy I sure did enjoy sleeping in and hanging out with my kids :)