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  1. April, RN

    Help me with time management

    How many patients do you have? Are there any nurses aides you can ask for help with some of those tasks like vitals and showers?
  2. April, RN

    Do male RN's have any business learning sonography?

    Same where I work. I would think vaginal and fetal ultrasounds would only make up a small portion of ultrasounds. OP, why do you think having an ADN isn't going to be enough?
  3. April, RN

    Student caught stealing....

    Would the BON care to hear about an incident like this since she doesn't have a license yet?
  4. April, RN

    how to work in a hospital as an aide at 19?

    The CPR/AED class you took is BLS (Basic Life Support).
  5. April, RN

    how to work in a hospital as an aide at 19?

    I'm not sure you can challenge the CNA test in PA. I just found this information on this website: http://i.nursegroups.com/nursing-article/pennsylvania-cna-certification-pa.html "Required Hours for Pennsylvania CNA Certification In Pennsylvania, you are required to complete a minimum of 75 hours of CNA course work and 100 hours of clinical rotation before challenging the state CNA licensing exam. The nurse aide classes typically last 2-6 months. Individual schools often have special requirements to begin the training program." I also just wanted to add that when I took the CNA test years ago before I went to nursing school, they were very strict about performing the skills step-by-step by the book. Even if you are able to challenge the test without taking the course, you might want to see if you can get your hands on a course book to review the skills the "book way". Or maybe you will get lucky and will get this job you applied for without having to take the test at all. :)
  6. April, RN

    Student caught stealing....

    They are. Maybe you missed the OPs update (post #153)?
  7. April, RN

    Student caught stealing....

    Shouldn't be hard... she confessed to the police officer.
  8. April, RN

    how to work in a hospital as an aide at 19?

    If the job post said it will train non-medical professionals and you are going to be in nursing school, it seems like you'd have a shot at the job. You'll have to wait and see if they call you back. Where I live, most hospitals will let you work as an aide if you have completed one semester of nursing school clinical OR you have a CNA certification. The CNA class at the American Red Cross is 6-7 weeks.
  9. April, RN

    Student caught stealing....

    What if what?
  10. April, RN

    Ethical Issue -Missing Prescriptions

    Again, this is not about race.
  11. April, RN

    Pt from Psych unit knew everyone in my community!

    I think it's a good thing that you thought about your own safety. I'm not saying you have to be skeptical of every patient, but as you know, there are nurses who have had patients track them down outside of work in person, through facebook, phone calls, etc. It sounds like you did a good job in this situation. As you gain more experience, you will be able to better identify unsafe situations and how to deal with them.
  12. April, RN

    Pt from Psych unit knew everyone in my community!

    2126, can you clarify your questions a little bit? When you say "this situation", are you referring to the fact that he knows many people from your community, or that he asked you out on a date? Why would you need to tell anyone his name or identifying info? Are you concerned for your safety? Personally, when I find myself in awkward conversations that I don't feel comfortable with, I try to divert the attention away by changing the subject or by excusing myself to tend to something work-related. I might say I have to call an MD before he leaves his office or something just to get myself away. I think your response to being asked out on a date was just fine. I like to chat with patients and family members but I've learned from experiences like yours to keep them very basic and am careful not to give out any personal details.
  13. I think I'm thinking the same thing Otessa is. I don't know anything about Ecuador but if this city is one of the best places to retire, I would think the average age would be 60+ and not childbearing age. It raises the question of whether or not a midwife would be needed in the area. That aside, I admire your adventurousness!
  14. April, RN

    Student caught stealing....

    And if she continues to get away with it without serious consequences, who knows how far she'll end up going with criminal activity.
  15. April, RN

    Annoyed, venting, am I too sensitive?

    I guess I'm also too sensitive because I'd be annoyed with that documentation, too. It makes it sound like the nurse gave the red snacks but then was too clueless to remember she gave the red snacks when she saw red in the stools and assumed it was blood. I wouldn't go as far as approaching the charge nurse to get it changed, but it would irk me a little.
  16. April, RN


    If I understand correctly, the OP's exams in school are made up of NCLEX-style questions, which is why he/she is asking for help.