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  1. April, RN

    The "hospital smell"

    I know exactly what you mean! Hasn't anyone else been to the zoo? I work in a hospital and get told I smell "sterile" when I get home.
  2. April, RN

    Jevity from liquid to coagulation consistency

    If this is a problem with the Jevity itself, can your facility look into getting bottles of it? We use the ready-to-hang bottles where I work and have never had a problem.
  3. Just checking in to see how things are going for those who are participating in this residency. Anyone want to share their experience so far?
  4. I don't know too many details about the residency. In the past, new grads had a primary preceptor, maybe 2, for the entire 6 months. The new grad worked their preceptor's schedule (days/nights/weekends). With this residency, the new grad works Monday through Friday, 7a-3p only, and I've heard there is no primary preceptor. The differences in the program likely have a lot to do with the fact that there are 40 new grads participating as opposed to the handful that were hired into the new grad program in the past.
  5. April, RN

    Opportunities for newer nurse relocating to MA?

    My honest opinion: Don't move to Massachusetts. The job market for nurses, even experienced ones, is terrible. There are very few open positions. You wouldn't be qualified for a new grad program and most hospitals here won't consider LTC experience for hospital positions. As far as I know, agencies around here require at least a year of experience. You'd probably be able to find something in a nursing home or rehab, but you're trying to break out of that area. You could try and apply to hospitals because you never know, but it wouldn't be smart to move here until you find a job first. I hate to sound so negative, but it's just how things are right now in MA.
  6. this residency is brand new for this year so only time will tell. in previous years, mgh had a great new grad icu program that was very successful. the residency is set up differently than the previous program, though.
  7. Don't do it! The extra money is not worth your hard-earned license!
  8. April, RN

    Colace and Senna BAD drugs???

  9. April, RN

    New RN, can't find job/RN Residency, help please....

    You sound like you will make an excellent nurse when someone will actually given you a chance! Realize that no employer will be looking out for your best interests so you need to put yourself and your needs first right now. I'm not saying to lie outright, but if it means leading a nurse manager to think you will be a med/surg nurse forever in order to give you a chance, then let them think that! My suggestion is to be very vague when asked about your goals. For example, if asked, mention that at some point down the line you'd like to further your education, but don't mention that you want to be an ER NP.
  10. April, RN

    Colace and Senna BAD drugs???

    They are no longer good, as in, they were OK before? I've never heard of senna and colace being terribly harmful as it seems this MD is making them out to be. We give it to almost everyone! I have heard that bowel meds can interfere with Coumadin, though.
  11. Only if they can dress the part.
  12. April, RN

    what are my chances?

    No one here can predict whether or not you passed, but try searching this site for the "pearson vue trick". There are tons of posters here that swear it works.
  13. April, RN

    Texting staff to cover call off's

    Yikes, that's not fair. No one has put up a stink to your boss about this? If she's going to use cell phones only as a way of communicating with her staff, then it needs to be on at all times.
  14. April, RN

    Lethal injection nurse???

    Yes, you're right... the topic is still a valid one. I was more referring to those who were quoting specific posts. There's a good chance they won't be replying back anytime soon!
  15. April, RN

    Lethal injection nurse???

    Just FYI, some of you are replying to posts that are 9 years old. :)