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  1. Hi: Although, I have a lot of nursing experience, it is not within the last three years. Now that I am licensed in this state, I have been asked by the family of a 75 -year-old woman if I would consider doing private duty with her. I have talked to the woman and she is very enthusiastic about this. It would be private pay to start until I could complete my training as an RN. In taking this case, I would work with her doctors in order to provide the necessary services to bring her back to optimal health and functioning. This would be beneficial to me as well as her because I could charge less than an agency would charge. I know I would have to have a contract outlining what services would be provided by me and when; allowing me access to her doctors so I could provide optimum continuity of care; and the amount of monetary compensation for my services and when it was to be paid; and the terms under which the contract would be null and void on either parties part. I know that I would also be well-advised to continue to carry malpractice insurance and perhaps to increase the amount. Does anyone know of anything else I would need to do to be compliant with regulations from either the CT BON or the IRS if I did take this job as an LPN? All input gratefully received. :heartbeat
  2. Start2

    Finally had an interview! :)

    Congratulations and Good Luck! :heartbeat
  3. Start2

    Incompetent or disabled is there a differnce

    There is indeed a difference in being incompetent and being disabled. In most states incompetence is a legal issue and can only be decided by a judge in a court of law. Disabilities do not have to be decided by a judge in a court of law unless the disabled person is applying for compensation of some sort. However, in most states, we, as nurses, are charged with acting in a prudent manner and in performing to the highest level of our education/abilities. If, with reasonable accomodation for her disability, she cannot perform in a manner safe for the patient, this needs to be addressed. What can you do? Document, document, document any and all instances of unsafe occurances. If it is not documented, it did not happen. Meanwhile, be as kind as you can be while remembering that, above all, you are the patients' advocate. Good luck to you. :heartbeat
  4. Start2

    Residents of LTC who abuse the staff

    As others have stated, this abuse, unfortunately, goes with the territory. It would be wonderful if this never happened, but that is not the reality. Patients often feel out of control with their situation and 'act out' in frustration. The staff most at danger of suffering abuse (physical or verbal) is the staff with the most daily contact. The LPN or RN directly overseeing the staff taking care of ADLs, as well as other portions of patient care, needs to investigate what happened and to intervene when necessary. He/she also needs to instruct the staff in ways to handle the patient to prevent future occurances. Sometimes giving mini-classes in patient/staff interactions is possible. I know this is an ongoing problem that is not easily addressed. Good luck with your study. :redbeathe
  5. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

  6. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    The Pearsonvue Trick does work! Took Test 12/8/10 @ 8am. Used trick asap. At 4:57am 12/10/10 I was listed on BON license lookup with active license. :thankya::thankya::thankya::thankya: Do NOT give up!
  7. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Congratulations Scott! I originally took the PN test in 1994 and passed at 85 questions but did not work for over three years and moved to another state so I had to do a refresher course and retake the PN test. When it stopped after 85 questions my stomach and my heart became merged again just like 1994. Eine: Scott is right. No two tests are the same. Most of my questions were judgement questions. I.E. What would I do if and a little bit of others thrown in. Good luck to you on your test and remember to try to relax on the day before your test and get plenty of sleep the night before. I did not study the very last day and only studied for 2 hours at a time every day. Hope this helps.
  8. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    Took test this morning. 85 questions. Got good popup this afternoon. Thanks!
  9. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    :heartbeat:nurse::clpty::hpygrp::dancgrp: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  10. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took test at 8 am this morning. Computer stopped at 85 questions. Tried Pearson Trick just now. Would not let me reregister and according to instructions I got the good popup. "If you get the message 'Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time.', that means you passed. " Can I breathe now? LOL Thanks to all who encouraged me.:redbeathe:[anb]:
  11. Start2

    CA NCLEX-PN - went to 205 - Passed.

    :redpinkhe:bowingpur:yelclap::cheers::rckn::dancgrp::mnnnrsngrk: Wow! That is great! Best of luck with your future as an LPN...
  12. Start2

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

  13. Start2

    "LPNs should be done away with altogether"

    Hi luv4nurses: I graduated from a college in Livonia MI in 1994 and we got 3 times the clnical time as the Associate RNs and 10 times the clinical time as the BSNs. LOL. Now I am in another state, took a refresher course because it has been over 3 years since I worked actively, and tomorrow at 8 am I will retake the NCLEX-PN so I can be licensed here. Then I plan to go on to get my RN. I hope I will always show LPNs the respect that has always been shown to me as an LPN when I am an RN.:heartbeat
  14. Hi All: In 1994 I graduated as an LPN in Michigan, worked for some years there, moved to Missouri, obtained an IV certification there and worked for some years there. Got married and stopped working as an LPN so I could take care of my husband who passed away from Merkle Cell CA. Moved to CT and worked as a data enterer for six years. Laid off last year and decided it was time to go back to being an LPN. Finished school and clinicals and have to take the NCLEX again now. I am scared stiff!!! Years ago our class was the first to take the NCLEX via computer and I passed it but am still scared now.... Any advice? My preceptor for my clinicals said I had very good skills but I needed to quit double-checking myself so much. Any tips, thoughts, and/or advice gratefully received. Start2