if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?

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Baahaha! :lol2:

B B B Bok B'Gok! ~:>

Bok? Bok?????

She said nothing about a bok, she said chicken.... Although in certain circles there may be calls to investigate the gender of certain members of the Springbok rugby team after their performance on Saturday....

Anyone want that job?

Bortaz, MSN, RN

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I DID do it all over again, and I became a nurse when I did.


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Mix Martial Artist Fighter in Strikeforce or UFC. Preferably UFC

and Work as a nurse when I retire from being a Professional MMA fighter


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Just like Bortaz, I did do it all over again. Well almost. I am applying for NS in the spring. But, if I had to do it over, and then over again I would have done this nursing thing a long time ago and then would work into a Nurse Practitioner.:)


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Waitress in a 24/7 diner.

Seriously, that's what I am about to do right now. When I was a waitress at IHOP, I was averaging $20/hr...and since I was younger, I was usually assigned to the less-than-desirable shifts aka lunch/weekdays. I'm honestly thinking of going out and applying to some places and taking on a waitress job again. Many of my friends who worked at steakhouses were making $30-45/hr serving dinners. The nicer the restaurant, the better the tips, generally.

If I had to do it ALL over again, I would have gone straight into a city or state job. Whether it be a boring desk job or whatever. I don't knock people for finishing college. But for the 4 years that most everyone puts in, there seem to be very little in rewards. I guess it depends on what you go for and how your market yourself. The one thing that IS guaranteed is student tuition debt.

I'm currently in the midst of deciding whether I even want to finish my BSN. All of my BSN friends aren't having anymore luck than I am in this field. If I really had to do it all over, I would have gone for a Biology or Microbiology degree and then applied to a PA, MD, or PharmD program. Second choice would have been to major in Math and become an Actuary.

I'm sorry to say, but so far, I totally regret basing my life around this field. I waited to get into the field as I needed to save up and have my support system going. It seems like a lot of wasted time, right now. At least I'm not in denial over it anymore. Sadly, this field is going down the drain. I'm just trying to make the best of it for now..and then, making a quick escape.

I think I'd shoulda been a medical marijuana grower. If you saw my giant houseplants you'd know why!


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I'm surprised that I have not heard many of you saying you would moonlight nursing with another job.

Check out DJ Dharma/RN

S. Fla. trauma nurse spins tracks as DJ Dharma more | pbpulse.com

Trauma nurse by day and DJ by night -- Living two lives



eriksoln, BSN, RN

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Accountant. For sure. I would have gone into accounting instead of nursing this time around if I had not thought the schooling would be too expensive.

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NASCAR driver.

If not that, Librarian.

Maybe should have gone to RN school right out of high school, got a government job of some kind and be close to retirement right now. Retirement at 55 sounds a WHOLE lot nicer than this crap of having to wait til 67. The devil with that, I'm NOT waiting to be that old to retire!!!! We might as well be back in pioneer days and just work til we drop! (Steps off soapbox.)

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