if you had to do it all over again, what profession would u choose?


now that you're a nurse, if you could go back and be 22 again, what profession do you think would be more satisfying and better paying? would you choose nursing all over again.


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I would have been a commercial or a cargo pilot for a foreign carrier.

Lovely_RN, MSN

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Wealthy socialite.


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Specializes in babysitting.

i would have gone to med school for forensic pathologist or medical examiner investigator.


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Medical technology, or a PHD in microbiology


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marine biologist


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My dream job would be to be a librarian!

Bella RN, BSN

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Definitely a Pop/Rock star....Maybe I would have had my own reality show by now LOL:D

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Circus performer.


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Anesthesia or if I couldn't get back into school...... street pharmacist (no taxable income).


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Lottery winner! but seriously, Nursing has been a good choice for me, and provided opportunites I did not foresee as a student.