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PediLove2147 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric Cardiology.

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  1. PediLove2147

    Such thing as too late to negotiate?

    I work in a clinic within a hospital. It is still considered outpatient and I am paid as such. I came from the floor and took a significant pay cut. Are you required to do nights/weekends/holidays? The low rate could be attributed to that. It doesn’t hurt to ask for more but don’t be surprised if they say no.
  2. PediLove2147

    New job resume help

    That's what I thought too, thanks!
  3. PediLove2147

    New job resume help

    I haven't posted in a while but I have a question. I am thinking about applying for a clinic job, I currently work on an inpatient pediatric floor. The clinic is within my hospital and it would be the same kiddos I already see every day. How far back do I go with jobs? I had another inpatient job prior to this one for 3 years and before that I worked private duty nursing for a year. Is it normal for my job details to be similar with my two inpatient jobs. While different populations I still did a lot of the same stuff. Thanks!
  4. PediLove2147

    New Graduate RN in Boston

    When I graduated I could not find anything in acute care. After applying everywhere I was finally was offered a job in pediatric private duty. It actually paid pretty well and was full time. They are for the most part stable kids/adults so it wasn't a horrible fit for a new grad. After a year I was able to find a job in the hospital. You could try applying? Most of the companies will list cases/cities they need nurses in. There are a couple to choose from, Family Lives, PSA Healthcare, and Bayada. Good luck, I know how horrible it is to continuously apply to positions and get nothing back. I went to school here, worked in a large Boston hospital and still had a tough time finding something at first.
  5. PediLove2147

    Pts doing illegal stuff while in hospital

    We found a patient smoking marijuana in his bathroom. We had another patient that was found with heroin in her room, went out front and bought it. Apparently you can buy drugs outside our hospital!
  6. PediLove2147

    The Case For Job Hopping

    This topic, AGAIN?!
  7. PediLove2147

    Should pts w/ + sputum cultures be on droplet precautions?

    Only +MRSA patients at my hospital are placed on precautions.
  8. PediLove2147

    Second interview, same manager

    Thanks, I do want to clarify this is not a second interview in the traditional sense. I interviewed back in November for a part-time position. It will be the same manager though so I guess it kind of is a second interview. I'll keep you posted. I am also in the running for a full time position, HR called to let me know my resume was going to be passed along to the manager but she was on vacation. I would prefer that position but I will take anything, especially since I haven't even heard back about it.
  9. PediLove2147

    Second interview, same manager

    I have an interview tomorrow! I am very excited, it's only per diem but it would be a foot in the door. Anyways, I am interviewing with two nurse managers, one of which I have interviewed with before. I am so nervous because I have to come up with all new stories to the basic questions! Also, I hope she doesn't remember my suit because I don't have another to wear! Has anyone been in this situation before? I am hoping it will be an advantage but who knows. I have interviewed for multiple positions in this specialty with always the same outcome, you need more experience. Uhhh, I'll work on that as soon as you hire me! In other words, I am trying not to get my hopes up!
  10. PediLove2147

    Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

    While not a "specialty" to some, I was able to land a job on a post-surgical floor in a teaching hospital after a year in peds private duty.
  11. PediLove2147

    Why Do I Care?

    It was a lot easier to get a job in the specialty you wanted 10 years ago. People now are desperate and take whatever job they can which sometimes results in them not liking it/looking for a new job shortly after being hired.
  12. PediLove2147

    Giving report

    I am all for preparing for a shift but get there early and do that on your own time.
  13. PediLove2147

    Full-time to part-time

    It is a benefited position, more expensive of course than what I pay as a full-time employee but I could make it work. Ideally I would stay with my current facility as per-diem then I could work there if I can't pick up any shifts past the 24 I am guaranteed. Thanks everyone. I hope I actually have to make a decision. I've been working towards this for a while so to get this job would be amazing.
  14. PediLove2147

    Full-time to part-time

    I had an interview today for a position in the specialty I have been trying to get into since graduation. It is at a great facility, pay is better, the only problem is it is only 24 hours. I don't know what to do. The manager said there would be hours to pick up but there is a list of 4 as of now that want full-time status so it will be a while before it happens for me. I don't want to pass on the opportunity (if I even get the job) but at the same time, I don't want to starve either because I don't work enough hours. Any advice?
  15. PediLove2147

    Thank you note?

    Send a thank you note first thing tomorrow morning. A thank you note never hurts but could help! Good luck, hope you get it!
  16. PediLove2147

    How to decrease falls?

    We use bed and chair alarms, high-risk patients near the nurses station, and if it is really bad a sitter.