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  1. PediLove2147

    Unemployed New Nurses Would Be Wise To Remember These Equations

    While not a "specialty" to some, I was able to land a job on a post-surgical floor in a teaching hospital after a year in peds private duty.
  2. PediLove2147

    We Are ALL On The Same Team

    Great article!
  3. PediLove2147

    The Patient Who Receives No Visits

    I prefer when my patients don't have visitors, makes my job a lot easier! Very good article though because it is so true. We just don't know and sometimes never will. It is sad when pediatrics patients don't have visitors but I agree with those who have already addressed this. Sometimes the parents are the reason they are there. I took care of a child during my clinical that was a victim of child abuse so he had no visitors. He liked to be held and pushed in his stroller so having a student was very good for him. The nurses said they were sick of charting with him on their laps!
  4. PediLove2147

    New grad, please Help with med surg organization!!

    I'll share my "brain" because I created it myself and I am quite proud of it! There is a lot to it but it keeps me organized. Nursing Brain (3pt).doc
  5. PediLove2147

    Angels Children's (Part 3: Hanh Tran)

    I am glad there will be a Part 4, I want to know more about this little girl!
  6. PediLove2147

    Angels Children's (Part 2: Little Miguel)

    Can't wait to read it! I will be stalking you for a couple days
  7. PediLove2147

    Angels Children's (Part 2: Little Miguel)

    Did I miss Part 3? I haven't been on in a while, I blame the 3 twelves I just did!
  8. PediLove2147

    Angels Children's (Part 2: Little Miguel)

    Keep the story going! I am hooked!
  9. PediLove2147

    Angels Children's (Part 1)

    Part 2 pretty please!
  10. PediLove2147

    New Grad RN: Home Health or Wait it Out??

    I was in the same position a year ago! I was nervous I would be limiting myself but it's been a year and I am no closer to finding a job in acute care. Thank god I took the job, I would be waiting tables right now otherwise. Take it and continue to look.
  11. PediLove2147

    payscales are secrets huh?

    A lot of hospitals won't discuss pay until the interview and some until you actually have a job offer. I have never seen pay discussed in a job posting, I think you are spoiled in that aspect. If you do a search on AN you may be able to find out what people are making in certain areas, even specific hospitals.
  12. PediLove2147

    Tele nurse looking for a cath lab position

    I have heard those jobs are VERY hard to get. Do you have any kind of "in" at the cath lab at your hospital since you work so closely with them?
  13. PediLove2147

    New Grad PICU interview

    I hope you get the job! I had a PICU interview this past Tuesday so I know the feeling of wanting it! Let us know the outcome.
  14. PediLove2147

    Starting to feel a little bummed out about finding a summer job.

    Have you tried applying for jobs as something other than an aide? I know that would be the best job to have but if you could work for dietary or transport at least you would be in the hospital and an internal applicant if something came else up.