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  1. Lovely_RN

    2019 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    I just got my award letter for the HRSA SUD workforce loan repayment! I have 99k in federal loans so this is truly a blessing. I was notified that I was a final applicant on 7/12. My contract was signed on 7/26/19 and I received the welcome email today. It states that the funds will be disbursed to the bank account I provided within 90 days. Good luck! I hope everyone gets it.
  2. Lovely_RN

    Are you really not a "real nurse" unless you work in acute care?

    Hospital nurses are great and someone has to do it right? Well, that stated: Some people have to tear others down in order to build themselves up. When I transfered from telemetry to outpatient my ex-coworkers gave me much grief. I was going to lose my skills, I was giving up nursing, and I would never be able to return to the bedside. A few things: What I currently do is a skill set all of it's own. Hospital RN can't just jump in and do my job without training. Skills? What skills are they referring to exactly? Does an ICU nurse have the same skill set as a SNF/LTC nurse? Do they need to have the same skill set? Also, there is something called a refresher course if I ever get tired of always having nights, Sundays, and all major holidays off while still getting the same pay as the nurses on my old unit. I also do not have to give report to the next nurse because we are CLOSED after my shift and there are NO PCAs. If you're happy at the bedside then by all means carry-on and I thank you for your service. If you're not happy at the bedside then don't let anyone make you feel inferior for your choices.
  3. Lovely_RN

    All RNs All the Time: Wave of the Future?

    Sounds like a nightmare. I can take care of 4 pts tops with no aid and all 4 can't be total cares. I sincerely doubt the hospital is going to give me a ratio like that on tele or med/surg.
  4. Lovely_RN

    I'm tired of nursing

    When it's time to go it's time to go. You have made a lot of posts about your anxiety and depression which is likely related to or exacerbated by the job. You've put 14 years in and you don't owe anyone anything nor do you have to prove how tough you are by continuing to suck it up. You just need to find something not in acute care and maybe away from the bedside completely. A job is not worth your mental and physical health.
  5. Lovely_RN

    No need to be upset at the truth! Change careers

    I so agree. I saw this thread and was like huh? So if you have a problem with being worked half to death and being treated like poo then there is something wrong with you? This is why I say leave the floor nursing to those who like the abuse. Things will never change for the better because co-workers like the OP are fine with being treated like crap.
  6. Lovely_RN

    Stop the drama

    How about not allowing yourself to be sucked into it? As far as interactions with my co-workers go I have on horseblinders. I know they talk about me behind my back but I pretend not to notice. I was taking report one day and another nurse was standing right behind my back talking about me to another nurse. I heard her but I didn't acknowledge her. Getting through the shift sucks enough out of me. I don't need to add to my stress by giving my precious energy to losers who make the job the center of their lives. It's too bad that I don't like the people I work with more than I do but hey I just work there. I don't live there and I don't really know or care about them anyway. I show up do my best and go home...that is all. I'm grateful I have a good job and my bills are paid. That's what really matters.
  7. Lovely_RN

    "Someone tied a knot in that restraint"

    You can confront a co-worker without blowing up at them. It is wrong to tie knots in restraints but blowing up and expressing anger in a hostile manner isn't going to help the situation. Do you feel that confronting someone needs to lead to a hostile encounter? Why did you yell down the hallway? You could have approached them directly. Next time you see a knot in a restraint speak to the person directly and stay calm so you don't escalate the situation. Tell them what you found. Explain why it's dangerous and ask them not to do it again. If they get an attitude that's their problem. Just walk away and if they do it again then report them because you gave them a chance to stop doing it. If your facility does nothing about it or gives you a hard time find a new job and maybe report them as well.
  8. Lovely_RN

    RN tried to talk me out of Nursing school...

    I think it was very rude of her to offer you unsolicited advice. That said...she does have a point. Being a nurse is interesting and meaningful work but it definitely isn't glamorous and it is hard to get a job right now even with a BSN. This is just my opinion but PA and PT is more on par with an NP than a floor nurse.
  9. Lovely_RN

    Is night shift intolerance worth the $$ and Bennies??

    Find something on days. Nights isn't for everyone. I've stuck with it for a year now but have never adjusted. I can see the effects on my health. Since I've been working nights I've lost weight...have headaches in the morning after work..sometimes I have palpitations and my baseline blood pressure is higher than it used to be. Depression is another issue I'm fighting with since I've started nights and I'm getting all of these gray hairs out of nowhere! I'm looking for something else. Some people can do nights and some people just can't.
  10. People have time to go to the cafeteria sit down and actually eat? Lol. We usually eat in our breakroom...no MDs allowed! Well they're allowed but it's our hallowed space so even when they come in to use the BR they get the "look" from us and leave quickly. The cafeteria isn't popular because it's open to the public, there are never enough seats, and the food selection is gross.
  11. Lovely_RN

    Am I making a mistake not taking MedSurg position?

    I guess it depends on what you think you will get out of the Med/Surg position. What are your future goals?
  12. Lovely_RN

    Why is it the highest paid among us...

    I find it annoying too. I also get asked for my penlight a lot too and I always have to run the MD down to get it back. How many times have you as a nurse had to ask the MD to borrow their stethescope?
  13. Lovely_RN

    Nurses please try to look a little more polished at work

    I was laughing at a co-worker during an RRT because her pants were so tight every time she reached for something out of the lower drawers of the code cart she kept showing everyone her butt crack. She later confessed that she was embarrassed and stopped wearing such tight pants to work. Some brands of scrubs are cut to be more sexy than functional. Slim pants with no side pockets to carry anything. Tops with two tiny front pockets that don't have compartments. The most you can carry in them are a few pens and a flush or two. Pants so thin and tight you can see the color of flesh or the print of their panties...if they wear them.
  14. Lovely_RN

    Patient Surveys..vent.

    Is there any hospital that does well on these surveys? If everyone sucks then what? Is every hospital in the U.S going to be shut down due to declining reimbursements over lack of pt satisfaction? It doesn't seem possible for any facility to meet these expectations. I'm also very curious about what MDs are being taught about customer service. I just read an email from my lovely NM with an attachment of our most recent survey results. One of the questions was related to pt teaching and asked the pts if the nurses and MDs were doing it. So nursing and medicine gets lumped together on the survey but it's the nursing staff that gets beat up for the poor scores regardless if it was medicine or nursing that provided the poor "service." Do any of you find yourselves becoming numb to this CSR stuff? I find myself starting to really not care. When these pts and families are ranting and raving over petty stuff I can feel my eyes glazing over and I just nod, smile/not smile, and remind myself to try and look like I care so I don't bring any more heat/attention to myself. I'm physically present but my mind is on the beach. Same goes for the lectures from administration...."What can we do to fix these scores?" I just smile/not smile, nod, eyes glazed over...try to look like I'm taking these people seriously...is it time to go home yet?
  15. Understandable. O.K so the focus is the pts pain. From the s/sx and health h/x the pt has give you what do you gather is the cause of the pain?
  16. The bold indicates that you haven't learned about or have forgotten what you have learned about ACS. Your care plan is based on the pt diagnoses. If you don't understand ACS and ETOH w/d or can't differentiate between the two you can't create a care plan that makes sense. You need to find out how each issue will present, how they are diagnosed and treated before you make the care plan. One stinking care plan in nursing school can result in hours of reading that you don't have the time for but that's school...no getting around it. You have to have a better understanding of ACS and ETOH w/d before you can go any further with this.