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Ruthiegal has 28 years experience and specializes in LTC, Disease Management, smoking Cessati.

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  1. Rules is rules, nursing is a profession and asking students to dress accordingly is not anything new. If you are supposed to be in uniform, you should be! If not you have consequences... Email wrong? Not in my world!
  2. Washing patient's hair!!!

    Do you also eat your nursing young???? be nice.
  3. What are the chances of me being fired?

    Why do you think something will happen? Fall and accidents happen, do they have a zero tolerance and hire only "Perfect" nurses? Relax.
  4. Education is never a waste is yours one can steal that from you!!
  5. Depends what you want to do and where you live hard to answer. I have an associate degree and Yves gotten every job I ever wanted. I have been a nurse for over 30 years. Do what you need and what you can can always get more education.
  6. Odd requests

    Alert, oriented elderly lady in LTC, puts light on, go in to find out what she needs, now mind you she has full use of all of her limbs... she says "please fix my necklace.... I wanted to ask are your arms broke! geeze.
  7. Frustrated and need to vent

    There is nothing more irritating than getting yelled at by a doc when the afternoon or day shift has left stat results to be called on midnight shift.... Wowser.... It does happen... received at 5pm passed off at 11pm...
  8. I have learned to never be surprised at the human condition, to have patience and respect for each person, because they have their own story behind their situation. I have learned the the youngest patients have the most wisdom and compassion. I hav...
  9. Which came first? Chicken v. egg question.

    Have 2 chronic illnesses on top of arthritis it's not easy to cope some days. I liken it to having at least 2 full time jobs on top of your regular 40 hour per week job to earn the money to try to keep things going, pay for doctors and medications, ...
  10. serving alcohol to patients

    When I was working LTC, we had MD orders for alcohol for some residents, wine in particular to help "increase appetite". I have no problem with it.. LTC settings are these peoples homes most likely for the rest of their days, so make them comfortabl...
  11. Questions about abuse...

    Ask them if they feel safe at home. Take cues from there.
  12. Your thoughts/reasons patient is in pain or addicted or what...?

    Amen! and I seriously doubt that, if she has been on it long enough one Vicodin is NOT going to give her a "BUZZ"..... and if it makes her feel better who cares....
  13. How to survive state survey?

    Also if you don't know something just be sure you know where to find the answer, like policies, procedures etc... :)
  14. Controversial new policies at Baylor!!!!

    This is going on in many companies, not just health care related. If you don't comply your insurance copay and cost go up! It is most likely here to stay... more intrusion into one's life by employers.
  15. A beautiful thing happened today...

    Thank you for being a loving and caring nurse.